From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (4.15 – It-Girl Happened One Night)

The fourth season of Gossip Girl is becoming more and more intriguing: I really like the new character of Raina, the daughter of the villain Russell Thorpe and it’s very interesting to follow the weird hate/love relation between Dan and Blair. One of the most brilliant episodes so far has surely been It-Girl Happened One Night [1], packed with drama and twists in the narration.

The episode starts with a positive atmosphere at the Van der Woodsen/Humphreys: Lily and Chuck are hosting a lunch for Thorpe and Raina, at the end of which Chuck makes clear he is willing to do anything to be still part of the Bass Industries. The party he’s going to throw for Valentine’s Day (the narrative centre of the episode) will convince Russell he’s a good ally.

Lily is quite cold with Thorpe: they have a short dialogue after the lunch and he hints at the love story they had in the past, and she cannot stand it. For this occasion, Lily sports a very classic outfit, including a sleeveless marroon sheath, golden pumps and statement jewellery.

Her impressive necklace is a creation by the Indian designer Amrita Singh: it’s the South Fork Hampton necklace in Bronze. She paired it with a pair of earrings she had already worn in the second season (the episode was In the Realm of the Basses).

Back then, she wore many Verdura pieces, like these beautiful caged earrings in cocobola wood and gold.

Later in the episode, Rufus is ready to celebrate a cozy Valentine’s Day at home, but Lily surprises him: she is wearing an elegant outfit and explains she is going to Chuck’s party. What has happened? Her adoptive son has got her fired from the company for a conflict of interest with the new buyer, after finding out she left Thorpe for Bart Bass.

She’s wearing a gorgeous black dress with an embellished chiffon overlay, 3/4 sleeves and a deep backline; she’s also holding a leopard-printed coat on her arm and a clutch in her hand.

I know many readers love Lily’s hairstyles, so here is a close-up (kind of) of her lovely updo, a braided bun. It’s incredible to see how many different versions a simple updo can have.

Her jewellery choice to complete the outfit are exquisite: she wore a pair of Stephen Dweck flower clip earrings, in a delicate aqua green/turquoise, matching the rhinestones of her necklace. These romantic earrings are a classic piece by Dweck, who clearly drawn inspiration from a very similar style by the infamous costume jewellery brand Trifari.

At the party, she meets Russell, but quickly dismisses him: her only goal is finding Chuck and asking him the reason why she has been fired from Bass Industries.

I couldn’t find a close-up on the clutch bag, but it’s apparently made of satin and embellished by cabochon stones.

The impressive necklace she wore is a beautiful piece by Shourouk, Blue Valtesse, a necklace with a bird, leaves and flowers. It’s made of metal covered with crochet and embroidery elements composed by leather, Swarovski and glass crystals. I spent many hours on Internet, trying to identify its designer, but the super-kind Charlotte from OnlyJewels came to the rescue (thanks so much again!).

When Lily meets Chuck, who is in the middle of a romantic rendez-vous with Raina, she explains she has always tried to help him to preserve his company, but he treats her badly, defining her a socialite. Lily is really hurt by Chuck’s words and Raina, too: after realizing how he has treated his adoptive mother, she leaves the room, determined to break their relationship up. Things couldn’t go worse for Chuck: Thorpe has never wanted him to be part of the company and he has succeeded in his plan to ruin him.

Now, what is going to happen? Will Chuck take advantage of Thorpe’s office key card and passwords the Captain has handed over or will he accept his sad destiny? And what about Lily? Will she try to help her adoptive son?

[1] The title comes from an iconic movie by Frank Capra, It Happened One Night (1934), starring the awesome Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert. It’s not a coincidence that the protagonist, Ellie, is a spoiled heiress running away from her family. Doesn’t she remind you of super-spoiled (and always complaining) Serena?




One comment

  1. La collana Shourouk presa così singolarmente,non mi convince per niente,però indosso a Lily a completare un outfit già ricco è sorprendente,ha completamente catalizzato la mia attenzione tanto che non riuscivo più a badare ai dialoghi! (certo povera Lily tre figli uno peggio dell’altro…).
    Per amor di precisione gli orecchini (e spilla) di Trifari sono un’esatta stupenda riproduzione del fiore di cornus florida,e IMO,il Sig.Dweck che non si sa perchè ha aggiunto un petalo,ha ancora tanta strada da fare…

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