Karl, I Want to Be Your Snow Queen

As anybody else, I’ve always had crushes on celebrities: as a teenager, I was crazy for Roger Taylor (Duran Duran) and Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode); in my twenties, when I actually started dating boys, I had crushes on beautiful and damned rock stars (John Frusciante, Damon Albarn, Chris Cornell and Brandon Boyd, just to name a few) and actors (Edward Norton and Ryan Gosling). Many years have passed since then: now I am a wife and a mother, but this doesn’t mean I don’t have my crushes.  I still like the above mentioned celebrities (plus Josh Homme!), but I also have cultural crushes on some designers: Nicolas Ghesquière, Stefano Pilati (here my heart mealts, he’s so hot) and Riccardo Tisci, and I cannot deny I have one for Karl Lagerfeld, too. If I only think of his career, of the revolution he has brought at Chanel in all these years, I feel dizzy.

As a fashion nerd, I love observing how he is always able to turn the staples of Chanel’s iconography into something different, fresh and new. His revolution has been clever: he has never shown disrespect towards the Parisian maison he works for, but has imposed his own vision season after season. You know I have a soft spot for Chanel costume jewellery and I admit it’s the first thing I think of when a new collection is presented. The S/S 2011 has just been shown in Paris, but the winter season is approaching, so here are the latest creations, from the F/W 2010 collection and pre-collection.

I’m not a fan of the clothes from the FW 2010 collection (even if the Yeti-like furry ensemble was funny), but the costume jewellery was exquisite. The concept of ice – icicles and snow flakes – characterizes many pieces, where it mingles with symbols of Chanel – pearls and double C.

I love the bib necklaces above: one is embellished with thin metal chains, glass pearls and diamantes, while the other is made of metal chains and embellished with agate amulets (the use of agate is a leit-motif).

Snowflakes are so beautiful and romantic, and the same can be said for this hand enameled metal and resin brooch,  embellished with rock crystals.  I can see myself wearing it on a pussy-bow blouse.

Plexi cubes – resembling ice cubes – have been used in the long double strand necklace with agate pearls and rock crystals, and in the metal charm bracelet.

Earrings with double C and dangling pearls are a staple in Chanel costume jewellery collections, so it’s no wonder the same style has been reproduced for the nth time. In the first pair of earrings, metal and strass  double Cs hold glass pearls, while in the second pair metal and plexi posts hold agate pearls.

The peculiar marble-like effect of agate can be found in the metal and plexi cuff bracelet and in the long necklace with agate, onyx and quartz stone pearls. I don’t like this effect in the pieces above, because I think it’s old-fashioned and cheap-looking.

I would never wear such a cluster ring – this one is made of metal with agate pearls, rock crystals and plexi cubes – but it’s nice. I love cuff bracelets, but I’ve had enough of the same plexi cuffs inlaid with Chanel signature seen in an endless number of collections.

On the catwalk, a lot of impressive pieces – not included in the costume jewellery collection – were shown.

The stacked agate and metal bracelets are gorgeous, and so are the huge knuckle rings.

The pearls and plexi beads in the gorgeous hair pieces above remind of water dripping when snow is melting, gorgeous. Moreover, their shapes remind me of Japanese kanzashi ornaments.

These two evening bags are sublime! It takes a genius (I’m not joking) to pair ice-looking plexi with white fur: the results are adorable, totally in line with the concept of the collection. I am particularly fond of the first, shaped as an ice cube.

The pre-fall collection is simpler and more traditional than the previous one, but some elements of the F/W 2010 collection can already be found here.

Black and white pearls are among the most distinctive marks of Chanel style, and are also the decorations of these long necklaces: one is adorned with a camellia in hand-enameled metal, glass pearls and diamante; the other is adorned with a cross in hand-enameled lace metal and diamante.

The same hand-enameled lace metal is used in this cuff bracelet. I don’t like the lace effect, too baroque and overwrought for my liking.

Knots are another recurring theme in Chanel style: the metal and diamante ring and the metal pendant earrings adorned with a diamante knot and double Cs are adorable. I would gladly wear one of these timeless pieces.

Even if I’ve just said I am sick and tired of diamante Chanel signature of cuff bracelets, I’ve fallen for this one, probably because I like the constellation-effect of inlaid rhinestones. The other bracelet is decorated with cute diamante bows.

The snow theme is introduced with this brooch, made of metal, with glass white and grey pearls and diamante.

Last but not least, a python and metal Mademoiselle bracelet: the same rectangular lock can be found in the 2.55 Reissue bags. Just a few words on this lock: it’s called the Mademoiselle lock, because Coco Chanel chose it for the original 2.55, designed in 1955. You probably don’t know that the infamous 2.55 Classic flap bag, with its turn lock with double C, was introduced in the 1980s by Lagerfeld. The 2.55 Reissue was called like this to pay homage to the original bag designed by the founder of the maison.

I have no doubts: if I could buy one of these beauties, I would surely pick the white snowflake brooch (or the knot earrings). Which one would you choose?

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  1. I would definitely get one of the hair ornaments, they are sooo beautiful and vaguely remind me of something my mum wore for her wedding day. But, aside from their price, I don’t think they’d look that great on my bob, so I’m guessing I’d go for the cluster ring (paired with black nailpolish, bien sur!)

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