68th Golden Globe Awards

Even if this blog has never been focused on red carpets, I must admit I’m pretty excited because the award season has just started = plenty of hopefully great outfits to lust over. I usually cover the Golden Globes, the Grammys and the Academy Awards: I’ve just ticked the first event, which took place on January 16th in Hollywood.
As usual, I divided my best dressed list into separate categories, according to the colour of the dresses. In the comments, you can share your thoughts about my choices and your favourites.
Pink Ladies

I’ve always thought it’s not easy to make pink dresses work on the red carpet without looking too girly, but these three actresses have proven me wrong.

Natalie Portman was one of the most admired celebrities on the red carpet and one of the winners (she won the best performance by an actress in a drama for her role in Black Swan by Darren Aronofsky).  She has recently announced her pregnancy, so she showed her baby bump off wearing a gorgeous pale pink gathered dress by Viktor & Rolf, embellished by a red glittering rose applied on the bodice. She also wore Stella McCartney shoes, a Christian Dior red clutch and Tiffany & Co. jewellery, among which a diamond necklace and stud earrings. The dress is so beautiful on her and she looked radiant.

Claire Danes was nominated for the best performance by an actress in a mini-series or motion picture made for television, a category she won for the leading role in Temple Grandin. She wore a peach pink halterneck dress by Calvin Klein Collection, and kept hair and make-up simple. When it comes to this dress, I was on the fence: I love this colour on Claire, but the dress itself is too minimal for my liking. In any case, she made an impression.

She accessorized the dress with diamond earrings and a geometric gold and diamond cuff by Fred Leighton.

Julianne Moore is one of the actresses who can do no wrong in my eyes: she’s always elegant without trying too hard or overdoing with accessories.

She looked fantastic wearing a hot pink Lanvin dress: it has one long sleeve and is gathered on the bodice. I think the way in which the amazing Bulgari necklace was included in the dress is to die for: it looks like a collar. She also wore nude Lanvin ankle-strap shoes and a gold clutch with tassel, another Bulgari creation. Her beautiful red hair was styled in a sleek ponytail and her make-up was barely there.

Ladies in Emerald Green

Many celebrities wore green,but my favourites were Angelina Jolie and Mila Kunis: emerald green emphasized their blue eyes.

Angelina chose a breath-taking emerald green dress by Atelier Versace, embellished by Swarovski crystals. This dress is amazing: the slightly emphasized shoulders, the plunging backline, the small train and the crystal shimmer turn it into a show-stopper. I don’t know if you agree, but Angelina has an impressive star power: she always chooses extremely minimal dresses, but manages to look stunning most of the time. The only accessories she wore were earrings and a ring by Robert Procop.

On the other hand, Mila Kunis, who received a nomination for best performance by an actress in a supporting role in a motion picture (for Black Swan), opted for something completely different.

She picked a Vera Wang dress: the line is quite simple, but the all-over pleating and the train make it special. I love the plunging backline and the band crossing the back, it’s a sexy detail.  She paired it with Lorraine Schwartz jewellery (diamond stud earrings and a lovely leaf-shaped diamond and gold cuff) and Yves Saint Laurent shoes.
The Lady in Red

O-M-G: this is what I thought when I saw January Jones on the red carpet. I’ve always loved her style, especially when she wears Versace, but this time she surpassed herself.

She is currently the face of Versace, so it’s no wonder she wore a dress by the Italian maison: this show-stopping China red fringed dress is from the s/s 2011 collection; it didn’t impress me on the catwalk, but it’s incredible on her. This particular shade of red is perfect on her pale skin and with her blonde hair (her softly wavy hairstyle was the best of the evening, in my opinion); the plunging neckline is definitely sexy but not gross. She completed her outfit with Versace black pumps.
Ladies in Brown & Nude

Another showstopper was worn by Olivia Wilde, who stunned the audience with a dream-like Marchesa tulle ballgown.

The strapless chocolate brown dress was completely embroidered with thousands of tiny crystals: the rain-of-stars effect is impressive. The decision to wear her hair loose is original, but has totally paid off: she looked fresh and young, I’m sure an updo would have aged her.
She also wore Tiffany & Co. jewellery and Christian Louboutin Bridget’s Back gold platform booties.
Michelle Williams was nominated for the same category as Portman for her role in Blue Valentine by Derek Cianfrance.
She wore a Valentino dress from the resort 2011 collection: I love it so much because the colour is incredibly refined, the daisy print is cute, the ruffled skirt and the straps made of floral appliques are so romantic! She also wore Christian Louboutin shoes and diamond jewellery by Fred Leighton. Ohhh, and I cannot leave her adorable pixie haircut out: I wish I could pull such a haircut off, it’s pure perfection.
It’s Trashy…But I Like it!

The name of the category says it all: I don’t think Christina Aguilera and Helena Bonham Carter will be included in many best dressed lists, but I did it because I think their personalities are perfectly mirrored by what they wore. They’ve never been considered fashion icons, because they’ve always done their own thing, despite the results.

Christina channelled her inner bombshell wearing a Zuhair Murad lace mermaid-line dress. Christina’s hourglass figure looked wonderful in this dress, which reminds me of the infamous lace number Marcel Rochas designed for Mae West. I like the idea of hair styled in soft waves, but I just don’t get the centre parting.
Christina wore her trademark red lipstick and nails, Lorraine Schwartz diamond and ruby rings (the one on the left is actually a bracelet connected to the ring by a diamond chain) and Christian Louboutin shoes. I can’t say she didn’t look good, because she did, but I’m still waiting for her style to take a direction and evolve.

Someone who doesn’t need styling tips is Helena Bonham Carter, who rarely appears on the red carpet, but never fails to impress. I like her I think she’s a unique mix of gothic romanticism, fierceness and quirkiness; trends may come and go but they don’t seem to affect her, an attitude I admire so much.
The actress, nominated in the same category as Kunis for her role in The King’s Speech by Tom Hooper, was the only female artist to pose on the red carpet wearing sunglasses, and I think this is enough to realize she doesn’t care much for style rules. She wore a Vivienne Westwood printed silk dress: the pointed “wings” on the bodice reminds me of the infamous Westwood wedding dress seen on Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City – the Movie, while the mismatched satin ankle-strap shoes remind me of another Sex and the City moment (do you remember the metallic pink and blue ankle-strap sandals by Manolo Blahnik Carrie wore in Sex and Another City, in the third season?). Besides the dress, what has really got me was the hairstyle: isn’t the birdcage veil she wore on her curly hair amazing, the perfect British touch to complete such an unsual dress?

This time it’s hard for me to choose my favourite outfit, but my vote goes to January Jones: that Versace dress has really blown me away. What’s yours?




  1. Ieri sera non riuscivo a tenere gli occhi aperti, quindi mi sono persa i Golden Globe, ma quando oggi ho visto le foto, soprattutto quella di January Jones, ho avuto la tua stessa reazione, senza parole, bellissima! Anche se, trovo azzardato indossare un vestito rosso sul red carpet, lei comunque, è riuscita ad essere perfetta, (non capisco perchè gli autori di Mad Men hanno fatto di lei la peggior madre di tutte le serie televisive, rendendola odiosa come poche), va beh… Nella mia personale classifica, quindi, metto al secondo posto la Jones e al primo posto Olivia Wilde, che meraviglia quel Marchesa!! Il terzo posto, forse, (in quanto non ne sono convinta), va a Natalie Portman. Mentre trovo il Lanvin che indossa Julianne Moore sbagliato, non gli dona, non mi piace, come non mi piace quel colore su di lei. Quindi a malincuore la boccio. Per il resto quello che ho visto non mi ha impressionato più di tanto. Concludo dicendo che per me, Helena Bonham Carter, potrebbe tranquillamente indossare quello che vuole anche un sacco della spazzatura, sarebbe strepitosa lo stesso!

    1. Concordo sulla Bonham Carter e, in parte, sulla Moore. A mente fredda, il suo outfit non era perfetto, ma quel collier Bulgari deve avermi distratta durante la scelta 😉

    1. You’re so right!!! I loved that Barbie (was it DreamGlow in English?): I got it as a Christmas present when I was a child and I spent lots of time in a dark room to see the stars on the dress glowing 🙂

  2. I dunno if you are much of a Glee fan, but I think Lea Michele deserves a place in the pink section.

    Her Oscar De la Renta dress is just amazing and she’s just 24 but far more classy than some other older collegues.

    A part from that, I perfectly agree with you. January Jones was the best dressed. And the Lanvin on the pregnant Natalie Portman was just amazing.
    I don’t like her very much, but that dress was stunning.
    I cannot say the same about Angelina. I don’t like her and I didn’t like the dress, but I guess just because the algid queen was in it!

    Personal special mentions to Monique Lhuillier who dressed both Mandy Moore and Catherine Zeta Jones and which was a nice discovery.

    Sadest persons on the red carpet, the super skinny Megan Fox and the super botox doll, Nicole Kidman.

    Better star working. Have a nice day!

    1. I’m not a Glee fan because I’ve never watched it, but I remember Lea Michele’s outfit well: the dress was lovely, but I didn’t like how it was styled on her, especially since it was paired by that hideous hairstyle.

      I liked Lhuillier dress seen on Mandy Moore, but NOT the one worn by Catherine Zeta-Jones: the shape of the skirt was overwhelming and floppy 😦

      I’m kind of used to Nicole Kidman’s botoxed face, but I couldn’t accept the ghost of the amazing girl Megan Fox once was. What’s wrong with her?

  3. I forgot, the nude/brown section:
    Anne Hathaway in armani privèè. Lovely.
    Leighton Meester in Burberry. Super cute.
    Scarlett Johansson in Elie Saab.

  4. Ciao Super! quanto tempo…:
    JJones,decisamente fuori concorso inarrivabile,stupenda.
    LMeester,soave elegante,bellissima,ho apprezzato moltissimo la scelta,soprattutto delle maniche lunghe (come per Angelina).
    AHathaway,solitamente non impazzisco per i suoi outfit,ma quell’Armani è woow…molto riuscito,mi ha ricordato “addirittura” il glamour di Tom Ford da Gucci.
    Mwilliams…che dire,mi era parso carino il vestito indossato dalla modella…su Michelle mi ha tristemente ricordato solo una tenda da doccia,una di quelle in plastica,così affettuose che ti si appiccicano addosso appena tenti di lavarti!.


    1. Ciao a te!!!

      Sono stata in dubbio se inserire Leighton Meester: in un primo momento, il suo vestito mi era piaciuto molto, poi ho cambiato idea. Su di lei e accostato a quella pettinatura, risultava moscissimo.

      Anne Hathaway: ecco, il motivo per cui a te il vestito è piaciuto è proprio il motivo per cui io l’ho odiato. Lei stava bene ma già tutto molto visto.

      A Michelle Williams mancava un buon reggiseno, quello sì. L’effetto “cadente” sulla parte del decolletè ha un po’ rovinato il vestito, a mio parere molto bello.

  5. I LOVE Natalie Portman’s necklace; I also like the way Julianne Moore wears hers, but I think her gown was too long and I’m not too sure about the hair either.
    I’m glad to see Angelina back (she had a phase in which she was wearing really boring gowns), but my favourite has to be January Jones- and that dress begs to be red, not turquoise!

    PS: I didn’t watch Black Swan yet, but I can tell you that Michelle Williams’s performance in Blue Valentine is incredible, very moving. and the pixie…how i wish it would suit me!

    1. The biggest flaw I could find in Julianne Moore’s outfits was the creased skirt of the dress, quite disappointing!

      Totally agree on the red dress: the turquoise version is NOT a showstopper 🙂

      PS: I didn’t watch it either, but I cannot wait watching it at the cinema. I haven’t watched Blue Valentine (I don’t know if they show it here), but I’m curious about it, too.

    1. The problem is that I didn’t like her outfit. Though not a die-hard fan of minimal fashion, I appreciated the Jil Sander skirt-shirt combo she wore, even if I think it totally washed her out, and that is the reason why I didn’t put her in my list.

      1. I understand your point (I expected it) but I love the outfit precisely because it washed her out. She did what you are not suposed to do on a red carpet and I like her choice. It seems to me authentically Tilda.

      2. One must give her credit for being consistent in style, which is rarer and rarer for a famous actress. Wearing such a monochrome outfit, perfectly matching her skin tone, it is as if she didn’t want to be noted; the message I got was: “I’m here, but it is as if I weren’t”. Do you agree?

  6. This time any outfit impressed me.
    Anyway, I think that the red glitter rose on Natalie Portman neckline is very cute.
    I think instead that January Jones with that stunning red dress wants to look like Nicole Kidman.
    Do you remember Nicole with that red Valentino gowns on the Oscar’s red carpet about three years ago?

    Helena Bonham Carter is always amazing with her unconventional style. I love her.

      1. I thought it was a Valentino, I was wrong but I meant that dress.

        I’m sorry about Nicole Kidman, in my opinion she is a good actress (I loved her in The Others and Moulin Rouge, just for example)but her botox mania has ruined her.
        What a shame!

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