Perhaps the Water Will Come Back

When I selected the screencaps for this movie, I didn’t realize the guessing game was so difficult. This week there are four winners – so Kiara, Chiara, Misspenny and Caroline – who guessed two pictures right.

In the video above, besides the solutions of the game, I’m also talking of OPI Rock-a-pulco Red nail polish (my latest obsession), OPI Absolutely Alice and China Glaze Dorothy Who? nail polishes.





  1. Here I am with my guesses:
    3- Black Swan (but I didn’t remember the poached egg)
    4- My first thought was of Blue Valentine, but I don’t think it’s that film. Will hopefully come back to it!
    5- Marie Antoinette
    7- Kill Bill
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Qualcuno lo riconosco e non mi vieneeee 😦


    2 – Sirens
    3 – Black Swan
    8 – Blade Runner?? (Ste, che è un grande fan del film, dice di no…)

  3. Questa settimana è veramente difficilissimo, quindi le butterò proprio a caso:

    2. “Walkabout” by Nicolas Roeg
    3. “Black Swan” by Darren Aronofsky
    4. “Virgin Suicides” by Sofia Coppola
    5. “Marie Antoinette” by Sofia Coppola
    6. “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” by Steven Spielberg
    9. Dai colori mi sembra Wes Anderson, quindi azzardo “Le avventure acquatiche di Steve Zissou”

    baci! 🙂

  4. Ci provo:

    n.2 Sirene (uno dei miei film preferiti degli anni 90)
    n.3 Blackswan (ho fermato quel frame nella memoria perché ho pensato potesse tornarmi utile per FFG : )
    n.4 Revolutionary Road?
    n.10 Julie and Julia?

  5. I tried my best but I could only guess the picture number 5 which is of course taken by “Marie Antoinette”.
    Shame on me I know;)

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