And Why Send Me Silly Notes?

Source and source.




  1. I would have only guessed Jane Birkin and Natalia Vodianova, but Rachele was quicker than me 🙂
    unless no. 2 is from The Cabinet of Dr Caligari?

    1. Yes, they are, but I think the Friday Guessing Game should be a little bit difficult to be challenging 😉

      5. Yes! My status on Facebook says it all.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you for suggesting “Picnic at Hanging Rock”… I’ve watched it today for the first time and it’s brilliant! You’re always a source of beautiful things!
    The ending of the video with all the “sharing-the-love thing” (I guess I know what you mean Lady..) is PRICELESS…

    1. Oh, I’m glad you appreciated it. I first watched it many years ago and it impressed me so much that I’m still thinking about it. Whenever I can, I watch it again, because it’s haunting. And what about the soundtrack? Isn’t it incredible?

      Well, it’s clear the end of my videos is a humble homage to the best Italian fashion blogger. I will never be as perfect and famous as her, but this is just a simple thank you for her amazing contribution to Italian blogging and fashion design 😉

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