I’m a Minor Player in My Own Life Story

As you may have noticed, this time I’ve decided to change things a bit, because this is not an ordinary Friday Guessing Game. There are twelve pics instead of ten, all the pics are in black and white (except one), which is not coincidental, and the comments are closed. Well, you can actually comment but each comment is moderated. I will read comments but won’t publish them until Monday morning, when I announce the winner. There will also be the video solution, as usual. Sorry if this sounds a bit complicated, but I’ve just wanted to make something special. This post means so much to me, for many reasons: I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.




  1. titolo: dal film “24 Hour Party People”, battuta di Tony Wilson, co-fondatore della Factory Records

    1. Joy Division
    2. Inspiral Carpets
    3.Peter Saville, Tony Wilson e Alan Erasmus
    4. Oasis
    5. Elastica
    6. Happy Mondays
    7. Tom Meighan, cantante dei Kasabian
    8. Housemartins
    9. Siouxsie and the Banshees più Robert Smith dei Cure
    10. The Stone Roses (<3 Ian Brown)
    11. Arctic Monkeys
    12. Kate Moss

  2. Al primo posto i Joy Division, algidi, sepolcrali e britannici come è giusto che sia, e anche un po’ mod, in questa foto.

    Al terzo posto Tony Wilson e scommetto Alan Erasmus e Alan Wise appoggiati al muro della Factory Records in Manchester.

    In quarta posizione, direttamente abbiamo i compianti Oasis, prima che smettessero di parlarsi.

    Al sesto posto gli Happy Mondays, che non conosco ma credo che a questo punto ho scoperto il codice.

    Al nono posto vi sembravano i Cure, con rotondo facciotto gioioso di Robert Smith, ma notando l’assenza di rossetto sbavato e la presenza di un volto femminile… avete capito… sono Siouxie e i suoi Banshees, e adesso ci ascoltiamo Arabian Knights.

    Al dodicesimo posto, esattamente dove le compete, la faccia corrucciata di Kate Moss.

    Sembra che il tema sia Manchester, ma le altre foto proprio non le trovo.

    1. Tutto corretto! Adoro leggere i tuoi commenti 🙂

      Parte del post è dedicato a Manchester ma poi ho voluto complicare le cose e ho aggiunto anche altro.

  3. Gosh! It’s very hard this time!.
    But it doesn’t cost anything to try.
    So, n.2 Anthony Kiedis voice of Red Hot Chili Peppers
    n.4 Oasis, n.5 Elastica, 11. Graham Coxon guitar and second voice of Blur, n.12 Kate Moss testimonial of Calvin Klein.

    Have a nice weekend darling, I’m looking forward to discover the solution.

    See you on monday

    1. 2. No.
      4. Yes.
      5. Yes. In the 90s I really liked them!
      11. No. He’s the guitarist of Arctic Monkeys.
      12. Of course.

      I’ve just published the video solution.

  4. So tough!
    I am not really sure of most of my guesses, but I’ll try
    1- Joy Division (?)
    4- Oasis
    7- this one I am sure about: Kasabian at Glasto (you had published this picture in one of your early posts on this blog, if I am not mistaken)
    9- Siouxsie and the banshees
    11- Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys
    12- Kate Moss in one of her earliest shoots, I am guessing this photo was either taken by Corinne Day (rip) or Mario Sorrenti

    PS:Is this a post entirely about UK?

    1. 1. Yes.
      4. Yes.
      7. Yes, exactly! You have a very good memory 🙂
      9. Yes.
      11. Yes.
      12. It was taken by Sorrenti.

      Yes, it was a post about British music groups.

  5. 12th: kate moss
    11th: unknown XD
    10th: the stone roses
    9th: siouxsie and the banshees <3<3
    8th: the housemartins
    7th: tom meighan of kasabian
    6th: happy mondays
    5th: elastica ❤
    4th: oasis
    3rd: peter saville, tony wilson, alan erasmus in front of the factory records in manchester
    2nd: inspiral carpets
    1st: joy division <3<3<3

    Title: Tony Wilson in 24 hour party people 😛

  6. n.1: joy division
    n. 2:
    n.3:happy mondays
    n.4: Oasis
    n.5: Elastica
    n. 6:
    n.9: siouxy and the banshees
    n.10: The stone roses
    n.12: kate moss

  7. 1. Kasabian
    4. Oasis
    5. Elastica
    6. Happy Mondays
    7. Evan Dando
    8. The Housemartins
    10. The Stone Roses
    11. Artic Monkeys
    12. la moss

    1. 1. Sono i Joy Division!
      4. Sì.
      5. Sì.
      6. Sì.
      7. No: è Tom Meighan dei Kasabian.
      8. Certo.
      10. Sì.
      11. Sì.
      12. Sì.

      Sei stata brava!

  8. It is indeed a very complicate FGG!!
    My very incomplete answers are:

    1- Joy Division

    4- Oasis

    5- Elastica

    8- The Housemartins

    9- Siouxsie and the Banshees

    10- The Stone Roses

    11- Arctic Monkeys (?)

    12- Kate Moss

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