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I’ve always loved being a guest at weddings, because I love their peculiar atmosphere (anticipation, emotions, happiness, festive mood), I love spying on the outfits of other guests and of course I love wedding banquets! It’s been a while since I was last invited at a wedding, so I’m particularly excited of the invitation I’ve recently got from an old friend, who’s getting married next July. I still haven’t figured out what B and me will be wearing (I’d like to wear something like this or a fitted, Roland Mouret-like dress), but I’ve also been wondering what the bride will wear. I met her only once and I have no idea what her tastes are, but maybe she’s used the Marchesa fall 2011 bridal collection as a source of reference.

The collection is a summary of many recurring themes of Marchesa style: the dresses included in the collection are, in this way, quite traditional, as they perfectly mirror the most classic creations by Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig. The dress above, for example, is reminiscent of a dress from the fall 2011 collection, the one Fergie wore at the Costume Institute Gala last May, because of the delicate branch embroideries trailing on the sleeves and bodice.

The same decoration is featured in the dress above: in this case, the bodice includes a sheer panel and an adorable embroidered sweetheart neckline, paired to a tulle multilayer full skirt.

I love bridal dresses made of lace or including lace inserts, because this material is so romantic. For this reason, I particularly like the dress above, which has a sheer scalloped panel on the neckline, lace flutter sleeves and a lace overlay on the bodice; it has a mermaid line, so the organza skirt opens like a beautiful flower.

This dress has a mermaid line like the previous one and it also includes lace, but the result is quite different: here, lace flowers are applied on the neckline and at the hem of the skirt.

Lace characterizes this adorable short dress, as well: it features a wide neckline and a tulle overlay on the pencil skirt.

A delicate tulle overlay can be found in this short dress, too: I love the strapless bodice and the cute short peplum at the waist.

Fabric flowers are a trademark of Marchesa, so it’s no wonder they are featured in this bridal collection. I must be honest and admit I’m not crazy of the column dress above: even if it’s embellished by two flowers at the waist and by a peplum, it’s too plain for my liking.

I would never wear a short wedding dress, but this is so beautiful! The rosettes applied on the bodice are gorgeous, and so is the draping on the bodice and the asymmetrical panels of the skirt.

This short dress is totally reminiscent of one of the most famous Marchesa creations, the satin dress with rosette from the spring 2007 collection; in this case, the dress is strapless and is made of organza.

This is another classic Marchesa creation, a short dress with embellished belt, made of pleated chiffon with ruffled hems. Nothing particularly original, yet so beautiful.

Now we’re stepping into the realm of meringue-like dresses. I know many of you dislike this style; I don’t like it either (in the sense that I would never wear one), but I think it’s the most dramatic wedding dress style ever, and for this reason I’m always in a dreamy mood when I see one. The dress above is magnificent, in my opinion: the bodice is gorgeous, with those crossing bands (they’re delicately pleated, and the same detail can be found in the belt); the skirt is a tulle explosion, sublime!

Talking of meringue dresses, I’d like to speak about one of the most beautiful dresses I’ve ever seen, the one Nicole Richie wore at her wedding last December. I know many months have passed since that event, and I also know that everybody has written about it, but you know being updated is not a goal of Dallo Spazio 😉

Nicole and Joel Madden got married in Hollywood, in Lionel Richie’s estate, with an extravagant ceremony which included a trained elephant (Nicole wanted one because it’s a symbol of good luck). The dress perfectly displays trademark elements of Marchesa style: lots and lots of tulle (100 yards), lace appliques on the bodice (I love the cut-out detail on the neckline) and on the sleeves, a high pleated belt which made Nicole’s waist look smaller than ever.

Later that night, she wore a converted version of the first dress, all made of lace and tulle. I love the tiny covered buttons closing the back of the dress, the tulle panel on the back, framed by lace appliques. Nicole wore a lace hair ornament, too.

The most romantic detail of the dress were the names of bride and bridegroom embroidered on the internal part of the sleeve. Awww, if I could get married twice to my husband, I would surely insert such a detail in my wedding dress.

I couldn’t leave this picture out of the post because it’s so incredibly cute: the newlyweds posed with their children, Harlow and Sparrow. Harlow was caressing her mother’s face: wasn’t she adorable?

What are your opinions on this Marchesa bridal collection? Would you pick one of these dresses as your wedding dress?

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  1. The meringue-like. The last one. Just perfect!
    (but i still think Nicole/Joel was a bit too much, in any sense. And,even in weddings, less is more!)

    Have a nice day.

    1. The problem (for me it is not a problem, but still) is the combination of tulle and lace. I think that is the detail which makes the dress look a bit too heavy.

  2. The embroidered names on Nicole’s dress are such a romantic detail, I think it’s such a beautiful display of love!
    My favourite one is the third one, as I’ve always loved sheer lace. the first and fourth are also very lovely!
    I understand your feelings about being a guest at weddings- I am eagerly awaiting an invitation just to have an excuse to go and buy myself one of those (in)famous hats so dear to the English- I should be ashamed, I know!!

    Just a remark on the collection: it might just be my impression, but most of the dresses seem designed for rather tall and slender women 😦

    1. I think your impression is correct: most (if not all) of the dresses have been designed for tall and slender women, but I guess this is the target of Marchesa “regular” collections, as well.

      1. Yes, well, I’ve tried on all sorts of hats, but the only one I could think of buying is a black fascinator, something similar to this one. http://www.johnlewis.com/72479/Product.aspx?source=63258
        i have always loved the one Victoria beckham wore when David was knighted, I think it was by Philip Treacy

        please ignore the other comment, I messed up with the links!

  3. Come detto tempo fa, anche io come te adoro vedere gli abiti a meringa ma non mi ci vedo affatto… non sono sposata ma semmai lo farò opterò per una lunghezza al ginocchio. Quelli corti di Marchesa postati qui sono molto belli, mi piace in particolare quello con le rose applicate sul corpetto… allungherei solo il l’orlo al ginocchio.
    L’altro giorno da H&M ho visto un abito cocktail di raso bianco perla, monospalla, con drappeggio su tutta la lunghezza e ripreso al centro…. fantastico. Ho pensato: il vestito da sposa me lo comprerò da H&M a 49.90 € 🙂

    1. Beh, sarebbe un affarone, tenendo conto del prezzo medio degli abiti da sposa.
      Ricordo che qualche anno fa, Viktor & Rolf disegnarono una capsule collection per H&M, abito da sposa compreso. Non era affatto male!

  4. Io mi sono appena sposata con un vestito di Red Valentino della collezione di questa primavera….un vestito corto di tulle e paillettes color avorio che mi ha fatto letteralmente innamorare al primo sguardo!
    Ho pubblicato qualche foto sul mio blog….;-) E non ho certo speso le cifre di un normale abito da sposa!!!!

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