It’s A Reason to Smile

Today it’s April Fools’ Day, but there’s no joke here: as usual, here is my Friday Guessing Game, all devoted to bath-tubs in movies. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

This week we have three winners, who all guessed seven pictures right: Vale, Misspenny and Kit. Kit could have beaten the other two, but she didn’t guess the title of the last movie right (I know that you knew the movie, but the title is slightly different, sorry).

Sorry if there’s no video today, but I didn’t sleep well last night, I’ve got a cold, my face and voice are terrible. It’s a pity because there are many things to say about these movies, but I  know you’ll understand.




  1. So happy to recognize some screenshots, finally!
    N. 3 is Rebecca de Mornay (unfortunately I don’t know the movie)
    N. 4 Elizabeth Taylor in “Quo Vadis”?
    N. 5 Brigitte Bardot in “Il disprezzo” by Jean Luc Godard
    N. 8 Marisa Tomei maybe? No idea about the movie..
    N. 9 Michela Cescon in “Primo Amore”?
    N. 10 Michelle Pfeiffer in “What lies beneath” (Le verità nascoste)

    Guessing or not, I love the FGG because when I see it, I realize that the workweek is over 🙂

    1. 3. Sorry, but she’s not de Mornay.
      4. She’s Elizabeth Taylor, but the movie is Cleopatra.
      5. Yes.
      8. Yes, she’s Marisa Tomei. The movie is Only You.
      9. No.
      10. Yes!

      Ohhh, it’s nice to know the Friday Guessing Game makes you feel good, because it marks the end of the week 🙂

  2. 2. c’era una volta in america
    4. antonio e cleopatra
    5. michel piccoli e brigitte bardot ne Il Disprezzo
    9. requiem for a dream
    10. le verità nascoste

    baci a tutti!

  3. In questo momento mi vengono in mente solo questi film:
    1. Meryl Streep ne “I ponti di Madison County
    4. Liz Taylor in “Cleopatra”
    7. Scarlett Johansson in “Lost in Traslation”
    10. Michelle Pfeiffer ne “Le verità nascoste”

  4. You’re in the bath again I see!

    Whew, these are difficult…

    #4 = Elizabeth Taylor in ‘Cleopatra’
    #10 = Michelle Pfeiffer in ‘What Lies Beneath’ (I always admired the sets in that movie)

    1. Yes 😉 The first guessing game of the month is always about bath-tubs in movies.

      Both your guesses are correct. I agree with you when it comes to the sets of What Lies Beneath! I love that movie so much: despite the predictable plot, its imagery is brilliant and so are Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford.

    1. 1. Yes.
      4. Yes.
      5. Yes.
      6. Yes. The original title is The Lost Boys, though 😉
      8. Yes.
      9. Yes.
      10. Yes.

      7 of 10, very well!

  5. 1. Meryl Streep in “I ponti di Madison County” by Clint Eastwood
    3. “American Psycho” by Mary Harron
    4. Elizabeth Taylor in “Cleopatra” by Joseph L. Mankiewicz
    5. Un’inedita Brigitte Bardot in versione mora in “Le Mépris” di Jean-Luc Godard
    7. Scarlett Johansson in “Lost in Translation” by Sofia Coppola
    9. Jennifer Connelly in “Requiem for a dream” by Darren Aronofsky
    10. Michelle Pfeiffer in “Le verità nascoste” by Robert Zemeckis

    baci! :-*

    1. 1. Sì.
      3. Sì.
      4. Sì.
      5. Sì, proprio lei.
      7. Certo.
      9. Sì.
      10. Sì.

      Anche tu ne hai indovinate 7 su 10, bravissima!

  6. I’ve been studying these images all weekend, and here’s what I came up with:
    1- i think she’s Sophie Marceau
    4- Liz Taylor in Cleopatra
    7- Scarlett Johansson in Lost in Translation
    9- Could it be Charlotte Gainsbourg in Antichrist?
    I know I have seen both 2 and 6, but absolutely can’t remember which films they come from, despite thinking about them all w/e!

    1. 1. No, sorry: she’s Meryl Streep.
      4. Yes.
      7. Yes.
      9. No.

      The 2nd is Dario Argento’s Inferno, the 6th is The Lost Boys 🙂

  7. In ritardissimo, scusa, vale ancora??

    1) Meryl Streep in “I ponti di Madison County”
    3) Crash? American Psycho? uhm?
    4) Cleopatra
    5) Il disprezzo
    7) Lost in Translation
    8 ) Marisa Tomei in “Only You”?
    9) Requiem for a Dream?
    10) Michelle Pfeiffer “What Lies Within”

    1. Sì, dai 😉

      1. Sì.
      3. American Psycho.
      4. Sì.
      5. Sì.
      7. Sì.
      8. Sì.
      9. Sì.
      10. Sì. Il titolo però è What Lies Beneath.

  8. I thought you already used that bathtub from Lost in Translation, so I thought it was something else.
    Shame on me!

  9. …pensa te che avi di serie b ho dei Inferno che non ho riconosciuto un mio cultone. temo di avere un vhs riversato in file avi. bella la fotografia cosi!

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