Hermès Takes My Inner Nerd Out of Her Shell

I love having some habits when it comes to my blog. No, I’m not referring to recurring themes only. I’m talking of the “rule” of writing about current collections, since I like living and writing according to the current season. I know a fashion blog should always be updated, should always report the currents trends, and possibly anticipate them, but you know I’m a fashion nerd, who prefers the past: in my mind, the future is what comes next, not something which is happening now. I usually respect this rule, but this post is an exception: when I last wrote about Hermès A/I 2010 collection, I couldn’t help but peeking at the S/S 2011 show. I loved it so much, that I decided to write about it now, even if it’s autumn and summer is just a promise for the future.

The Kelly bag, in different sizes, colours and materials, was again the queen of the catwalk. I guess it’s Jean-Paul Gaultier’s favourite Hermès bag style, so he probably wanted to pay homage to such a classic accessory before leaving the creative direction of the Parisian maison. I would never buy a Kelly bag made of wicker, but it’s a funny variation, perfect in summertime.

Stingray leather – coming from a marine fish – has been extensively used in this collection: both the Kelly Mini Pochettes above (one in black, one in sage green) are made of stingray.

I don’t know what material has been used for this interesting matryoshka doll-like bag, but its romantic colour is to die for. It’s a Kelly bag but hides a mini Birkin bag inside, so cute!

Black stingray has been used, again, in this extremely refined Kelly Cut clutch.

A peculiar shade of red orange characterizes this Kelly Sellier bag, made of stingray, with palladium hardware.

The last piece of the collection which attracted my attention was this Mini Birkin bag, attached to a black leather bracelet like a charm. I think Hermès bag miniatures are adorable, but I can’t imagine them in real life. I mean, who is ready to spend a remarkable amount of money to buy such a tiny bag?

I’m not a regular reader of street style blogs, because I prefer finding my inspiration somewhere else, but it cannot be denied that pictures taken during the fashion weeks are eye candies most of the time. I spotted many Hermès accessories on journalists and fashionistas attending the S/S 2011 shows, so here is a selection of the best pieces.

I love this picture! It was taken in Milan by a very talented photographer, Elena, whose shots perfectly grasp the essence of someone’s style. The Constance bag is a timeless flap bag, as the black one in the picture proves: it has some scratches on it [1], which make it more beautiful and appealing than ever. I also like the colour combination in this picture: jewelry (chain bracelet and wrist watch), accessories (the horsebits on the belt) and details (the H on the bag) are gold, which beautifully contrasts with the emerald green dress.

I love how this Kelly bag in black ostrich was embellished with silk roses and a satin ribbon, très romantique!

This girl is sporting a very casual outfit, but her black Kelly bag strangely looks the perfect match. Her style is not polished, but I like how the Kelly blends with all the rest, without being out of place.

It was impossible not to notice the gorgeous Medor watch around the wrist of the journalist (?) in the picture above. The colour composition of this picture is awesome: the burnt orange of her Chloè Sally bag matches the elbow patches of her grey sweater. Isn’t it funny that both girls are wearing garments with patches at the elbows?

Sooner or later, I will devote a post to my favourite Hermès bracelet, the infamous Collier de Chien. I am crazy for cuff bracelets and this is actually stunning. The girl in the picture is wearing a CdC in brown leather with gold hardware.

I am not a fan of Kate Lanphear, the senior style editor at US Elle, but I surely appreciate her unique and consistent style: I’d say it’s a mix of punk, rock, grunge and goth, so it’s no wonder she decided to wear her CdC in black leather and palladium hardware with a spiked bracelet.

Hermès is infamous for its magnificent bags, jewelry and leather accessories, but its silk scarves cannot be forgotten. I’m the proud owner of a Hermès carré, Les Jardins d’Andalousie, a triumph of Mediterranean symbols (jasmin, pomegranates, lemons and oranges) designed by A. Honoré. I love silk scarves and I would really like to add another Hermès piece to my collection, which includes Chanel and Gucci scarves from the 90s and the iconic Gucci Flora.

This beautiful girl – the Russian designer Vika Gazinskaya- is wearing one of my favorite Hermès scarves, A Vos Crayons, originally included in the Fall/Winter 2004 collection.

The picture above is taken from the campaign of that season: the scarf was worn by Isabeli Fontana.

I think it’s perfect, classic with a twist: all those colourful pencils and the pencil shavings at the centre make the scarf look like a blank sheet of paper. As a teacher, I’m hopelessly fond of anything related to writing instruments and to school imagery.

Now that Jean-Paul Gaultier’s working experience at Hermès is a thing of the past, are you looking forward to checking the A/I 2011 collection by Christophe Lemaire, the newly appointed creative director? I am for sure!

[1] I have a few designer bags (my obsession for Balenciaga bags is known to most of you, I guess) and I’ve always thought they are beautiful as long as you actually use them! If you decide to spend your money on a bag, you’re supposed to use it and treat it like a bag, not like a Holy Grail. This doesn’t mean I give no meaning to money, because it’s exactly the opposite. I’m not rich, I haven’t received my designer bags from generous sponsors, parents or husband, but I’ve been able to save enough to buy them; for this reason, I know where they come from and I use them every day, because their daily use is a reminder of what I’ve been able to achieve with my hard work and sacrifices.

Source, source, source and source.




  1. Cara Superqueen,
    il tuo “Spazio” nella rete è un tocco di delicata raffinatezza, per le immagini, lo studio e la passione che ogni post cela.
    Ma i miei complimenti, vanno a parte il blog, per la nota(1) in cui mi ritrovo molto in questo periodo quale lettrice di diari di moda online.
    Un grazie ed un grande saluto, anche alla piccola.
    Ma i post dedicati alla prova delle sale da thè per merende con la piccola Bianca non li farai più?
    Chiara S.

    1. Che gentile! Grazie mille, i tuoi complimenti mi fanno molto piacere.

      Sulla nota 1, che dire? Ricevere borse in regalo non mi dispiacerebbe affatto, ma visto che – scioccamente, forse – voglio tenere questo spazio libero da pubblicità o da ingerenze esterne (leggi: sponsor), preferisco comprarle da me, in base alle mie possibilità.

      Sai che non sei l’unica a ricordarsi di “Mering-o-Rama”? Non immaginavo che quella rubrica avesse avuto così successo. Purtroppo ora mi è un po’ difficile riproporla: il tempo libero non è molto, e B non è sempre ben disposta quando si tratta di stare seduti in un posto per più di cinque minuti. Appena ne ho l’occasione, però, magari una puntata ci scappa 😉

  2. I love the “see through” bag- but to be totally honest I find Hermes a bit too ladylike and grownup to totally appreciate it! Not that I dislike it, but I think for now I am more attracted to other styles!
    this is why I love the second part of the post, with the accessories in everyday life- i love how the girl wears the headscarf as if she were a Russian peasant, and i LOVE the outfit with CdC, yellow coat and breton top (yellow and breton top being staples in my wardrobe!)
    Thanks for sharing Elena’s photos- I didn’t know her blog and they are truly beautiful!!!

    1. I must admit I have mixed feelings when it comes to Hermès bags: the Kelly is my favourite and I would really like to own one, even if my style is not exactly ladylike and grown-up, but still. The contrast between my basic-casual-grunge-y style and the timeless elegance of a Kelly could be pretty much interesting 😉

  3. I literally fall in love with that Kelly Mini Pochettes.
    Of course, the black one is my favourite.
    I am the proud owner of an Hermes silk scarf too, unfortunately I rarely wear it. Its colours are too bright and is not simple match it. To tell the truth, a friend of my mother gave the scarf to her. And my mother gave it to me, as she can’t matches it too 🙂

    I love instead that Hermes Crayons scarf

    1. Those pochettes are stunning, such a modern and feminine shape!

      I know many Hermès scarves have very bright colours and it’s not easy to make them work with the rest of the outfit. I don’t apply the “matching” rule anymore: if I want to give a boring/plain outfit a much needed pop of colour, I wear my H scarf, without paying too much attention to the actual matching of colours.

      The pencil scarf is amazing because of its neutral background: you could wear it with practically anything!

  4. I absolutely ADORE the girl in the casual outfit with her Kelly bag. To me this proves how timeless Hermes can be. The bag compliments her on trend look perfectly. Love it!

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