Blending Is the Secret





  1. I can recognise Rihanna, Sofia Coppola and Marc Jacobs (this is the photo you had been looking and for and to which you had dedicated a post) and Edward Scissorhands.
    No. 2 looks vaguely familiar, I’m tempted to say Fighter (Aguilera/Sigismondi) or something else related to Christina. and the title…i’m so sure i’ve heard it somewhere, could it be an Almodovar film?

    1. 6. Yes, it’s the picture I was looking for! I remember I had it in my diary when I was in my 20s, it inspired me a lot! Do you know who the others are?

      5. She’s not Rihanna.

      2. Exactly! Christina in Fighter by Floria Sigismondi.

      The title is not taken from an Almodovar movie, sorry.

  2. 5. Kelis
    6. la prima a sinistra è Zoe Cassavetes, la bionda in centro Lisa Marie, l’ultima a destra la stylist Venetia Scott e dietro Robert Duffy
    10. Mean girls

    1. Dico sempre che la memoria – specie quella visiva – raramente inganna. E’ proprio uno screencap da Jane Eyre di Zeffirelli, la scena del matrimonio tra Jane e Rochester. Brava!

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