Christina Aguilera’s Style: Performing at the American Music Awards, 21/11/2010

Just a few days after attending the premiere of her first movie, Burlesque, Christina Aguilera hit the stage of the American Music Awards for a live performance of Express, one of the songs she recorded for the movie soundtrack. The reviews of the performance I’ve read so far are not all positive [1], but I actually liked it  a lot. It’s true Christina has never been a dancer, but she did her sexy dance routine with grace and energy; I love the song, it kind of reminds me of her Lady Marmalade/Stripped period.

The opening part of the dancing and singing number has a stunning atmosphere and setting, something between Cabaret by Bob Fosse, a fitting room and a boudoir, so totally Christina. Big mirror frames were lined, with some dressing tables and chairs in front of them. In this scene, Christina wore a bowler hat on her curly blonde hair.

In this picture, taken from the closing moment of the performance, you can get a better look at the scenery: the mirrors have different shapes, and they are topped by a long shelf where some fans, hatboxes and mannequin heads are lined. I love these details, which really emphasize the connection between the show and the movie.

I don’t know why, but I love this picture taken during the show! It’s so funny and sexy and playful! Here, Christina’s sparkling bodysuit and dramatic make-up can be seen in detail.

Awww, lovely! She posed backstage just before starting her number, so here her outfit is in full display. She wore a cute black bodysuit, all embellished with beads and crystals, an elastic belt with rhinestones, magnificent diamantè fishnet tights and knee-high suede lace-up boots, which I’ve hopelessly fallen in love with. I must admit I don’t like that silver belt very much, because it doesn’t blends well with the rest of the outfit; I would have chosen a black corset belt instead.

I don’t know your thoughts on her make-up, but I’m speechless: it’s flawless and makes her look like a porcelain doll. Her make-up artist, Kristofer Buckle, did an amazing job: the massive use of falsies, applied on upper and lower lashlines, is – again – a reference to Liza Minnelli in Bob Fosse’s movie, and he paired them to rosy cheeks and her trademark glossy red lips.

Here is the full video of Christina singing Express. What are your opinions about it? Are you looking forward to watching Burlesque? I still don’t know when it is released in Italy, but I’ll surely go and see it: I’m not expecting an innovative or ground-breaking movie, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it since there’s plenty of dancing, singing and amazing outfits.

[1] Some of them compared it to the tragic come-back of Britney Spears at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2007; others accused her of a totally lip-synched performance and to be fat. I usually don’t read comments on gossip sites, but somebody must have lost his/her head after watching her at the AMAs. You may have liked the performance or not, but saying she lipsynched is an absurdity I don’t even want to comment on.

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    1. I siti gossip si stanno scatenando contro di lei. Mah, immagino che avere talento ed essere una persona senza peli sulla lingua porti a questo trattamento. Potrebbe essere incinta, anche se non penso proprio, ma ad ogni modo non capisco tutto questo accanimento contro il fatto che sia “grassa”…e parlano gli americani, notoriamente una delle popolazioni con enormi problemi di sovrappeso!!!

  1. Trovo potentissima,come la sua voce,l’esibizione qui sopra…(chissà dal vivo che “spettacolo”)trovo però assolutamente fuori tempo massimo il film (Burlesque? ancora?)ma sono ansiosa di avere tua recensione.
    Bhè però in tema di gossip,una domandina Super:chi è il ragazzo paparazzato per mano con lei da People un certo Sig Rutler mi pare?.

    1. Io andrò senz’altro a vederlo, se non altro per ammirare costumi, trucco, acconciature e scarpe, e naturalmente perchè i film musicali mi piacciono parecchio. Senz’altro, quindi, arriverà una mia recensione a proposito.

      Il tizio che è stato fotografato di recente con lei è un assistente (alla regia? di produzione?) conosciuto sul set di Burlesque. Mah, secondo me niente di serio.

    1. Infatti! Vorrei essere io “grassa” come lei. Si vede che ha messo su qualche chilo, ma da questo a dire le peggiori cattiverie su di lei, ce ne passa!

  2. I can’t see the mirrors you talk about…I think Christina is so fat she takes up the whole stage! Seriously, fat? I’d truly like to see the size of these critics!
    I don’t think she was lipsyncing, but I could excuse her if she did- what I don’t accept is when singers lipsync throughout an entire gig that people have paid lots of money for. And saying this exhibition is like Britney’s one is plain stupid!

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