Christina Aguilera’s Style: Abbey’s Gay Walk of Fame, April 20, 2011

It’s been a while since I last wrote about Christina Aguilera’s style. The Voice, the NBC tv programme where she’ll be a vocal coach for new talents, is premiering on April 26th, so I guess there’ll soon be plenty of new outfits to write about. In the meantime, she made a public appearance last April 20th, when she was honoured at The Abbey, a bar and restaurant on Robertson Boulevard in West Hollywood. Founded in 1991 by David Cooley and considered one of the most famous gay and lesbian bars, it has started its own Gay Walk of Fame with Christina, who left her hand and foot prints in the cement.

No wonder she channelled her inner Mae West for the occasion, wearing a set of vintage lingerie. I’ve read many many negative reviews of this outfit, which I expected: underwear as outerwear is often considered a no-no, and such underwear seems to be there to be criticised, but here we’re talking of Christina. She will never be an example of understated elegance but she’s always done her own thing, despite harsh criticism, and one must give her credit for that.

She wore an all-in-one girdle, fishnet tights and a black tulle dressing gown, trimmed with feathers. The 40s and 50s glamour has often been the primary source of inspiration for her style and I’m glad she stuck to it this time, too.

From the picture above, we can see the bodice of the girdle was made of grey tulle and has a black lace overlay.

Such a seductive outfit couldn’t be complete without a pair of sexy Christian Louboutin shoes. Christina wore Exclu lace slingbacks, which feature platforms, stiletto heels and cute front bows. This is a good shoe option – the lace of the slingbacks matches the lace on the girdle – but more aggressive shoes, maybe in a contrasting shade, wouldn’t have been bad either.

In the shot above, she was posing with the Abbey’s founder, David Cooley. We can see her hair is blonder than blonde: I think the concept of platinum blonde has been given a new meaning by her, but unfortunately not in a good way. I loved when she sported a straight bob but now her hair totally shows the abuse of peroxide. She really needs a good makeover, like…now! On the other hand, her make-up is flawless and perfectly balanced. I’m glad she didn’t overdo with fake tan, but kept her complexion natural, emphasizing eyes and lips. You know I’ve got a thing for her cheeks and this time it’s no exception: she wore a mauve blush which makes her look lovely (I might assume it’s NARS Sin blush, but I’m over-thinking). She completed her outfit with diamantè bracelets and chandelier earrings, adding a much needed dose of sparkling.

After the ceremony, she partied the night away at the Abbey. In the picture above, she posed with drag queens who performed at the party. I wonder if any of them channelled her inner Christina Aguilera for the occasion…

What do you think of her outfit? Proper to the event or drab?

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  1. I feel bad for Christina’s “wrong” looks..especially because she is such a pretty girl!
    I would love to see her with long straig brown hair and some bangs…and mabe a more 60’s make up. I think it would be a nice and more sophisticated change..
    It would be interesting to see how you would do her makeover;) something like the “how vogue likes them” on vogue it, but I don’t now it was just a suggestion:)
    always loving your posts.

    1. As much as I love her pin-up style, I must admit there’s something wrong at the moment. I guess she’s struggling to find her voice when it comes to her looks, but this has been going on for a long time, so I guess that’s not so as important as I thought for her.

      I really liked her with dark hair and bangs, she looked amazing, but I don’t think she’s ready to experiment with her hair, at the moment, which is a pity because she’s in desperate need of something different.

      I don’t have a precise idea for a make-over. I’ll surely start with hair (shorter, straight, with bangs, if possible) and make-up (she looks very beautiful with neutral shades); then I’ll stick to the pin-up – but refined – vibe, opting for fitted dresses by Roland Mouret, for example. I know it will never happen, but I will also love to see her sporting a 70s disco glam style. She could opt for any style, as long as she experiments with her image.

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