I’m Sorry. It’s My Mom’s Car.

The winner of this “fetish” guessing game is Cinzia!!! Hey, girl, you’ve done an excellent job!




  1. ok stavolta mi butto subito altrimenti muoio di indecisione:
    3- killbill
    4- footlose
    6- grindhouse
    9- big lebowski
    10- il mago di oz

  2. Uhm, mi sembrano più facili stavolta.
    Proviamo 🙂

    2: Keira in “Atonement”!
    6: Drew Barrymore in “Boys on the side”?
    9: Il grande Lebowski
    10: Il mago di Oz

  3. Picture #6: at a first glance I thought about “Thelma & Louise” but in some ways it reminds me of “Wild at heart” by David Lynch.
    The last picture is “The Wizard of Oz” right?

  4. 2- Atonement (Keira Knightley getting ready for the evening in that stunning green dress!)
    3- Kill Bill Vol. 1 (The Bride and the first of her victims, her name is Vernita Green if I’m not mistaken)
    9-The Big Lebowski (this is just because of the green nailpolish, I’ve actually never watched it)
    10- The Wizard of Oz- but it seems too easy! Maybe it’s the famous Annie Leibovitz’s Wizard of Oz series?
    Some of the others are familiar too, but I still need to think about them- hopefully they’ll come to mind!

    1. 2. Yes.
      3. Yes. Right, she was Vernita Green (played by Vivica A. Fox).
      9. Yes.
      10. Yes. The screencap is taken from the original movie. It’s so obvious, I know, but the picture was so perfect not to post it.

  5. I love your game but I’m so bad at guessing – so I’ve never tried.
    But this time I know one for sure: n.3 is from Kill Bill n.1 (the daughter of Vernita Green/Cooperhead enters the kitchen while her mum and Beatrix Kiddo are fighting)

    Look forward to reading ther solution!


  6. Ok, mettiamoci al lavoro. Sempre più difficile!

    Dal basso verso l’alto:
    10: Il mago di Oz
    07: Il diario di Bridget Jones?
    06: Thelma&Louise
    04: Ballroom?
    03: Il giardino delle vergini suicide
    02: Espiazione

    1. 10. Certo!
      07. No.
      06. No.
      04. Sììììììì. Il titolo italiano completo è Ballroom – Gara di ballo, mentre in inglese è Strictly Ballroom. Adoro quel film!
      03. Stavolta non l’ho inserito.
      02. Sì.

  7. 1) Candyman – Christina Aguilera
    3)Kill Bill vol.1
    6) Thelma and Louise?
    7)Bridget Jones’Diary
    8 )
    9) The Big Lebowski
    10)The Wizard of Oz

  8. Eccomi, io ci provo, finora mi sono venuti in mente solo questi, ma ti giuro che gli altri li ho sulla punta della lingua, mannaggia :-/
    forse ci devo dormire su

    1. il video di Cristina Aguilera “Candy Man”
    3. Kill Bill
    6. Death Proof
    8. Lovely bones
    10. Wizard of Oz

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