From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (4.01 – Belles de Jour)

The time has come: Gossip Girl is back! I must admit I don’t have high expectations, because the storyline of the third season – vapid, feeble, void of any possible intensity – is still an open wound, but I quite enjoyed the first episode – Belles de Jour [1] – and this gives me hope for the following episodes.

The story is usually set in New York, but this time the action takes place in Paris, too, where Blair and Serena are spending their summer holidays. Most of the 45 minutes of Belles de Jour is filled with amazing dresses, accessories and hairstyles (I’m referring to Blair’s impeccable bun), but Lily, my favourite character, is true to her Upper East Side style, so her outfits are consistent to what we’ve always seen on her.

In the first scene, Lily and Rufus are back from their holidays – they went to visit Jenny and Lily’s mother. Lily sports a casual outfit: don’t expect baggy pants and loose t-shirts from her, because her “casual” still means refined. She is wearing black flared jeans with a white belt, and a printed floral chiffon blouse with a pussy bow. Nothing new here, because flared jeans and pussy bow blouses are staples in her closet.

What caught my attention was the bag she was toting. Last time I wrote about Lily’s style, I was hoping for a Hermès comeback, but I was wrong: she carries a Cartier Marcello bag in taupe canvas with white leather details [2]. The ladylike shape of the bag is refreshed by the combination of canvas and leather.

Lily is worried about Chuck’s whereabouts, because no one has heard from him since he left. While talking to a member of Chuck’s staff, we can see she is wearing Louboutin pumps.

Here we can get a glimpse of her jewellery – tiny jade earrings and a gold chain bracelet – and hairstyle – the trademark chic updo, this time looking like a double knot.

Lily changes her look for a luncheon with Eleonor Waldorf and some guests – they’re gearing up for the Vogue Fashion Night’s Out in New York.

The light gold dress with jeweled neckline and satin bow belt totally reminds me of the dress by Luisa Beccaria she wore in It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World. I think it looks so refined on her. I’ve decided to post a picture of her hairstyle, too, because it’s pretty awesome, with those gathered braids.

Part of the drama is connected to Georgina Sparks. At the end of the third season, we saw her – heavily pregnant – back to New York from Russia; now the baby is born, she is plotting against Dan: she makes him believe Milo is his son, then, at the end of the episode, vanishes into thin air, with a pathetic yet ironic note. She also breaks in the luncheon, revealing the identity of Milo’s father to Rufus and Lily, both unaware of what was in store for them. In this picture, we catch a tiny glimpse of Lily’s shoes – antique green suede pumps.

The last scene with Lily is set at night: she receives a phone call about a gun shot body washing up on shore in Prague, supposedly the corpse of Chuck.

The following scenes prove her fear wrong, since Chuck is alive – though limping – and ready to start a new life in Paris with her saviour and lover, Eva (Clémence Poesy). This is not the first time Lily is shown wearing a robe and a nightdress: as usual, her outfit – all made of black satin – is impeccable. Please note the beautiful ring with diamonds and a pearl on her right hand.

Did you watch the episode last night? Opinions? And what do you think of Lily’s outfits?

[1] The title refers to Belle de Jour (1967) by Luis Buñuel, starring Catherine Deneuve, Michel Piccoli and Jean Sorel.

[2] You may remember she carried the same bag – in white leather – in Dr. Estrangeloved.





  1. Thanks, as always. I was so excited that there was a lot of Lily in the first episode. And she looked so great.
    Let’s hope that means she will be around a lot this season.

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