Oui, Je Suis Une NARS-issist!

It’s been a while since I last bought a NARS product [1]: I’m just focusing on red lipsticks (one of my passions) and I’m enjoying trying shades from other brands (if you have suggestions, please share them in the comments). This doesn’t mean my love for NARS is flickering, on the contrary: when a new collection is released, I’m immediately on the hunt to find reviews of the new shades and, eventually, to buy what interests me most.

The Spring 2011 collection has been recently launched: it includes two eyeshadow duos (Nouveau Monde, metallic silver lilac and rich olive gold, and Bateau Ivre, rich sky blue and deep denim blue), an eyeshadow trio (Calanque, combining gold infused platinum with silver flecks, light matte caramel and rich antique bronze infused with gold), two soft touch shadow pencils (Hollywoodland, pale gold, and Celebrate, parrot green), a nail polish (Desperado, antique brass), three lip glosses, two of which are limited editions (Super Orgasm, peachy pink with gold glitter; Angelika, cotton candy with gold particles; Nana, deep black grape), a pure matte lipstick (Madére, nude pink) and a lipstick (Tzigane, pink brandy).

As usual, my attention is on lip products: I’d really love to try Super Orgasm, Angelika and Tzigane; I’d leave Madére out, because it definitely looks too light for my complexion.

Talking of lipsticks, I love collecting NARS shades, especially red (you know I love red lipsticks) and nude colours. Here is my small collection.

It includes three nudes and four reds. The stick of one of the reds – Shanghai Express – broke while I was swatching it and I still have to figure out how to mend it. This happened with Belle de Jour, too: I tried to mend the stick, following some tips I had found on Internet, but I had to throw it away because it kept on breaking and I didn’t know how to use it.

Here are the lipsticks in full display.

These are the bottom lids of the nude colours. I am really happy about these shades because I’ve been looking for a good neutral for such a long time. These shades are pretty different, and their textures are different, too, but they all suit my light olive complexion (MAC NC30).

From the left, you can see Blonde Venus (cool natural beige – satin), Corinthe (sheer almond) and Little Darling (nude beige – sheer, the latest addition to the collection).

From the swatches, you can see Blonde Venus has a definite peach shade in it and that Little Darling is extremely sheer, even if it looks gorgeous on lips.

I like all these lipsticks, but my favourite are Corinthe and Little Darling. My only complaint is that so gorgeous shades only come in sheer texture, which I don’t like very much (I prefer satins).

Here are the red lipsticks. I own four of them, but I would like to complete my collection with some more shades. The colours I’m particularly lusting over are the iconic Jungle Red, Scarlet Empress, Red Lizard (I have it in the Wild at Heart palette, but I want it in lipstick form, too) and Manhunt, even if it’s sheer.

From the left, you can see Fire Down Below (pure blood red), Trans Siberian (ruby rose), Transeurope Express (deep rose) and Shanghai Express (warmed brick red). All the lipsticks are semi-matte.

Shanghai Express and Fire Down Below are quite dark, vampy colours: they are extremely long-lasting, but they’re also quite drying, so you’d better moisturize your lips before applying them. Another downside is that they’re not easy to apply because they’re so pasty, which is the reason why Shanghai Express broke while being swatched. If you like light-feeling lipsticks, please steer away from these, because it’s like wearing a wax crayon on your lips.

Yes, from the picture above you can perfectly see the doughiness of Shanghai Express. All the colours look great, though. I’m very fond of Trans Siberian and Transeurope Express, too, because they’re so unique in their mix of red and dark rose.

Before closing, here is some NARS eye candy, spotted in two movies and in a tv show I’ve recently watched for the nth time [2].

This screencap comes from the lovely Shopgirl by Anand Tucker, starring Claire Danes as Mirabelle (a salesgirl at the glove counter at Saks Fifth Avenue in Hollywood), Steve Martin and Jason Schwartzman, who both fall in love with her. This shot is taken from the very beginning of the movie, at the make-up counter at Saks: from the left, you can see some liquid eye-liners (possibly Angel Heart and Shake Down), some eye-shadow duos and three lip lacquers (I think they are Hot Wired, Galactica and Diablo).

The second comes from The Devil Wears Prada by David Frankel: the lucky owner of the drawer full of NARS lipsticks and blushes (or eye-shadow duos) is a journalist/assistant working at Runway. I have no idea about the shades of the cosmetics, but I really don’t care: it’s a joy watching such an eye candy in such a limited space!

I’ve spotted a NARS item in a Sex and the City episode, as well. The screencap comes from the closing scene of an episode of the fourth season – the one in which Carrie walks the runway wearing Dolce & Gabbana glittering panties and a blue coat. While she is putting her panties in a drawer, on top of the chest of drawers you can see a NARS black box. It could be regular or sparkling loose powder. I wonder if it was actually used by the make-up artist of the series.

I’m updating the pos with a screenshot from another movie, Lost in Translation by Sofia Coppola. Thanks to Amanda, who commented this post, you can see another NARS product in a movie (in the same picture, there’s a bottle of Marc Jacobs perfume). As for the lipgloss shade, it could be Sunset Strip or Babe, it’s hard to tell from the tube.

Are you lusting over any products of the Spring 2011 collection?

[1] It’s true I haven’t made recent NARS purchases, but last month I received two gorgeous single eye-shadows in a swap: the shades are Mahogany (a matte red-based medium brown) and Carioca (an amazing gossamer turquoise, in cream formula). I promise next time I’ll write a short review.

[2] You may remember my first NARS spotting was in a Sex and the City episode.




  1. I usually do basic smoky eyes for my everyday look, so I always try to keep a more subdued lip; plus I drink a lot of water during the day and all lipsticks fade on me within the hour.
    Anyway I owe a couple of Mac reds and I just got a Urban Decay coral on a swap, I should def use them more often!
    I’m lusting over Orgasm Illuminator but I read quite disappointing reviews. I still want to try it on though. Next time I take a trip!

    1. You should give NARS red lipsticks a try, because they’re very long-lasting, plus their shade range is impressive!
      When Orgasm illuminator first came out, it sounded gorgeous, but I’ve decided not to try it: as you said, reviews are quite disappointing and I’m not convinced a liquid illuminator can replace my beloved NARS Albatross and MAC By Candlelight, my favourite highlighters/illuminators ever (both powders).

      1. I bought what you were selling me.. just arranged a swap for a Nars lipstick, in Catfight. I’ll let you know!
        Btw, I really like your blog, your code of conduct and these make-up related posts. Keep up the good work!

      2. Yes, please do! Catfight is one of the nude shades I still haven’t tried.

        Awww, thanks so much for your support 🙂

  2. Been following your blog for a while, I really appreciate the time you put into your content! We are very like-minded in interests, so your blog was a great discovery.

    That being said, I know noticed you are a Lost in Translation fan and you will appreciate the presence of a pink NARS lipgloss and bottle of Marc Jacobs perfume in a screenshot:


    1. Hi Amanda!
      I’m glad you like my blog, thanks for the support.
      Yes, I’m a Sofia Coppola fan! I haven’t watched Lost in Translation for a while and I’ve never noticed the NARS lipgloss before, so thanks a lot! I’ll include it in this post 🙂

  3. I’ve never tried Nars lipsticks because I hate ordering lippies online without trying them on… But I made an exception for Ellis Faas: I got no. 101 and 103 and they’re great (especially 103, as I’m into brighter reds). Otherwise, not very original but you can’t go wrong with Dior lipsticks, I think (Diorific Dolce Vita started my current collection of bright reds) and Maybelline color sensational is a very nice line of creamy but staying lipsticks, definitely comparable to upper brands (I wear Fatal Red… at work!)
    ciao Terry, buona domenica

    1. I’ve never heard of Ellis Faas…and now I’m in love with it! I’ve just checked their website and the shade selection for lipsticks is great! I like the idea of different formulas, too. Maybe I’ll buy one, sooner or later (my fav shades are L103, L101, L201 and L202).

      I once had a Christian Dior red lipstick (I can’t remember the shade) but it didn’t convince me much. I’d like to try Diorific Rouge Bingo, but I generally never consider Dior when it comes to make-up, I prefer other brands. I will definitely check Maybelline Color Sensational instead 😉

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