Christina Aguilera’s Style: Performing at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards, 13/02/2011

The redemption day has come: after being ferociously attacked by detractors after the Super Bowl mishap, Christina has stricken back at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards. She gave an incredible rendition of a classic song by Aretha Franklin, Ain’t No Way, as a tribute to the American legendary songstress, along with Jennifer Hudson, Florence Welch, Martina McBride and Yolanda Adams.

I’m so glad she opted for a sparkling – yet classy – outfit. It looks like she’s slowly finding her own style and the Old Hollywood glamourous mood is the one which incredibly suits her and enhances her frame. I love her hairstyle, too: she looks good but a bit boring with straight hair, while wavy, a little backcombed hair – à la Dolly Parton – is sensational on her.

In this beautiful picture, where she’s smiling, we can get a glimpse of her dress. She wore a custom-made Roberto Cavalli strapless dress, with a short train (which I think was the cause of her spill at the end of the performance) and a gorgeous glittering all-over embroidery.

The slightly squared neckline of the bodice is inspired to the geometric embellishments on the front of the dress. Something I still don’t understand is her red lip-shaped microphone stand: I think it’s quite disquieting, don’t you?

Here she is backstage with her co-performers. They all looked and sounded gorgeous. I particularly love the Elie Saab dress seen on Florence Welch (but on the red carpet she wore a breathless creation from the Givenchy spring 2011 Haute Couture collection) and the black top by Alexander McQueen on Jennifer Hudson.

In the jewellery department, she wore the same Classic Crystal Haze cuff she wore at the Super Bowl, adding two diamond rings (one of which is the Large Sushi ring, from the Jewels Verne fine collection) and diamond earrings.

Before closing, two clarifications. In case you are wondering why I didn’t write a post on the red carpet, the reason is simple: I actually liked only one outfit (Florence Welch’s), so it would have been pointless to write about her only. The second specification is about Christina’s performance: I must admit I’m getting tired of haters, who accuse her of being racist and a copycat, not to mention the endless rumours about a possible pregnancy or of alcohol-abuse. The funniest negative comments usually accuse her of over-singing, which is so absurd: maybe people are getting used to listening to computer-enhanced voices (my list could be endless, when it comes to this), because you must be deaf not to realize the power and the soul in her voice. Don’t you agree?






  1. Ahh caspita e’ stato rimosso…avrei guardato volentieri il video con esibizione di Christina.
    Florence! Florence! stupenda in Givenchy (ma anche in Saab e YSL,favolosa) anche perchè personalmente,prima di vedere lei ero ancora traumatizzata dall’interpretazione della collezione Tisci data da Carine Roitfeld che mi era sembrata proprio una vecchia in vestaglia…

    1. Hai ragione! Da quando è diventata testimonial di Weight Watchers, è dimagrita tantissimo. Io non metto in dubbio che la salute sia importante (e il sovrappeso qualche problema lo crea), ma non posso non pensare che ci sia qualcosa altro in mezzo, tipo pressioni dalla casa discografica e simili. Prima era meravigliosamente se stessa, un esempio per tutte le donne che non vogliono piegarsi al modello imperante di “più magra sono, meglio è”; ora è diventata proprio una di loro.

  2. hahaha “chain of sausages” truly is the best definition for that mike stand!
    for me, in terms of the outfits, it’s Florence uber Alles (you know, I’m a South London girl too), but Christina did look amazing and I think her Burlesque film is helping her a lot in find a direction in her style.
    I can’t believe they criticise her for oversinging, i mean, hello? she has always sung like that! and it’s not like the others were whispering! I truly can’t stand people who criticise just for the sake of it

    1. Yes, that is the point. She has always sung like that, but the rise of a new generation of pop stars (Lady GaGa, Rihanna and Katy Perry are the first names that come to my mind, even I can’t see how Rihanna and Perry can be defined like that) has clearly erased (young) people’s minds, so they don’t remember or don’t know she’s always sounded like this.

  3. Meravigliosa Florence ♥
    Ho avuto l’occasione di vederla in concerto e mi ha lasciato a bocca aperta per le sue capacità vocali, ma soprattutto perchè ha dimostrato di avere un carisma che non mi ha permesso di distogliere lo sguardo da lei. Per un’ora e mezza mi ha rapita e mi ha portato in un’altra dimensione, giuro!

    Per quanto riguarda Christina, non sono una sua particolare fan ma nemmeno mi dispiace e trovo che questa storia del Super Bowl sia stata veramente assurda…

    1. Non conosco Florence & the Machine, non li ho mai ascoltati, ma lei mi piace molto, ha uno stile raffinatissimo, moderno e molto personale.

      Vabbè, ormai Christina è diventata il bersaglio preferito della stampa scandalistica. Dopo il divorzio (anzi, anche prima, quando è uscito “Bionic”) hanno iniziato a massacrarla mediaticamente e sono sicura che non è ancora finita.

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