From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (4.10 – Gaslit)

After one week hiatus, I was really looking forward to watching Gaslit [1], the new episode of Gossip Girl: it was the Thanksgiving episode, so I knew there was much drama in store for us and I wasn’t disappointed. I enjoyed it very much, not really for the plot itself, but for some insights on relations between characters. In particular, I’m referring to the troubled relationship between Lily and Serena, who is first hospitalized for an overdose, then committed to the Ostroff Center.

At the beginning of the episode, Lily is checking the table setting for the Thanksgiving dinner. She’s mad at Serena, because the girl has vanished into thin air after the Saints and Sinners party. Lily is determined not to give in to her daughter’s moral blackmail, so she explains Rufus and Eric that she has no intention to go after her. In this scene, she wore a lovely little black dress, very simple, a perfect example of her prim and proper style.

She accessorized this dress with a Sequin NY faceted rectangle necklace with green quartz stones.

Lily’s intentions are soon crushed under the weight of Serena’s hospitalization. She feels confused about what happened to S, she’s worried and doesn’t know how to react. She eventually decides to commit her to the Ostroff Center, because the results of blood tests show a mixture of medicines and drugs which could be the sign of a suicidal attempt. In this picture, we can see she was wearing two gold bracelets with diamonds and a sculptural gold ring.

When I saw this scene – Lily and Eric visiting Serena at the Ostroff Center – I had a deja-vu, because you may remind like Gossip Girl started (Eric at the Ostroff Center after a suicidal attempt). Things are different for S, because we know she didn’t want to commit suicide, but was just a victim of Juliet’s shady plot. In this scene, Lily is wearing an amazing camel belted cape and one of her favourite shoe styles, Miss Tack patent pumps by Christian Louboutin.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to identify this bag – it’s made of python and has a lock and chain – but all my attempts have led nowhere. I’m sure I’ll find it out, but in the meantime, if you have suggestions, please share them in the comments.

The same thing can be said for her coat, a piece of clothing I’m actually obsessed with because it’s so classic and romantic. In this scene, Lily and Blair have finally tracked Serena and Dan down, since they left the center and were planning to leave the city. I loved the conversation between Dan and Lily, because she let her inner struggle come out: she felt guilty for Serena’s behaviour, because she should have understood there was something wrong in her daughter’s rebellious actions. I’m convinced she is not able to fully express her emotions for her daughter, but they are very much connected because Lily sees her young self in S.

The episode closes with Serena back at the center, but before that, we get a glimpse of a mysterious meeting between Juliet and Lily: Lily pays the girl’s bills but I wonder what she really knows about her plot against S. I guess we will learn more about this in the next episodes.

[1] The title comes from Gaslight (1944), a thriller directed by George Cukor, starring Ingrid Bergman, Joseph Cotten and Charles Boyer.

Source and source.



  1. I just love your work on here. I’ve been obsessed with Lily’s style throughout and I love the pictures and detail you give to it. Thanks for your work!!

  2. Finally Lily got some more air time! Too bad she didn’t have more wardrobe changes…! Looked lovely and classy as always.
    I’m starting to despise Vanessa just as much as Jenny!!

  3. Ok so i love lily’s style as i have already said many many times so how couldn’t i adore this simple LBD? it’s neat,it’s classy and it fits her perfectly althought i have to admit that it looks a bit matronly which is no good for our dear lily..i know she is 40 something and lady like is her thing but this simple LBD seems a bit matronly no??? she had dresses with a younger feeling on them while still being lady like..maybe it’;s the combination with her very classy hair that sets this to the matronly area.don’t know…what do you think? Now as for her jewels i love her green quartz necklace and i think that the green color suits the LDB the blue one would not suit at all…love her ring and bracelts too but i am not sure how the gold jewels match the green quartz necklace maybe she shouldn’t put them on…and go for a simple bracelet? her camel coat is amazing,very sophisticated very classy and seems comfy too..her bagmatches perfectly her coat..her gold bracelet goes better with her coat than her for blair which we see here she looks even more matronly than lily which she or better eric daman should take into consideration since blair is in her early 20’s and lily in her 40’s..i mean i love blair’s style as much as i love serena’s (both have amazing pieces and godawaful pieces on ther wardrobe) but sometimes blair takes it too far..come on girl you are still 19 act like it…dress like it..if you get what i the wAY I ADORE YOUR SITE..KEEP UP ON THE GOOD WORK

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