“You Need to Write On Your Own and Produce Your Own Life.”

Last week, when I published the first post of my project, I was quite nervous. This blog doesn’t have a big audience, but I would always like to give interesting, useful or curious contents to my readers. This time, my intention was a little bit different – and more ambitious: giving you some food for thought. I don’t know if I’ve reached the goal, but the positive feedback I’ve received from some friends is enough to keep me going. I’m sure what I’m doing won’t change the world, but my conscience (and my maternal status) tells me it’s time to speak out. I can’t figure out what kind of world my daughter will live in, when she grows older, but I’ll do whatever I can to make it a better place for her generation. Words as “respect” and “sex equality” may sound old-fashioned, but sometimes they are only words, since they don’t have an active counterpart in real life. Written words are only words, but I strongly believe they can have their share in establishing a new role model for women.

After my tiresome introduction, let me introduce this week’s guest blogger, Jennifer from Texas.

*What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?
Someone who is immensely miserable is someone who is incapable of being selfless in any way, shape or form. Someone who presents what they do to other people as being for others but it’s ultimately self serving. Someone who can’t take themselves out of any equation in life is totally miserable.

*What is your idea of earthly happiness?
I feel that complete happiness is not possible on Earth but being blessed enough to live comfortably and having someone close by who unconditionally loves you brings as much happiness as is possible on Earth.

*Who are your favorite heroines of fiction?
I don’t read that much fiction so I don’t really have any.

*Who are your favorite heroines in real life?
My mother.

*What is your most vivid memory of the 90s (from music, fashion, politics, culture)?
I was still quite young throughout the 90s but for me the music stood out the most. I was still trying to find myself fashion wise and was quite confused about it throughout the decade.

*What does “feminism” mean to you?
Feminism means recognizing that as a woman I have strengths and weaknesses that should be recognized and celebrated and that make me who I am. I think too many people view feminism as simply women trying to prove that they can do absolutely everything a man can and even better. Like us, men have their strengths and weaknesses as well. Weaknesses shouldn’t be looked upon as something negative but as a complement to the opposite strengths and vice versa.

*Have you ever given an active contribution to the feminist cause?

*Have you ever experienced sexism?

*The quality you most admire in a man?

*The quality you most admire in a woman?

*What is your motto?
I don’t live by any one specific motto.

*What is the object that represents you most?
A classic white button up shirt. Fits well in the company of a man or a woman. Ever striving to be reliable and classic. But like a white shirt easily shows stains, I easily show my emotions and wear my heart on my sleeve.

*Who would you have liked to be?
I’m pretty content being me.

*Could you put your identity into a few key words?
Identity meaning occupation? Housewife.

*How do you imagine your identity changing in ten years? Or twenty?
As far as I know it’ll be the same, I’ll just be older and wiser.

She has selected a beautiful image to complete the questionary. “My husband and I are both May babies and both of German heritage, so I thought that this vintage German card with lilies of the valley would be perfect,” she explains. “I also have always had a love for lily of the valley (our birth flower) and sparrows.”

I thank Jennifer so much because she enthusiastically embraced my project. This is only the second post, but stay tuned because there’s much more in store for you.




  1. I think your definition of feminism really nails it down! and the postcard is very beautiful 🙂
    Thank you Jennifer for sharing this and Superqueen for asking her to!

    1. I’m glad you liked it!
      Besides the definition of feminism, I love how she described the object that represents her most. So honest and sincere.

  2. Own and produce your own life. I like that. I am a firm believer in being myself, I would not want it any other way. I also own my own life to a degree-as I believe God holds the key to my life, as well as plays an important part of my life. But, we do have control of our own life, we can choose to be what we want to be, go where we want to go.
    It depends on how we look at life, how ambitious we are, and how determined we are. We certainly cannot set back and wait for success to come to us. Look at our weakness as a tool for improving. If we are not happy with ourself, we certainly cannot make someone else happy.
    I like that more women today are taking a stand, speaking their voice, and most of all standing their own ground.My motto “Live Your Life-Be The Best You Can Be.

    1. Yes, I think nowadays women are starting speaking their own voice and realizing what they can do to make the world a better place, but there’s so much more to do. I think giving voice to those who can’t express themselves and fighting for our rights to be respected all over the world are goals we should work to achieve.

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