Christina Aguilera’s Style: “Unmasking” Opening Gala in Los Angeles, 25/09/10

I was excited when I knew Christina had attended Unmasking: The Lynda & Stewart Resnick Exhibition Gala at LACMA on September 25th in Los Angeles and I was more than looking forward to admiring her outfit on the red carpet. The outfit she sported at the Montblanc event in New York left me breathless, so I was expecting something equally gorgeous. After seeing some pics from this event, I realized my hopes were not fulfilled.

In pictures taken with the best lighting, she looked amazing. Ok, I am not digging her curly mane à la Jane Mansfield – all those curls and volume are too much for me – but she actually looked pretty. Her shiny cheeks are always mesmerizing.

Things get tragic in other pictures, taken with different lights. Now, can please someone stop this woman and make her understand an orange tan on the red carpet is deeply wrong? I totally understand the reason why she wore full make-up, I get it, but what about the weird colour on her face? She’s naturally gorgeous even when her face is make-up free, so I ask myself what was she thinking when she left her home with such an embarassing look.

Let’s focus on her dress. She wore a silk chiffon number with embroideries on the waist-line from Atelier Versace spring/summer 2008 collection. I like that she picked a piece from a relatively old collection but unfortunately she didn’t choose a good option.  I don’t know what is it but she looks different these days and seems to have a fuller figure: this dress emphasizes this, but not in a good way, because she looks disproportioned. I am glad she decided to channel her inner platinum blonde bombshell again, but the result is disappointing.

I don’t like the dress on her, but I love the Eugenie satin pumps by Christian Louboutin she wore, simply gorgeous! The diamantè heels and platforms of these shoes are to die for.

Her jewellery by Stephen Webster included two diamond rings and a bracelet from Jewels Verne collection, inspired to the world of sea. She carried a Christian Dior satin embellished clutch to complete her outfit.

I don’t know why Christina is still striving to find her own voice when it comes to her looks on the red carpet. These schizophrenic changes in style, make-up and hairstyle included, leave me puzzled: I love when an artist reinvents herself (and she has surely done it many times in her career), but this is just confusing. Do you agree?

Source, source and source.




    1. A guardare queste foto, direi proprio di sì. Secondo me si vede dal viso, più che dal resto. Da foto scattate la scorsa settimana, invece, questo sospetto non l’ho avuto. Mah, il fatto che compare raramente in pubblico e che ha fatto pochissima promozione dell’ultimo album forse si spiegano con una nuova gravidanza…

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