From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (4.04 – Touch of Eva)

I have mixed feelings for Touch of Eva [1], the fourth episode of Gossip Girl‘s new season. I had oddily fallen for Eva, because she was above all the schemes and intrigues of the Upper East Side, but getting to know she was hiding a skeleton in her closet disappointed me a lot. It was clear she couldn’t live up to Blair, but I was hoping for something different and not for such a hasty departure. Maybe she’ll come back, but now we’re at Blair vs Chuck again, and I don’t know if I like it.

Lily doesn’t have much screen time in this episode: she only appears twice, but leaves a mark in both cases.

Rufus and Lily go to the Humphreys’ loft in Brooklyn to speak to Dan about baby Milo’s departure. They try to make him express his grief but the attempt is pathetic: he doesn’t care about this anymore (or pretends he doesn’t), and spends the rest of the episode with Serena, helping Blair in plotting against Eva. Am I the only one who is disappointed by his character? He’s always been the one with a good head on his shoulders, the honest guy, but it looks like he’s turning into a not so positive person. In this scene, Lily is wearing black pants and a nice camel cashmere sweater.

I think she over-accessorized this outfit: she wore lots of jewellery – drop earrings, a charm bracelet and gold necklaces – which is quite unusual for her. The drop earrings and necklaces are all creations by Tzen: the former are made of gold filigree and green quartz drops, while the latter – the Abundance 50 necklace and the Drops necklace – are made of gold, multi-coloured tourmalines and green quartz stones.

The second scene featuring Lily is set at a raising fund gala, where Blair will try – and succeed – to sabotage the love story between Chuck and Eva.

In this scene, Lily wore a gorgeous white satin dress, pairing it to a pearl and jet necklace: the result is extremely elegant, so reminiscent of Old Hollywood style. This mood is emphasized by her red lips.

I tried to identify the dress to no purpose. Its details are peculiar: it has a small cowl neckline and is open on the back; the straps on the back have loose ends. The shiny black bracelet with a diamantè decoration is by Kenneth Jay Lane. The envelope she’s holding is very important in the plot: it contains Chuck’s passport, which Blair puts in Eva’s suitcase, to make him believe she knew who he was, when she found him shot in Prague.

Lily is the unaware solution of Blair’s deception: before leaving, she tells Chuck some of his documents from Paris – passport included – are now safe in his apartment. Chuck realizes what happened, tries to stop Eva from leaving but she is unshakable and goes away. In this scene, Lily is carrying a cute gold embellished clutch, the perfect accessory for such a dream-like dress.

Even if Lily has not been the protagonist of an episode so far, I’m still enjoying this season. I think Eva could have brought more drama to the show, if she had stayed in New York, so now I’m focusing on Juliet, a shady character who has much in store. Did you enjoy the episode? How do you think Blair and Chuck will fight their war one against the other?

[1] The title is brilliantly inspired to Touch of Evil (1958), a noir film directed by Orson Welles, starring the director himself, Charlton Heston, Marlene Dietrich and Janet Leigh.

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  1. I also thought it was amusing when Rufus says that Lily is ‘having her hair done’ for the party. It looks exactly the same in both scenes!

    1. Ahahaha, true ^___^ Well, Lily’s hairstyle is always pretty much the same. I wish she experimented more with her hair; for example, I like her with her hair down.

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