Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice – Quarter Finals, Round 1

Now that The Voice has finally gone live, I’m super-excited for Christina Aguilera’s weekly appearances. On June 7th, 2011, the first round of the quarter finals took place and our girl was on fire! I didn’t watch the whole show, but from the live performances (you can see them at the end of the post) you can tell Christina stole the scene to her fellow coaches.

But let’s talk about her outfits, starting with the best of the two, the amazing turquoise corset dress she wore while performing Lady Marmalade. When I first saw the clip of the performance, I was blown away by her voice and stage presence, not to mention the incredibly talented members of her team (Beverly, Lily, Raquel and Frenchie). I immediately fell in love with her dress, because I think it perfectly channels her inner showgirl.

This is a creation by the Blonds, the creative duo who also designed the sparkling costume she wore at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards and in Not Myself Tonight music video, plus the gold corset she sported in the Back to Basics‘ photoshoot by Ellen Von Unwerth. The piece comes from the fall 2011 collection and perfectly suits Christina’s showgirl attitude: draped fringes and stone embellishments on the corset make it special. I’m glad she wore this dress, thus demonstrating some curves are what it takes to make it shine (just see the impression it makes on the flat-chested model).

She also wore Christian Louboutin glitter peep-toe pumps. I can’t identify the exact style, because I couldn’t take better screencaps of the performance.

Gorgeous! Curly blonde locks and an amazing make-up completed her look. This time, she opted for a dramatic eye make-up, pairing it to red lips and nails.

My only complaint are those crystal hoop earrings by Roberto Cavalli: they are so out of tune, if compared to the rest of the outfit.

The corset dress by the Blonds rescued Christina from the fashion crime she committed while giving a rendition of the Queen’s We Are the Champions. I admit I thought “WTF was she thinking?” when I saw the hideous high-waisted black shorts she wore. I mean, they’re pointless and tasteless, they look like a panty girdle. Not attractive. At all. If I were her, I would have opted for panties, definitely a better choice.

The rest of the outfit was not so bad: she also wore a leopard-print corset, a silver cropped jacket and Christian Louboutin Daffodile black pumps. The leather jacket, with quilting details on shoulders and sleeves, is a piece from Burberry Prorsum spring 2011 collection.

The jewellery department included a large onyx ring, the same spiked earrings she wore during the Lady Marmalade performance and a ghost ring by Loree Rodkin, which I love.

Criticising Christina’s performances has quickly become a national hobby after the Super Bowl mishap, but her talent and voice are untouchable. I love how her voice has matured: it’s more powerful than ever, pleasantly raspy at times and definitely more intense and experienced. I loved this Lady Marmalade rendition so much, a sort of homage to the song which marked Christina’s adult phase of her career.

I was disappointed by We Are the Champions as the selected song for the coaches’ performance: the Queen’s discography includes much better and more dramatic songs, this is an easy-listening and somehow predictable choice. In any case, Christina nailed it, relegating her colleagues to the role of back-up singers.

What do you think of her outfits and performances?

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  1. I have to say that those sausage legs in the black shorts looked rediculous and her eye make up in the blue dress made her look cross eyed a few times they had close ups. She needs better advice and help when getting ready, she’s really gone down hill. very sad

    1. I don’t think she’s really going down hill, but I agree with the fact that she should do something radical with her hair and make-up. I quite like most of her outfits, but she’s far from being flawless.

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