From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (4.03 – The Undergraduates)

The third episode of Gossip Girl‘s fourth season The Undergraduates [1] – was packed with drama and unexpected moments, which I really enjoyed. Blair and Serena at Columbia, Juliet’s shady plans against Serena and Chuck’s comeback are enough to make an episode exciting!

When the episode opens, my favourite character, Lily, is getting ready for the Vogue Fashion Night Out, one of the most important fashion events of the late summer in New York. She’s sitting at a table in her living room and making phone calls.

Lily is the perfect hostess in this picture: besides her trademark prim and proper look, the setting is lovely, as it perfectly mirrors her refinemenent. The white Buddha statue in a corner, the beautifully arranged white flowers at the centre of the round table, the long curtains, are all elements of a place which is the epitome of the Upper East Side understated chic.

Lily is wearing a printed sheath dress in white and coral red. The line of the dress is simple, but the print and organza flower-shaped appliques make it special.

The jewelry she is wearing – a cuff bracelet and clip earrings – combines gold and turquoise stones.

The clip earrings are Kenneth Jay Lane pieces, while the cuff bracelet is by CC Skye (I love it).

In this episode, Lily establishes herself as the only person in New York who really cares for Chuck. My friend Tibi told me this is nice from her but sounds strange, because she’s never taken care of Serena or Eric (especially when they were younger) like she’s doing with Chuck. I don’t know what can be the possible reasons behind this attitude, but I’m sure she has no by-ends.

She’s alone at home, so she texts Chuck and invites him to come over to her place. In this scene, we don’t get any glimpse of her shoes, but I guess she wore simple pumps, maybe in a light colour. Gossip Girl – the mind behind the website which gives its name to the show – is like an octopus: she has eyes everywhere, so Chuck’s arrival in the Upper East Side is not unnoticed. When Eric reads about it, he tells Rufus, who rushes home.

When he gets home, Chuck has already left, but Lily explains she has invited him to join them during the VFNO. Rufus doesn’t agree but he makes the best of a bad bargain. In the screencap above, you can see Lily’s twisted updo.

I loved the part of the episode set during the VFNO and enjoyed spotting celebrities [2] among the cast and walk-on actors. I’ve already written about Lily’s gorgeous purple outfit: she was wearing a Reem Acra dress and stunning gold accessories.

I like the role she has during the dramatic scene between Serena and Juliet, when the former learns that the latter – the key-master – has deliberately forbidden her access to the exclusive Hamilton House university club. Lily unmasks Juliet, explaining that Serena has always been on top of the list to become a member of the club; Juliet’s behaviour cannot be excused, so she asks her to give the Tiffany key pendant (symbol of the club) back. Here she’s carrying a gorgeous bronze/gold snakeskin clutch by Kotur.

The amazing necklace by Aurélie Bidermann is a showstopper, but the bracelets she wore – a Khabi Khabi bangle with clear crystal stones by Rosena Sammi and Triple Cobra bangles by CC Skye – are exquisite, too. She completed her look with drop chandelier earrings by Asah.

At the end of the episode, we also get to know the truth about Milo: when Georgina comes back from St Barths, she explains Dan is not the baby’s biological father (shocker! ;P), so she takes Milo and moves to her parents’. What will happen to Lily, now that the goal of raising her presumed grandson is no more? And what do you think will happen between Chuck and Eva (love her)? Will their story go on, in spite of Chuck’s skeletons in the closet? Share your thoughts in the comments.

[1] The title is a reference to The Graduate (1967) by Mike Nichols, the infamous movie starring Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft.

[2] I spotted Tory Burch, Diane Von Furstenberg (part of the action is set in her store in the Meatpacking district, where a scene of Sex and the City – the Movie was shot in 2007, too), Hamish Bowles, Charlotte Ronson, Carlos Miele, Alessandra Ambrosio and Sean Lennon.

Source and source.




    1. You’re welcome! Your analyses on Gossip Girl are always interesting.

      I love when Lily wears luxury jewellery, but she’s so refined that she can make an unexpensive piece look like a million dollar item.

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