The Numbers Are the Key to Everything

It’s been a while since I last devoted a Friday Guessing Game to telephones in movies. Once I decided the theme, I opted for something unusual: this is not simply “telephones in movies”, but “women speaking on the phone in movies”, much more interesting, right? I hope you’ll enjoy it!

The winner is this guessing game is Kit, who guessed six pictures right!





  1. Belle le immagini!

    1 Helen Hunt in “Girls just want have fun”
    3 Meg Ryan in “French Kiss”
    4 Ione Skye in “Say Anything”
    5 Glenda Jackson. Ma in “Sunday bloody sunday”?
    9 Rose Byrne in “Knowing”
    10 “Lola Corre”

  2. 1. Helen Hunt in “Girls just wanna have fun” by Alan Metter
    3. Meg Ryan in “French kiss” by Lawrence Kasdan
    4. Ione Skye in “say anything” by Cameron Crowe
    6. Alba Rohrwacher in “La solitudine dei numeri primi” di Saverio Costanzo
    8. Potrebbe essere Annette Bening in “A proposito di Henry?
    9. Rose Byrne in “Adam” by Max Mayer
    10. Franka Potente in “Lola corre” di Tom Tykwer

  3. 1. girl just want to have fun
    2. jessica alba?!?
    3.c’é posta per te
    4. giovane gema davis?
    5. sunday bloody sunday
    7.donne sull’orlo di una crisi di nervi
    10. lola corre

    sempre piú difficili, prof!

  4. 1 Helen Hunt in “Girls just want to have fun”;
    In the 3rd picture we have Meg Ryan and in the 4th Nicole Kidman but I don’t know the movies.:(

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