We’re Hiding Like Elephants When They’re Happy

This week the Friday Guessing Game has a fascinating topic: mirrors and dressing tables, connected to the much-debated theme of the double and with the feminine realm of beauty and vanity.  Enjoy!!!

Sorry if there’s no video solution this week, but B is still not well (lots of cough, no temperature) and me neither. I couldn’t find the time to tape a video and I think it’s better this way: I’m not that good-looking today. In any case, here are the written solutions. The winner is MissPenny, who guessed five pictures right! Congratulations!!!

Oh, I was about to forget it: the title is an English translation of a sentence uttered by Patricia Franchini (the character played by Jean Seberg) in A bout de souffle by Jean-Luc Godard.




  1. 1. Potrebbe essere “Boogie Nights”? La donna mi sembra Catherine Deneuve però, quindi mi sa che c’è qualcosa che non mi torna! 😀
    2. Winona Ryder (e nello specchio Johnny Depp) in “Edward Scissorhands” di Tim Burton
    3. Natalie Portman…in “Closer”?
    6. “Memento” di Christopher Nolan
    9. Lee Lee Sobieski in “Walk all over me”
    10. Jean-Paul Belmondo in “A bout de souffle”

    Buon weekend cara 🙂

    1. 1. No. Si tratta di un film tedesco, Lola: lei è Barbara Sukowa.
      2. Sì.
      3. Esatto.
      6. Sì.
      9. Sììì! L’hai visto, per caso? Film particolare.
      10. Sì.

      Grazie! Buon fine-settimana anche a te 🙂

      1. it was Lola! I had thought of In a Year of Thirtheen Moons (still by fassbinder), but when I realised iot wasn’t that film, I just dropped it altogether 😦

      2. Yes, it was! The picture was tiny, but I think one could assume the actors were Barbara Sukowa and Mario Adorf. In any case, it wasn’t easy to guess it right.

  2. 2. “Edward Scissorhands”
    3. It could be “Black swan”
    4. “Hairspray”
    10. “Breathless”

    as usual I can guess only the easiest ones but whatever;)

  3. I think this is me at my worst…
    6- Memento
    and possibly no. 8 the Graduate?
    but i know for sure that the mirror in picture 5 is from ikea:)

  4. La mia prima vittoria al FGG! Sono onoratissima! 🙂
    Sì, l’ho visto “Walk all over me”:film particolare come dici tu, anche se non mi ha fatto impazzire…

    1. Sei stata brava! Questa è stata la prima ma non sarà sicuramente l’ultima 🙂

      Riguardo il film con la Sobieski: nemmeno a me è piaciuto molto. Peccato, perchè lei, secondo me, è una brava attrice, ma stenta a trovare ruoli che la mettano in luce.

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