That’s Just What They Used to Say in the Ads

The winner of this Friday Guessing Game is Misspenny again! She guessed 6 pictures right. Well done!!!

In the video solution, I’m also talking of silver nail polishes (Orly Shine, China Glaze Fairy Dust and Zoya Luna), of Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty exhibition catalogue and of a gorgeous Chinese robe I got as birthday present.




  1. 1. Shadowlands
    2. A serious man
    3. Rosemary’s baby
    4. The Royal Tanenbaums
    5. Requiem for a dream
    6. Rocky Horror Picture Show
    7. A single man
    8. Serial mom
    9. Les quatre cents coups
    10. Wonder Boys

  2. 1. “An Education” (love this movie)
    3. “Rosemary’s Baby”
    6. “Rocky Horror Picture Show”
    8. “Serial Mom”
    10. “Wonder Boys”

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