Will She Take Over?

You know I don’t like writing about myself because I think I’m a pretty boring person; the topics I like writing about are definitely more interesting than me, so I usually focus on those, leaving the rest out of the blog.

Today I’ve decided to make an exception because March 13th, 2011 is not an ordinary day. I’ve always loved symbolisms, and this is such a simbolical and meaningful day to me. Three years ago, at 18.57, my beloved daughter Bianca was born [1], turning my life upside down, filling our world with unconditional love and an endless wave of joy. Today it’s her third birthday and I’d love to wish her the best for her future: she’ll probably have hard times to face  – the planet is striking back and I don’t know if we’ll ever realize what we’ve done to nature – but I hope she’ll also face a new world, a place where equality, justice and freedom are not empty words, but part of everybody’s life.

I named her after Bianca Jagger, one of my personal heroines, and I’d love her to be as brave as her namesake, a woman who left the glam and the glitter behind to focus on activism, on what she could actually do to make people aware of the importance of human rights.

On a less serious note, today it’s this blog’s second birthday, another reason to celebrate! The decision to start writing here on March 13th, 2009, wasn’t a coincidence: after writing in Italian for 6 years, I needed a new writing challenge and I’m glad I did it. I know I’ve lost many regular readers and a certain appeal I used to have among the press (at the time, some Italian fashion magazines wrote about Dallo Spazio and me), but I couldn’t care less. In a time and in a country where (not so invisible) restraints to our freedom are constantly coming out, I strongly believe in the importance of being free and independent, of speaking my mind, of having a critical thinking and of not taking anything for granted. For this reason, you’ll never find any commercial advertisement here, any giveaway, any sponsor or whatever, anything which could influence my words and opinions. I was born free and I’ll do my best to keep this freedom for the rest of my life.

[1] In the picture, here she is, sitting in front of my netbook, ready – I know it’s just a matter of time – to take over: wouldn’t it be nice if she wrote on this blog when she’s older?



  1. Happy Birthday Bianca, as we say “A chent’annos cun gratzia, prexiu e saluri!” (which means “May you live 100 years always graceful, blessed, happy and healthy!”)and happy birthday to your blog Teresa! You know I’m an huge fan and I really appreciate your work. Keep it up!

  2. Happy birthday to your blog, and to Bianca too! She’s a cutie 🙂

    You always write good stuff, rich in details and very interesting, no matter the language. Keep up the good work. And thank you.

  3. Happy birthday to Bianca!
    She’s beautiful and I wish her all the best.

    Happy birthday also to Dallo Spazio:continue to stand out from the crowd Superqueen! :-**

  4. happy birthday(s)! Bianca looks happy indeed, like she knows she has a pretty special mum. And I’m sure there’s been some cake around too…

  5. Happy happy happy birthday to Bianca, I wish her all the best, and yes the future doesn’t look too rosy, but she has a very nice mum so I’m sure she’ll be fine 🙂
    and happy anniversary to your blog too; please don’t say you are boring, i am very easily bored and i’ve been following for five years, and it’s always a pleasure!

  6. Happy Birthday to little Miss B!
    And I would say you: brava, brava, brava! I always follow your blog, in italian and in english right now and I think you are a very great person. Please, keep on writing, you are very talented.

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