Christina Aguilera’s Style: “Burlesque” Premiere in London, 13/12/10

Before starting the post, I think it’s important to reassure my readers: this blog is not turning into a complete overview on Christina Aguilera’s style, but she’s busy with promoting Burlesque in Europe, so I cannot help but writing about what she wore at the premieres. After Madrid, the tour has arrived in London: she attended the event, held at the Empire Leicester Square, with her co-stars Cher, Cam Gigandet and Kristen Bell, and Steve Antin.

I must admit I’m quite disappointed by what she has been wearing in this promotional tour. I think she should stick to her trademark pin-up style, but with a twist, or completely change her image: I’m desperately looking forward to a “wow” moment from her, which still hasn’t come. The problem with her outfits is that they make her look old, especially if compared to the pretty style of Kristen and the ever-flamboyant Cher, who perfectly pulled that dramatic Julien McDonald dress off. After watching her performance at X Factor, I also realized she really needs to ditch those blonde extensions and do something serious with her hair.

I love black for eveningwear, so I’m not complaining about her colour choices, but I can’t say I’ve been blown away by the Zuhair Murad dress she wore at the premiere. The dress is beautiful – it has a scalloped beaded bra, a draped bodice and a lovely gathered skirt – but it doesn’t suit her at all. Moreover, that vintage fur stole distracts the focus from the dress: the result is too boring for my liking.

She completed the outfit with her trusty Bianca platform pumps by Christian Louboutin.

The jewellery department included a diamond-studded chain bracelet and diamond spiral rings. I really like her make-up (this time it’s well balanced) but – again – I’ve had enough her long curly locks. I think someone should remind her she looks amazing with a short bob, but probably, in this moment of her life, her looks come after personal issues she’s dealing with. I know she already has a new boyfriend (a relationship which sounds like an escape from reality), but I’m sure it’ll come the time for her to figure out what has been happening lately.

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  1. I totally agree with you, I’ve never been a big fan of Christina’s sense of style but I think that her pin-up look was amusing and very pretty, nowadays she looks so trashy and boring and plus those extension are awful!
    Don’t you think also that Louboutin shoes are becoming sort of a cliché among all the hollywoood celebrities? I must say that I love Louboutin shoes but now it’s becoming really annoying to see them at any Hollywood starlette’s feet.

    1. I must admit I prefer her daring and trashy fashion choices of the Stripped phase to what she has been wearing lately: at the time, she seemed to have fun with fashion and with experimenting with clothes; now she looks older than her age and unable to give what she wears a twist or a personal touch.

      As for Louboutin shoes, they have become a clichè indeed! They’re gorgeous, sexy and funny, but they’re also incredibly trendy, and this is the key of their success. Many other designers create amazing shoes but they’re not as famous as Mr Louboutin, and this makes us understand the impressive power that a trademark (the sexy red soles) can have on customers. Kudos to him for his far-sightedness.

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