Christina Aguilera’s Style: In Honolulu, 15-16/10/10

Christina has always been extremely focused on her work, but is also known for being quite a wild girl, who likes being sexy and naughty. The marriage and the birth of Max seemed to have tamed her a bit, but now it seems like she is ready to strike back. I’m not saying she should become a nun and never show her face again, because of the divorce, but I got an unpleasant feeling while watching the pictures taken at the Waikiki Edition Hotel opening in Honolulu, which she attended with her producer Tricky Stewart. She looks relieved and this surprises me. When a relationship ends, you might feel relieved, but a mere few months ago, she publicly said how much she loved her husband and how much he was important in her life and so on; yes, things can change, but I’m still confused.

I don’t know what your opinions on this outfit are, but I think it’s tacky. I hope she did it all by herself (I refuse to think there’s Simone Harouche behind this mess), because this would explain the disaster. It’s obvious she’s playing the sexy card to prove she’s back to her old self (even if she knows it’s not true, because she’s not who she was in the Stripped era), but I find the attempt sad and pathetic.

The platinum blonde long locks, the flirty make-up, the skin-tight dress are such a common place! All this is turning her into a sort of disquieting (and unsexy) life-size doll.

The Hervè Leger Monica Novelty peach bandage dress she wore is lovely on the model, but on her it mysteriously looks trashy. This is not the first time she wears a Leger dress, but she should have picked something more flattering.

While in Honolulu, she also attended the opening of the Morimoto Restaurant at the Waikiki Edition Hotel. For some reason, she definitely looked better than the day before.

The main elements of her look are still there – blonde locks, tight dress, flirty make-up – but she looked softer than the day before.

What horrifies me in this picture is her cleavage: there’s something wrong with one of her boobs, and the scar is still visible on the other, gross! I love Christina because she’s my favourite singer and an incredible artist, but I honestly feel pity for her: she’s desperately trying to look desiderable, but she’s using a wrong way. Everybody knows she’s going through a hard time, so why is she pretending she’s not?

Though not a Leger fan, I like this Daisy bandage dress on Christina: this purple shade really suits her.

She completed both outfits with Louboutin shoes: in the first case, she wore Alti Spike pumps, while in the second she wore Activa sandals in metallic gold.

What are your opinions on these outfits? Hot or not?

Source, source and source.




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