From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (4.07 – War at the Roses)

Even if I’m a Gossip Girl fan, I have often admitted the third season – and some other episodes – was actually feeble and senseless. I didn’t have high expectations when the fourth season started, because I was afraid of being disappointed; fortunately, I was wrong, because each episode seems better than the previous one. This surely can be said for War at the Roses [1], one of the best episodes ever. You may think my opinion is only based on the scathing final dialogue between Blair and Chuck (and on what comes next [2]), but I enjoyed the episode as a whole, with Juliet’s secret plan against Serena and Blair’s star-studded 20th birthday party [3].

Lily only appears in a couple of scenes, and she only sports one outfit. This leaves me a little bit unsatisfied, but I love every bit of what she wore.

This is an important night for Lily and Rufus – it’s their first wedding anniversary, even if it’s not the central event of the episode. First they thought of staying at home (Rufus says: “I was happy eating Shun Lee out of the carton”) but then they decided to accept Eleanor’s invitation to Blair’s party. Though living in the Upper East Side, Rufus still feels like an alien (he thinks Blair’s party is “just very – Upper East Side”, as it is meant to be); it’s Lily who points the truth out: “I know you think you’re rock and roll, but you are wearing a $2000 jacket.” Snap!
In this scene, Lily is wearing a brown silk dress, with sparkling accessories – chandelier earrings and a cuff bracelet. Neutral colours are amazing on her.

The dress is a creation by Brunello Cucinelli, an Italian luxury brand famous for its cashmere garments. It’s extremely simple, but is made special by a neck-tie embellished with a metallic wool band.

She wore a Badgley Mischka Navajo Deco cuff, a piece to die for! It’s oval-shaped and embellished with baguette-cut rhinestones. At the party, many things happen; among the rest, Rufus finds out Dan’s schemes against Blair and Chuck: his intention was to bring Jenny back to New York to celebrate the anniversary; he wanted Chuck to help him, but the truce the ex-enemies has recently signed makes all his efforts useless.

When Rufus and Lily go back home, we can get a glimpse of her complete outfit, which includes a short wool jacket with silver trims, another creation by Brunello Cucinelli.

The clutch she sports in the episode is the Lyn clutch by Tiffany & Co, a fabulous classic bag in ring lizard.

Rufus is very disappointed in Dan, but the “lonely boy” finds a way to make it up to his father: he got the apartment decorated with lots of nice paper flowers, a romantic setting for Rufus and Lily, who passionately kiss each other.

[1] I love this title: it refers to the hilarious black comedy by Danny De Vito, The War of the Roses (1989), but it’s also a reference to the surname – Rose – Eleanor acquired after marrying Cyrus.

[2] I think there’s no use in commenting the steamy Chuck-Blair sex scene on the piano, even if my favourite has always been the infamous limo sex scene in the first season.

[3] Among the guest stars, the stylist Rachel Zoe (who ends up dipped in chocolate), Elle‘s creative director Joe Zee, the fashion designer Cynthia Rowley and the pop singer Robyn. Other presumed guests were the novelist Jonathan Franzen and the former United States Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.




  1. Great job as usual! I thought this dress was perfect for Lily, elegant & modern but comfortable. Much better than the cut-out disaster that S is wearing.

    I noticed that Lily & Rufus are wearing similar colors, just as they did in last week’s ep at the Boom Boom Room event. I believe their wardrobe shows they are in tune with each other & asbsent of conflict. I hope this trend continues.

    BTW, when I heard Rufus discuss chinese take-out, I believe he meant Shun Lee, but not sure if he was referring to the one on Central Park West or the Shun Lee Palace in midtown. Although, I couldn’t imagine them having take-out for their anniversary! LOL.

    1. Hands down: Lily is the best dressed of the show. Blair has often sported magnificent outfits, but Lily is more consistent, she can rarely do wrong.

      I’ve noticed the same thing about Lily and Rufus. I also think Blair and Chuck wearing the same colour was not coincidental at all, and the end of the episode proves it!

      Probably he was referring to the Shun Lee in Central Park West 😉

  2. OMG OMG!,
    puntata favolosa!,divertente.
    Adoro il fatto che Dan faccia sempre delle splendide figure da idiota (“the intricacies are too complex for a prole like you to fhatom”)adoro Blair con i nervi a fior di pelle tanto da lanciare gladioli,adoro Lily in Brunello Cucinelli( Cucinelli e Beccaria due veri marchi di classe senzatempo) e i dialoghi? brillantissimi…
    e poi per una come me che proprio non la può sopportare,vedere Rachel Zoe ricoperta di cioccolato bhè…stupendo.Quasi ora mi è più simpatica.
    Per concludere,…Chuck che strappa quel reggicalze,mi ha riscaldato la mattinata.


    1. Vero? Meno male che non sono l’unica ad averla trovata fantastica! A me GG piace un sacco, quindi a volte mi rendo conto di essere poco obiettiva.

      Ad ogni modo…Dan si sta avviando a diventare un personaggio inutile, esattamente come Vanessa, che in realtà lo è sempre stata.
      Blair che lancia i gladioli: impagabile (e nota come sia tornato il cerchietto come accessorio di punta a completamento del tailleur di Giambattista Valli)
      Lily in Brunello Cucinelli: a perfect match ❤
      La Zoe in Pucci ricoperta di cioccolato: molto divertente! A me lei piace, ma si prende troppo sul serio; qua ha dimostrato il contrario e l'ho apprezzato.
      Chuck…Beh, Chuck nell'ultima scena è tesissimo, quasi livido (complimenti a Westwick, è stato proprio bravo qui): si capisce che o la picchia o ci farà l'amore.

  3. I actually thought Serena looked great this episode too… At least better than she’s been looking this season. The green dress was still showy (typical S) but much cuter than that horrible black jacket last episode. Does anyone know where her beautiful gold necklace is from?

  4. Yeah, the black jacket S was wearing in the previous episode was definitely wrong. Lily always wears the best outfits and probably I watch GG just to read Superqueen’s fashion reports the day after!
    Btw, I believe in this episode the only two elements of interest were Robyn and the chocolatization of Rachel Zoe.

    1. Hey, I didn’t know you are a GG watcher! Good to know 🙂

      Serena’s black jacket is one of the worst items of clothing I’ve ever seen on her, even trashier than her most showy dresses, such a bad choice. I’m a fan of Lily, so I may not be objective when it comes to her style, but I think it’s consistent and never out of place, enough to put her on top of the best-dressed list of the show.

      I didn’t like Robyn’s cameo much, she actually looked out of place. On the other hand, I enjoyed Zoe’s chocolatization very much 🙂

  5. I honestly thought it was Little J at first… It has to be horrible to get that sort of reaction!

    Lily is obviously the best dressed, she has always been and always will be. I am missing her Hermes moments though… Let’s pray that they make a return, and fast!

    1. Me too! I’ve often explained the reason why I think she perfectly symbolizes the refinement and luxury of the brand. I’m sorry Eric Daman decided to make her carry other bags 😦 A change in style can be good, once in a while, but I hope Hermès bags will soon brought back to her arm!

  6. The show is better this season but still not enough of Lily!!!
    The dress was beautiful and looked fabolous on her. And your article enjoyable as always!

  7. I’m a GG watcher thanks to you: after your about the episode with Sonic Youth’s cameo, I began to watch it. And with my surprise, I’ve got an addiction to GG! I believe it’s just a teen drama, sometimes silly, but I enjoy watching it and your Lily Van der Woodsen posts are always a good reading after the episode.

    I agree: Robyn’s cameo was totally out of place, but I like the song and Robyn is so…”tamarra” I can’t help but loving her! Sonic Youth’s cameo was strangely more fitting, maybe because at least they could have a tie with Rufus and the past of Lily.

    1. Hey, I’m glad to know I am the reason of your GG addiction!!!

      It’s basically a teen drama, so of course it’s sometimes silly, often predictable and always unreal, but I like it so much, probably because it’s set in New York and features rich people with amazing wardrobes (apart from the setting, I think the success of the most famous tv series has been based on this, think of Dynasty or Sex and the City). I also actually like the story lines of some characters (Lily and Rufus, Chuck and Blair).

      As for Robyn, yes, she’s quite “tamarra” indeed (am I the only one who cannot find a proper English translation for this exquisitely Italian adjective?)! The Sonic Youth cameo came totally unexpected but I don’t think it was out of place, because – as you wrote – it was part of the plot of the episode.

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