Christina Aguilera’s Style: At the Pumpkin Patch and at Halloween, 14-31/10/10

Sometimes it’s scary to see how fast things change in one’s life and Christina Aguilera has recently given us an example. I guess everybody knows of the separation from her husband Jordan: they were married for five years and now it’s over. This is the reason why she has done very little to promote Bionic, but the reasons behind this unexpected split are unknown.

Leaving her personal issues aside for a moment, Christina made her first public outing after the divorce news some days ago, when she went to a pumpkin patch with Max.

Max and Christina visited the patch with his nanny. I love her outfit here, very casual, and I also love her without make-up: she looks so young and fragile, yet very beautiful. She sported a grey marbled cardi, black wide-leg pants, a grey tank and Havaianas red flip flops.

She ditched the wonderful strawberry blonde locks she had sported some months ago, and definitely went platinum blonde. She wore one of her favourite accessories, an Eugenia Kim Vince straw fedora, with a custom braid hat band.

Christina has never been considered a style icon, so probably you’ve rarely paid attention to her outfits, but I’m sure fans know that the tank she wore is not new.

She first wore it in November 2007, two months before Max’s birth, then again in March 2009, when she attended Perez Hilton’s birthday party in Hollywood. It’s a special tank: some say it’s a merchandising from Britney Spears’ Dream Within a Dream tour while, according to others, the print is the stylized version of a picture taken by Greg Kadel in 2003 for a GQ photoshoot. In any case, I think it’s safe to assume it is a sort of homage to her former fellow Mouseketeer.

I’ve just decided to update this post with candids of Christina attending a Halloween party at the Pandora Club in Hollywood. I think it’s kind of sad that she didn’t go trick or treating with Max (well, maybe she went, but I couldn’t find any pictures), but it’s clear at the moment she only wants to have fun. She wore a sexy police officer costume, with a tiny hat, Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses with mirrored lenses and Christian Louboutin Bianca platform slingbacks.

She completed the skin-tight dress with her trusty Doma leather biker jacket and handcuffs.

I think she looks beautiful here: her face features are fuller and this gives her a softer look. I really like her make-up, but I hate her curly long hair. She totally owns platinum blonde long locks, but I prefer when she wears it straight or slightly wavy.

I don’t think this is the best Halloween costume she has sported so far, but she actually looked good, sexy but – thank God – not trashy.

Source, source and source.




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