That’s Definitely My Book

I’ve never devoted a guessing game to cameras, and I think it’s about time: many of my readers are talented self-taught photographers, so this is a sort of homage to this incredibly fascinating art. This time, I tried to select easy pictures, so try your luck and enjoy!

I’m so glad this week’s winner is Elisabetta, who guessed six pictures right! She mistook Sean Penn for James Franco, but she guessed the movie – Milk – right! Well done! In the video above, besides the solution, you are given a short review of MAC Russian Red lipstick and of OPI Absolutely Alice nail polish, the most recent additions to my make-up stash.





  1. non c’entra molto ma ho notato che tutti usano l’occhio destro per mirare, solo io ho come occhio predominante il sinistro? (eppure non sono mancina!)

  2. Uh difficile, però gran bella idea.

    1) Amèlie
    2) Kim Basinger in Batman
    6) Nicole Kidman in The Interpreter
    7) Rainman
    9) Spiderman 3
    10) Milk

  3. Pic.1 Flora Guiet – Il favoloso mondo di Amelie

    Pic.2 Kim Basinger o Daryl Hannah (?)

    Pic.5 James Woods – Il giardino delle vergini suicide

    Pic.6 Julia Roberts – Closer

    Pic.7 Dustin Hoffman – Rain man

    Pic.9 Thoper Grace – Spider Man 3

    Pic.10 Sean Penn – Milk

  4. 1. “Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain” by Jean-Pierre Jeunet
    2. “Fatal attraction” by Adrian Lyne ?
    5. “Virgin suicides” by Sofia Coppola
    6. “Closer” by Mike Nichols
    7. “Rain man” by Barry Levinson

  5. Spariamo…

    1. Il favoloso mondo di Amélie
    2. 9 settimane e mezzo??
    3. Tutti pazzi per Mary??
    5. The Ring?
    7. Rain Man
    8. Una pallottola spuntata?? 😀

    1. Ma è bellissimo il tuo lavoro!!! Stairs in movies, molto interessante 🙂
      Trovo questi percorsi tematici davvero affascinanti.

  6. Allora, pensavo di saperne di più invece:

    1. Il favoloso mondo di Amélie
    2. Kim Basinger in Batman
    6. Nicole Kidman in The Interpreter
    7. Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man

  7. 1 Il favoloso mondo di Amèlie Poulain
    6 Julia Roberts in Closer
    p.s.ottima scelta,entrambi sono dei film meravigliosi!

  8. Russian Red really suits you! I tried it once in a store and it was pretty bad on me (as the mua predicted, to tell you the truth). I opted for Viva Glam I instead! As for OPI nail polishes, I only own one in acid green and I like it a lot. It lasts on me; but my favourite so far are the Illamasqua ones.

    1. Viva Glam I is beautiful, too. I like it, but I prefer less muted red shades 🙂
      I’ve read a lot of positive reviews about Illamasqua nail polishes, but I still haven’t tried one. Do you buy them on the official online store? Favourite shades?

      1. Maybe I’m too fair for Russian Red; I think you have the perfect complexion for it.
        I got three Illamasqua polishes last summer on Asos: Rampage, a beautiful forest green, Muse, a pretty teal blue, and Lament, a bright coral. I am mostly impressed by the pigmentation but the lasting power is not bad either. I’m def going to get more! Highly recommended though not cheap.

  9. Non ho riconosciuto nè Batman né Milk né Closer (tanto lo detesto)… perché non ho detto The Virgin Suicides, poi, non so: nei tuoi quiz c’è sempre! 😀

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