From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (4.06 – Easy J)

I usually watch Gossip Girl on Tuesday morning, when I’m home alone (husband at work and daughter at the nursery school) and I can take an hour to indulge in watching my favourite tv show. I’ve already explained why this fourth season is – until now – better than the previous one: new characters (the poor Eva, Juliet, her brother and Colin) and old feuds (the armed peace between Serena and Blair, the war between Blair and Chuck) make the plot intriguing and full of twists. If you haven’t watched the sixth episode [1] yet, the title perfectly introduces the protagonist: Jenny Humphrey, the cause of the break-up between Chuck and Blair, is back in town for a day only, and her comeback means lots of drama!

As for my favourite character, the always polished Lily Van der Woodsen, she appears in three scenes, where she sports two lovely outfits.

The first two scenes are set in her Upper East Side apartment: Rufus and Lily are having breakfast, and she flips through Jenny’s lookbook, where some of her sketches are collected. The first thing we notice is that her hair is loose, and this gives her a fresh, younger look. She’s wearing black pants and a nice sleeveless silk top with a folded panel on the front and split shoulders. Her jewelry is exquisite: she’s wearing two Jupiter gold charm necklaces by Monica Rich Kosann [2].

She also wore Tzen classic satin drop earrings, made of 18K gold over silver.

In the second scene set in her apartment, she wears the same outfit, but carries a gorgeous bag made of exotic leather.

It took me some time to identify the bag, but I finally made it. I’m unhopeful of seeing Hermès bags back in her fictional closet, but I’m quite happy with the bags and the accessories she has worn so far.

This Tiffany & Co. Laurelton top handle bag, for example, is really beautiful: it’s made of ring lizard and has palladium-plated solid brass hardware. We don’t see it open, which is a pity because it’s lined of Tiffany Blue leather. In this scene, she meets Serena, who asks if she can borrow some jewelry from her jewelry box. The blonde vixen still doesn’t know that her mother is going to attend the same event she’s gearing up for.

Later in the episode, the complete Humphrey-Bass-Van der Woodsen families gather at the Boom Boom Room to attend a party.

Lily is flawless: she’s wearing a grey zipped dress by Isaac Mizrahi (one of the guest stars of the episode, along with the beautiful Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner) and carrying a large wooden clutch with crystals by Devi Kroell.

She also wears a stunning graduated bead necklace by Stephen Dweck. You may remember I first identified this necklace as a piece by Alexis Bittar, but I was wrong. The beads in Dweck’s necklace are smaller than the ones in Bittar’s creation. Moreover, this necklace is made of glass, while Bittar’s is made of lucite.

I know there are many fans of Lily’s hairstyles out there, so here you are a closer look at the style she sports at the party: the chic updo is made special by intricate braids pinned just above the neck. This is not the first time she sports such a style, but it’s always inspiring to see how many variations a simple updo can have.

My opinion may be unpopular, but Jenny, the panda-eyed villain of the series, did an amazing comeback: I know she has much evil in store but I really liked her in this episode. She didn’t miss the chance to reveal her secret to Gossip Girl (she lost her virginity to Chuck), with the purpose of discrediting Blair, but she actually behaved like a smart girl and didn’t raise to her enemy’s bait. Now I wonder what will happen in the upcoming episodes.

[1] Easy J, the title of the episode, comes from Easy A by Will Gluck (2010), a high-school comedy starring Emma Stone, Cam Gigandet, Penn Badgley and Lisa Kudrow.

[2] I guess we will see Lily wearing a lot of pieces by the jewelry designer and photographer Rich Kosann, because Kelly Rutherford has recently been chosen as the face of the brand.

Source and source.




    1. Evidentemente no 😉 oppure ha preso in prestito altro, che alla fine non ha indossato. D’altronde, con una mise impegnativa come la sua, un gioiello importante avrebbe stonato!

  1. Wonderful job (as always) identifying Lily’s looks. I don’t know how you do it!

    Glad to see Monica’s jewelry, since I was waiting for this to happen. I know her mostly through her photography and I’m now interested in seeing more of her jewelry on Lily.

    I agree about Jenny. She was trying to take the high road, but Blair & Chuck backed her into a corner. I don’t blame her one bit for revealing her secret to Gossip Girl. If they expected less, they underestimated her, IMO.

    One last comment about S, that outfit just cannot be taken seriously! Seems like she didn’t borrow anything from Lily’s jewelry box after all. LOL!

  2. Ciao Super!,
    sì sì,questa stagione è molto meglio,la puntata in questione poi…mi è piaciuta un sacco.
    Molto divertente la psicologia inversa usata da Lily con Serena,ma con una figlia del genere non basterà…

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