Christina Aguilera’s Style: The Voice – Blind Auditions, Round 2

It’s a pity I can’t watch NBC’s The Voice! I’ve read lots of positive reviews about it and I’d really love to watch Christina in action. Unfortunately, as you know, the show isn’t aired in Italy, where I live, so I’m content with checking screencaps from the show to see what she wore.

Thanks to Karlos, one of the amazing boys behind Aguilera Online, I’ve finally realized these first episodes deal with the blind auditions, so the contest hasn’t officially started yet. This is the reason why in the second episode she wore the same outfits she had worn last week.

In some clips of this episode, Christina wore two Dolce & Gabbana dresses: the first is red with black polka dots, a creation from the spring 2011 collection. I like it because it’s a trademark Dolce & Gabbana summer dress, featuring a pencil skirt, a sweetheart neckline and a 50s vibe. Christina wore it with a cut-out black belt.

The second Dolce & Gabbana dress is from the Resort 2011 collection: it’s a black and red dress, with polka dots in different sizes. This dress has a 50s vibe, as well, with the sexy pencil skirt and some pleats on the bodice. Christina wore a modified version, with a sweetheart neckline.

She wore the same dress in a promotional picture, where she posed with the members of her team. She paired it to Christian Louboutin Lady Peep slingbacks and a black patent belt.

During the episode, she was seen sporting yet another outfit – a Dolce & Gabbana classic leopard-print cardigan, probably paired to a black pencil skirt, and Stephen Webster jewellery. The pieces of jewellery included the Superstud Fringe hoop earrings, which she had already worn several months ago.

Unfortunately, the screencap above is not in high quality, so it’s quite hard to say which Webster ring she was wearing. From the oval shape, I can assume it’s the Bullet ring with central hematite and diamonds. I love her half-updo here, she looked lovely!

Are you watching the blind auditions of The Voice? Thoughts about it and about Christina?

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    1. Mah, a dire la verità mi sembra proporzionata. E’ da diversi mesi che ha il viso pienotto; non lo definirei proprio gonfio.

    1. Sì, immagino, ma a stento riesco a seguire con costanza “Gossip Girl”, quindi preferisco non imbarcarmi con un altro programma.

  1. Aguilera’s fashion choices are interesting indeed. She will be a guest this season on the next and newest talent competition – Coming 2 Hollywood – the talent show which is going into season 3 this year. Your readers can see more of Ms. Aguilera as well as other great singing talent like Carrie Cain Sparks at at

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