Nobody Loves Ringo Starr

This Friday Guessing Game is focused on a very interesting cinematographic topos, brides and weddings. Don’t you think a wedding in a movie represents a suspension from reality, from ordinary life? The wedding dress, for example, can be seen as a sort of costume: by wearing it, the bride steps into an unknown world, completely detached from her previous experiences. She is the protagonist of the ceremony and of the wedding day itself: all the imagery related to the dress – the white colour and the veil, just to mention a couple of important details – turns her into a figure with an extremely high symbolical value. I’ve never seen marriage as a goal to reach at all costs, but I perfectly understand the reasons why that day is often seen as the peak of a lifetime. This is maybe due to social conventions or to social pressure, but still: cinema has featured weddings with many purposes (introducing an unexpected turn in the narration, for example, not to mention the convivial value of the wedding party) and has succeeded, most of the times,  in creating a fairy-tale moment.

I’m so glad the winner is Caroline! She guessed seven pictures right, she totally deserves it! Well done, girl!




  1. Oh Super, you read in my mind! I’m wondering in these days when you will dedicate a FFG to the weddings.
    Of course,I agree with all you said about 😉
    So, let’s start to play.

    1. Secretary
    3. Angie? (the bride looks Geena Davis, isn’t?)
    4. Goodfellas (Quei bravi ragazzi)
    5. Mystic Pizza
    8. The village
    9. When Harry met Sally
    10. Mona Lise smile (I adored Kirsten Dunst in that movie)

    1. 1. Yes.
      3. No.
      4. Yes.
      5. Yes.
      8. Yes.
      9. Yes.
      10. Yes.

      Very good guesses 🙂

      I’m glad I’ve read your mind 😉 I love brides and weddings in movies!

  2. Uh difficile stavolta…

    2 The Godfather
    3 Geena Davis in Beetlejuice?
    4 Ray Liotta in Goodfellas
    5 Lily Taylor in Mystic Pizza
    7 500 Days of Summer
    9 Carrie Fisher in Harry Ti presento Sally
    10 Kirsten Dunst in Mona Lisa Smile?

  3. i don’t recognize any of these brides! weirdly, since i’ve been watching a lot of ‘wedding’ movies since my own is coming up. i haven’t been to that many weddings so in some ways watching these films is a tool for learning what to do (or rather, what i don’t want–ie robert altman’s satire a wedding).

    1. I’m sure you watched some of these movies, but – you know – identifying a movie from a single screencap is not easy!

      Have you watched Bride Wars yet? I think it perfectly shows what NOT to do before a wedding 😉

  4. I’m in super hurry, I’m sure I know at least other 2 but I haven’t time to check.:(

    2 Apollonia nel Padrino 2
    3 Fiori d’acciaio
    4 500 days of summer
    5 Mystic pizza
    10 Kirsten Dunst in Monalisa Smile

    Talking about wedding dresses in movies, my absolutely favorite one is Amanda Seyfried one in Mamma mia.

    Ciao a tutti.

  5. La 9 e la 10.
    Harry ti presento Sally e Mona Lisa Smile, così a memoria.
    La 5 mi ricorda Scarface ma non credo, qualche film sulla mafia americana comunque.

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