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Last week, I was listening to one of my students talking of her home town: she was saying that her favourite shop there is a wedding dress shop. When she mentioned the shop, I had a sort of revelation. I have always loved bridal gowns since I was a child: one of my most treasured memories is when my mother let my sister and me try her wedding dress on. It was very simple (she got married in the mid 70s), more a tunic than a dress, but I remember I loved it so much: everything – the dress, the gloves, the flowers on the veil – screamed pure romanticism to me. When I got married, I wore a very simple dress myself, but I haven’t stopped dreaming of a showstopper, the dress everyone has always dreamt about but never dared to actually wear.

Whenever I hear that a famous designer has released a bridal collection, my heart rejoices, because admiring beautiful (and romantic, most of the time) dresses makes me feel like the kid who used to look forward to wearing her mother’s wedding dress. My favourite bridal collection ever was designed by Giambattista Valli in 2008, but I’ve recently been impressed by Marchesa spring 2011 collection. Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig’s style can be considered a symbol of refined elegance, so it’s no wonder that their bridal collection is to die for.

Some recurring elements of Marchesa’s style – the Empire waist line, the Grecian mood, flower appliques and rosettes, draping and the massive use of tulle – can be found here, too. I know many of you will probably dislike the dress above, dismissing it as a meringue bridal gown, but I think it’s simply stunning. Yes, it is a triumph of ruched tulle, but the volume of the skirt is not bulky nor over-the-top; I also love the strapless bodice and the delicate train, which extends the skirt like a puffy cloud.

I’ve never been a fan of mermaid line dresses, but these two are impressive: the first is extremely simple, with the draped bodice made of embroidered tulle and a gorgeous sweetheart neckline, while the second is more structured. The tiered skirt is topped by tulle rosettes (awww, sublime!) and the bodice is made of draped silk with flower appliques.

The dress on the left is so Marchesa! It’s beautiful in its simplicity: it is made of silk with a draped georgette overlay and flower appliques accenting the strapless bodice.  The same draped georgette was used in the second dress, where the flower theme can be found in a different version. Am I the only one who thinks the ruched peplum and bodice remind of a Cattleya Labiata orchid?

These two dresses are very similar to the previous ones: the first has an Empire waist line, one shoulder and flower appliques, while the second has a short train, draped skirt and a ruched tulle decoration on the bodice.

I could identify the designers of these dresses even if I were blindfold, only from their description. The dress with the Empire waist line accented by a diamantè embellishment is so Marchesa, and the same can be said for the embroidered strapless bodice, decorated by draped georgette bands. Though not particularly original, these styles are classic.

The flower theme recurs in these lovely dresses: the first is made of silk and has tulle decorations (a big rosette on the bodice, a draping on the shoulder and a draped band going around the skirt; this last detail is quite unique), while the second is made of silk, organza and delicate lace. This one has a ruched asymmetrical peplum, too.

Wearing a short wedding dress is like a mystery to me (the same can be said of not wearing a veil, but probably it’s me who gives importance to old traditions), but I understand the reason why some short models have been included in the collection. They are so beautiful: one is all made of silk flowers, while the other is very similar to a style of the spring/summer 2011 collection, an explosion of tulle and tiny feathers.

Short dresses again, but a bit more structured than the previous ones: one has tulle and silk flat layered tiers and a rose-shaped decoration on the bodice, while the other is made of irregular tiers trimmed with lace.

Both these dresses are amazing: the first somehow reminds me of an Armani Privè spring 2008 dress, for the idea of the pleated fans decorating the skirt and the bodice; the second, on the other hand, beautifully reworks the theme of the flat layered tiers.

These styles are definitely among my favourites: both present the theme of the embellished yoke, that can also be found in the spring/summer 2011 collection. The dress on the left is all made of tiered tulle (see how it curls at the hem, beautiful!) and has an Empire waist line, while the second has a column shape and is completely embroidered. The veil completing the second dress is amazing, as it is embroidered like the dress.

I decided to close the post with this dress because it’s simply breathless: first of all, I love its delicate cream white shade; then, I cannot help but gushing over the embroidered strapless bodice, the voluminous – yet sleek – skirt with train and the short veil. I like it so much because I think it’s the perfect modern version of the classic evening dress we’ve seen many times in Old Hollywood movies.

Does this collection include your ideal wedding dress or would you like to (or did you) wear a completely different dress?





  1. Oh my! You know, bridal shops have always been a sort of eye candy to me as well… however, despite my attraction to beautiful white traditional dresses (like the ones posted, which I adore), I am sure that if I ever get married I’ll wear something extremely simple (I would love a pearl grey cocktail dress) 🙂

    1. Yes, I guess you’ve hit the point. I’ve always loved princess-like dresses, but when I got married, I wore a Mrs Rottenmeier-like dress (long sleeves, no embroideries, tulle tiers, decorations or whatsoever).

  2. You were right. TO DIE FOR!
    Even if the deal one to me remain the Sex and The City’s Vivienne Westwood one.

    And, yes, obviously i wore a much more simple one for my wedding.
    But let us dream!

  3. I ADORE “number” 8 and 9! I’m going to be married in June, but I really don’t know what I’ll be wearing and unfortunately Marchesa is a little bit out of budget! : )

  4. I adore Marchesa and these wedding gown are simply stunning.
    But I think only a model or a very tall and thin woman can wear them.
    If I ever get married I’ll choose a ivory cocktail dress, without any frills, next year I’ll turning into my 39 years and unfortunately I can’t be a princess-like bride. Expect for the shoes that will be very magnificent.

    1. Yes, you’re right. Dresses with such an important shape or very embellished are not the best choice for short women, and that is probably one of the reasons why I opted for a super-simple dress. Well, I think an ivory cocktail dress as wedding gown is gorgeous! The perfect accessories are incredibly over-the-top shoes!!!

  5. Sono stupendi, non ce n’è uno che non mi piaccia.
    Tutti di gusto, e non è facile per gli stilisti americani…
    Quelli corti sono da urlo….

    Anche io non so se mi sposero’ con un abito spettacolare!

    1. La nuova generazione di designer americani sta fortunatamente sconfessando la fama dello stile americano di poco gusto. Oltre a Marchesa, ci sono molti altri brand le cui collezioni, secondo me, non hanno niente da invidiare a quelle dei colleghi europei. Sto pensando ad Alexander Wang, a Jason Wu, a Thakoon, a Joseph Altuzarra, a Proenza Schouler, per non parlare poi di Zac Posen e di Rodarte (le sorelle Mulleavy sono le mie preferite!). Rappresentano un approccio nuovo nei confronti della moda, che io ritengo essere davvero molto interessante da più punti di vista.

    1. This Lanvin dress is so beautiful! I don’t know if you agree with me, but I LOVE the way Net-a-Porter styled it, with flat thong sandals and a short cardigan ❤

      1. Their customer service is flawless. I bought only a bag on their site (a Mulberry bag, some years ago), but it was definitely one of the best online shopping experiences I’ve ever had.

  6. I am much more old-fashioned than you – I cannnot even accept the fact to wear a sleeveless dress in a church! I admit anyhow that these dresses are simply stunning and truly high-level. It was a long time since I visited your site, and I am happy to see you are always going strong! Best wishes for everything.

    1. Thanks!

      Well, I agree with you: I love sleeveless wedding dresses but mine was long-sleeved, very similar to a nun’s robe 🙂

  7. Marchesa regala un sogno.
    Il sogno di sentirsi una star da red carpet con la prima linea o anche “solo” con la linea notte il sogno di sentirsi una principessa nel giorno del sì.
    Credo che ogni ragazza/donna il giorno delle nozze con indosso l’abito da sposa realizzi un sogno che probabilmente aveva già da bambina.
    Il problema nasce quando bisogna mediare fra il sogno di principessa e la nostra reale fisicità.
    Qualche esempio? Io avrei voluto una nuvola di leggerissimo tulle…e invece optai per un aderente abito a sirena,nessuna oltre a Coco Rocha avrebbe mai potuto indossare quel Zac Posen.

    1. E’ vero: a volte il sogno dell’abito da sposa ideale ce lo portiamo dietro da quando siamo bambine, però lo scontro con la realtà può riservare sorprese, quindi non è un caso se molte devono “ripiegare” su un modello che si adatti alle loro caratteristiche o alle circostanze. Personalmente, non ho mai desiderato davvero indossare abiti “a meringa”, anche se mi sono sempre piaciuti proprio perchè esagerati; attorno ai 20 anni, pensavo fosse bello sposarsi con un abito-sottoveste (tipo quello di Narciso Rodriguez indossato da Carolyn Bessette Kennedy), abbinato ad uno scialle o ad un soprabito in chiffon ricamato o una cosa del genere. Poi sono arrivati l’amore per il Vittorianesimo e la decisione di farmi confezionare una versione, in bianco, del vestito della signorina Rottenmeier 🙂

  8. What a gorgeous collection of wedding dresses! Absolutely love that last one and the first one is beautiful too. I had a garden wedding and my dress was a lot simpler but no matter what I think that every bride looks and feels like a princess in her wedding dress.

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