From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (4.12 – The Kids Are Not Alright)

After a long winter holiday hiatus, my favourite tv show, Gossip Girl, has come back! I was happy to watch a brand new episode – The Kids Are Not Alright [1]- but I was also happy to write a new post about Lily’s style, I missed her lovely outfits so much! I think it’s quite safe to define this as a transitional episode: some narrative points of the previous episode (Ben’s release from prison, for example) find a solution, while new threads get started (in particular, the arrival in town of Russell Thorpe, the new owner of Bass Industries, and of his daughter Raina).

Lily does her best to redeem herself (Ben is finally released thanks to her, even if she literally buys judge John Stevens, but still) but I’m sure her shady ways still hide something. The first scene featuring Lily is set in a restaurant, where the family gathers for a brunch. Serena is not happy with her mother’s presence, so she soon leaves.

I love Lily’s outfit here: after a rare stint into bright colours, she’s back to wearing what suits her best, that means neutral, pink-based shades (in this case, a gorgeous dove grey knitted sweater). As usual, her refined style is perfect in details, too: take a look at her faceted round stud earrings. Aren’t they amazing in their simplicity?

She also wore a ring with a big rose quartz stone. I’m glad she let her hair loose, because she looked really beautiful: loose hair makes her face softer.

When Lily goes home, Chuck is already there to confront her: she explains the company’s finances are in trouble, and that is the reason why she decided to sell it. She’s sorry about this, but she hopes the new owner will keep the company together.

In this scene, we can get a better view of her outfit: she wore a dark grey buttoned sweater under the cable-knit cardi and carried a beautiful pale pink bag. At a first glance, it looks like a Hermès Kelly bag, but – unfortunately – it’s not.

It’s a Valentino Rock Stud large satchel, a gorgeous bag with a classic shape and funky finishing touches (silver studs on the handle and on the strap). I usually don’t like her bags (I’ve told many times she’s a Hermès woman, period) but this one is amazing and totally suits her character.

It’s nice to see her wearing something she wore in previous episodes, even if – I admit it – this styling choice left me a little baffled. Lily is the epitome of Upper East Side prim and proper style, I don’t know if she’s supposed to appear on screen wearing something twice. In any case, we’ve already seen her Alberta Ferretti cardigan with a jewelled neckline in the third season (the episode was The Sixteen-Year-Old Virgin).

While Chuck and Lily are sitting on the couch, we get a sort of full-figure shot: she wore her sweaters with a pair of grey tailored trousers and matching pumps.

Later in the episode, Lily and Rufus attend a social event organized by Russell Thorpe, an old business partner of Bart Bass. The whole family is supposed to attend, but Eric refuses to go, so Lily and Rufus go there alone.

I was impressed by Lily’s outfit for the event: she wore a silver grey satin dress, but what made me excited were the two amazing pearl necklaces with tassels. I contacted Siman Tu’s customer service and they were kind enough to reply, confirming the necklaces are their creations. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any picture of them on-line, but hopefully I’ll soon receive one from them.

The romantic long-sleeved dress is by Luisa Beccaria. I love this dress on the model, but I don’t like it much on Lily. I can’t explain why, but it’s probably the fit which is not perfect or the accessories distract from the beautiful draped neckline. Plus, the sleeves look a little bit puffier on her than on the model, and this contributes in turning the dress into a weird choice.

The party is packed with drama. When Chuck meets Russell, he thinks he is the buyer of Bass Industries, but Thorpe corrects him: he would love to buy Bass Industries to destroy it, since Bart Bass turned on him and ran him out of New York; plus, Serena wants to make public her mother’s false signature on the affidavit that caused Ben’s arrest. This plan goes wrong, but the family tensions have an effect: the potential buyer of Bass Industries (we don’t know who he is) backs down, thus leaving Thorpe a clear run. At the end of the episode, he announces his intention to buy the company and to move back to New York .

Besides the impressive pearl necklaces with tassels,Lily also wore a diamantè cuff bracelet by Courtney Lee Collection and an exotic skin fold-over clutch by Judith Leiber.

The last scene featuring Lily is set at home, after the party: Rufus realizes he has already heard of Thorpe, because he read his name on Lily’s lover list. I’m sure this will add fuel to the fire that is about to burn. Do you agree with me?

[1] The title comes from The Kids Are All Right (2010) by Lisa Cholodenko, a drama-comedy starring Annette Bening, Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo.

Source, source and source.




  1. Can you believe I haven’t seen a single episode of Gossip Girls so far? I should really watch some episodes online, I guess, but I’m generally not an avid fan of TV series. Most of them get a little ridiculous sooner or later with story twist that I just can’t buy, you know? I used to love “Lost”, though, but that was more because of Josh Holloway than due to the storyline.
    Have a great week 🙂

    1. Me neither! I haven’t been watching tv since 2008 and I don’t miss it, but Gossip Girl is so funny and engaging to watch! To be honest, there are many other American series I’d love to watch (30 Rock and Mad Men, for example), but I don’t have time enough to do it 😦

  2. Great job as always! I agree about the gown. Don’t believe it was the best choice for her. IMO silk satin is hard to wear, especially if it doesn’t have structure.

    You should really try to watch Mad Men if you can. I watched the first few seasons on DVD & did it during a summer, when the TV season is less intense.

    1. I know! Lots of people have told me about it, but I think I’ll end up watching it next summer, as you did. I never watch tv, because I spend my free time writing, so for me there’s no tv season. In any case, I surely want to check it out.

  3. Ringrazio Lily per avermi insegnato tantissimo sui gioielli in questi anni di GG!(e ovviamente E Daman per averli scelti e Superqueen per avere analizzato ogni pezzo;)).
    Pur amando lo stile Beccaria,vorrei sottolineare che quell’abito è difficilissimo,e dopotutto rinforzato da quei gioielli da urlo su Lily non era poi così male…
    Adoro la bag di Valentino(ci farei un pensiero anzi,ora vado a verificare il prezzo…).
    Per quanto riguarda la trama,puntata un pò inverosimile,come spesso accade…ma chi se ne importa non riesco a non guardarlo.

    1. Lily da sempre sfoggia i gioielli più belli ed interessanti, non c’è storia. Daman ha fatto davvero un ottimo lavoro con lei, sebbene le abbia tolto la possibilità di sfoggiare le amate borse Hermès (non penso riuscirò a perdonarlo per avermi privato degli agognati Hermès moments).
      E’ vero: i gioielli “distraevano” l’attenzione dal vestito, ma si capiva che qualcosa non andava con il modello.
      Trama? Mah, io non mi ci soffermo più di tanto, ormai, ma questa quarta serie mi pare infinitamente più interessante della precedente, quindi poco male.

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