Christina Aguilera’s Style: NBC’s The Voice Press Conference, 15/03/2011

This woman surprises me all the time! After a series of unfortunate events and a stint in prison [1], Christina is back on track (I hope so) with a brand-new job – she’ll be one of the vocal coaches in the upcoming NBC programme The Voice. Will this new chapter in her career bring her magic back? Will it boost her music production? Only time will tell, but in the meantime I’m super-excited: a tv programme means lots of outfits to write about!

When she attended the press conference, she chose a very nice outfit, which included a strapless red dress, chinched at the waist by a black belt, and spiked slingbacks. I’m glad she didn’t over-accessorize it, keeping the jewellery department simple. I’ve complained many times about her kind of schizophrenic style, but it looks like she’s slowly finding her own voice when it comes to image. I’d love if she experimented more, but it’s clear she wants to stick to what she knows suits her best.

Christina wore a brocade dress by Dolce & Gabbana, who are definitely becoming her designers of choice. The same red brocade made the Dolce & Gabbana sheath dress seen on Amber Heard in December 2010.

Her shoes were – of course – Louboutins. She wore a pair of black Pik Pik Pik slingbacks, whose PVC front panels are embellished with silver, black and gold pyramid and spike studs. I love these shoes but I think they’re not the best choice for the dress: if I were her, I would have picked satin or leopard-printed pumps. This is not the only pair of studded Louboutins Christina owns: in March 2010 she was spotted leaving the Trousdale Club in Hollywood wearing Engin Spike d’Orsay pumps.

Her jewellery left me a little bit surprised, because this time she wore something different from her trademark Stephen Webster pieces. She wore big pendant earrings, embellished with diamond pavés; I’m sorry I couldn’t find a better shot of them, because they look gorgeous. Their shape reminds me of Cathy Waterman creations, but the diamond pavés are so Loren Jewels; well, in any case I guess I’ll soon find out where they come from.

She also wore a Stephen Webster ring (in the picture above it’s the one on the left) and what I assume is a Loree Rodkin ring.

Awww, she’s such a bombshell in the picture above! Her make-up and hair were flawless. I loved her short stint into strawberry blonde locks so much, but I must admit she totally owns the platinum blonde hair. As for her make-up, she opted for an all-glammed pin-up style, which means red hot lipstick, neutral eyes with thick eye-liner and lots of mascara, glowing rosy cheeks (omg, they’re mesmerizing) and black nail polish.

Opinions about this look? Yay or nay?

[1] It was quite a shock to learn of her misadventure. I think things went kind of crazy for her after the divorce. We all know that boy Rutler is no good for her, but I’m sure she will soon turn her life around for good.

Source and source.



    1. Anche secondo me. Non so se abbia davvero un problema di alcolismo o altro, ma anche a me pare palese che non sia al massimo della forma (e non sto parlando di quella fisica).

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