Christina Aguilera’s Style: NBC’s The Voice Event @ the Grove in Hollywood, June 3, 2011

I was pretty excited when I learnt Christina was making an appearance at the Grove in Hollywood to promote NBC’s The Voice show. She showed up with the talented members of her singing team – who performed live – and chatted with the host of the event, Mario Lopez.

I’m glad she’s sticking to the animalier trend, because an aggressive touch is always lovely on her, but what disappoints me here is her hairstyle. I loved her hair in recent appearances, but I don’t approve her Dolly Parton-gone-wild half updo. When her hair looks so bad, I think it’s time to ditch those extensions and to opt for a radical change. Besides this detail, I like her outfit.

She wore a Dolce & Gabbana cheetah-print white and black shirt, a red bra peeping through and a Miu Miu black skirt. The skirt doesn’t convince me much: its girly shape doesn’t match the sexy secretary vibe of the shirt and bra combo; a simple black pencil skirt would have been perfect.

She’s so cute in the picture above (minus the curlier-than-curly curls). She wore a pair of Christian Louboutin Lady Clou studded bow slingbacks. You may remember she’s recently worn them; she also owns the same style in red.

I’ve got something to say when it comes to her jewelry, too: I quite like the silver wing ring by Jessica Robinson, even if it’s too big for my liking, but I really cannot get the reason why she decided to match it with those Ana de Costa earrings in diamond and tanzanite stones. The style of the earrings has not relation with the style of the ring, and neither of them matches the Maltese cross bondage ring by Loree Rodkin she wore on the other hand.

She completed the outfit with a Celestial studded belt by Temperley London. Though super-cute and beautiful, I think she didn’t look as good as she did on May 30th, when she made an appearance at Live! with Regis and Kelly.  This is a sort of let-down, because her style has been improved so much lately, but I’m sure she’ll give her best when the real competition at The Voice will start. I cannot wait!

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  1. I am sorry but this is a no nou 4 me. The shirt + the skirt + the belt combo is a disaster! I like her more when she does sexy secretary then sexy call girl. XX

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