Oui, Je Suis Une NARS-issist (a Pretty Lucky One)!

As a big fan of NARS cosmetics, I love when a new collection is released. I’m not one of those who buy every single item included in every single collection released, but I like browsing the different products, always looking for something I absolutely have to own (it happens all the time with at least one or two items). NARS Holiday 2010 collection is very interesting: it is based on the concepts of seduction and self-expression; it features the first trio eyeshadow ever and some gorgeous lip shades.

The protagonist of the campaign and the muse of the collection is again the heiress and fashion collector Daphne Guinness, who posed in front of Nars’ camera wearing a short platinum wig, a satin dress and an Erickson Beamon brooch. I love the kaleidoscopic effect of the picture above, where Daphne’s image is reflected on several mirrors.

The collection included a trio eyeshadow (Okinawa, which includes silver, deep cobalt blue and onyx), a duo eyeshadow (Mélusine, combining pale silver lilac and bright deep purple), a single eyeshadow (Étrusque, antique gold), a blush (Sex Appeal, matte soft peach), two lipsticks (Petit Monstre, rich berry with satin finish, and Little Darling, sheer nude beige), two lipglosses (Bougainville, sheer pomegranate, and Downtown, metallic pink lavender) and two nail polishes (Bad Influence, smoky taupe, and Pokerface, vibrant lilac). From the names of some items, you may notice how Lady GaGa is another source of reference for the collection.

Here is a mise en abîme picture, where Nars is portrayed while shooting Daphne.

As I’ve often said, I never receive gifts from clothing or cosmetic brands, because I firmly believe I’m a person, not an advertising sign; at the same time, I want to be free to express my opinion about what I may like or not, so, since my mind is not for sale, I don’t care for all the possible endorsements I could get. This doesn’t mean I don’t like freebies, so I like entering on-line competitions. Usually I’m not a lucky girl, but I was lucky enough to be among the first six Facebook users who guessed the designers of the jewelry seen on Guinness in the picture above. A selection of products from the Holiday 2010 collection was up for grabs, but I didn’t know what I was going to receive.

Yesterday morning, while I was doing my housework, a courier service delivered a packet from the U.S. When I read the sender’s name, I immediately went over the moon. In the packet, a black paper bag contained four boxes and a nice handwritten note, which I really appreciated.

Here are the boxes, so you can see what I received: a single eyeshadow, a blush and two lipglosses.

The picture above includes a NARS lipstick I’ve recently bought: it wasn’t included in the gift bag, but I decided to put it among the other items just to show you my latest NARS purchase.

Here are all the products in full display. I can assure you it’s pretty exciting when you have new make-up items in front of you and all you have to do is taking them out of their boxes and admiring them!

Now, here comes the one and only downside of what I got. It’s a pity such a invisible blush like Sex Appeal was included in this collection. I’ve defined it like this because on me – remember I’m a NC30/35, according to MAC system – it literally disappears. It’s matte, so it doesn’t even leave some shimmers. The colour in the pan is beautiful, very romantic, but I’ve got no use for it; for this reason, I’ll send it to a friend of mine, whose complexion is paler than mine, with the hope that it will work on her.

I still haven’t used the two lipglosses, but I swatched them on my hand. They’re both very peculiar; Downtown kind of reminds me of Supervixen, but I want to wear it before giving my opinion. I forgot to take a picture of the eyeshadow, but I’m sure it’ll surely work for me.

Corinthe is a sheer almond lipstick I bought during my endless quest for the right nude lipstick. The colour is really nice, it perfectly matches the natural colour of my lips, just a bit darker; the only downside is the sheerness, because I love thicker, satin or amplified lipsticks. It’s definitely lighter than Pigalle, a gorgeous semi-matte pink chocolate which vaguely reminds me of Corinthe, but it would be perfect with that finish.

Do you know what is the problem with being a NARSissist? You have never enough of new products. I’ve just received some lovely items, and I already want more. At the moment, I’m so lemming the Pure Matte lipstick in Vesuvio and a blush (still undecided between Lovejoy and Gina). What are the top items in your make-up wish-lists?





  1. Anch’io condivido la tua passione per i cosmetici nars.
    Adesso sto puntando l’illuminante della benefit “high beam”…con il prossimo giro da sephora sarà mio:)

    1. Io ho provato sia High Beam che Moon Beam e mi hanno delusa entrambi. Gli unici illuminanti con cui mi trovo benissimo sono in polvere, ovvero Albatross di NARS e By Candlelight di MAC.

  2. I know what you mean, that wonderful feeling of having brand new make up just for you to use! few things beat that (for example,when you get it for free!).
    Congrats for winning the quiz! I’m sure the eyeshadow will look gorgeous on you! And thank you for not starting to sponsor things and boasting mindlessly about all sorts of products!

    I never tried any NARS cosmetics. Lately I am thinking whether I should get a black MAC shadestick. Or maybe a nice bright blue or purple eyeshadow. Perhaps, perhaps…

    1. Yes, that’s right: free make-up items = more than wonderful feeling 😉

      I’ve never tried MAC shadesticks, but the black one has often tempted me.

      No worries: this blog will keep on staying true to itself, no matter what.

  3. Brava! Anche io sono su facebook e sono iscritta a mille e mille pagine di marche cosmetiche e trucchi (faccio la truccatrice, ma questo di Nars me lo sono proprio perso…)
    Provero’ a cercare la pagina di Nars.
    (io posseggo il mitico blush Orgasm….;-)

    1. Sì, cercala, perchè lì le novità (concorsi compresi) non mancano mai.

      Orgasm è un fard bellissimo, vero? Su di me non si nota moltissimo, ma ha una tonalità davvero particolare.

  4. Congrats! Lucky you! I’m more of a Mac girl, but I own the Deep Throat Blush from Nars, and it’s gorgeous! Orgasm looks too dark on me (I’m a NC 15/20). Should try something else though.. I’m a make up junkie too. I love these posts!

    1. Thanks!

      I love MAC products when it comes to eyes and lips, but I prefer NARS blushes. I have Deep Throat and is amazing, love it so much!

  5. Davvero ti hanno delusa?Ho letto recensioni entusiaste…recentemente ho acquistato una polvere di dior illuminante, la diorshow powder, in un color rosa pallidissimo ma non mi ha soddisfatto..si vede poco ed é piena di brillantini.

    1. Anche io avevo letto recensioni lusinghiere, per quello li ho voluti provare entrambi. High Beam su di me scompare; Moon Beam è migliore rispetto al primo, ma comunque non mi convince. Probabilmente sono io che non ci so fare con gli highlighter in crema; quelli in polvere, a mio parere, sono più pratici e facili da usare.

  6. I fard Nars hanno una durata eccezionale, rispetto a tutti gli altri.
    La tonalità Orgasm la uso soprattutto sulle altre, sulle spose…..sul mio incarnato (anche a me!) si vede poco, eppure non sono scura, mah.

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