Christina Aguilera’s Style: Montblanc John Lennon Edition Launch in New York, 12/09/10

While the rest of the show business was busy with the 2010 MTV Video Awards, Christina Aguilera made a rare public appearance in New York. The occasion was the launch of the Montblanc limited-edition collection of writing instruments dedicated to John Lennon. I had read of the event through Linda Perry’s Twitter account: I knew she was going to accompany Christina on the piano during a rendition of Lennon’s most famous song, Imagine. The news got me really excited, but I didn’t know what to expect. When I first saw the pics of the red carpet, my jaw fell to the ground, literally.

When Christina looks so flawless, I remember the reasons why I am a fan: apart from her incredible voice, she constantly changes her image, no matter what others think or say of her. I think this intellectual freedom is a big part of her charm: she does what she wants to do, the way she wants to do it, without giving too much importance to reactions and criticism. In a publicity-driven show business, where talent is often covered in sparkles (or in meat [1], ewwww), because it seems talent alone is not enough to make the gossip mill work, the sight of a fresh-faced Christina is more than welcome.

She posed on the red carpet with Linda Perry, the music guru who has worked with her since the Stripped period. I think she looked absolutely amazing: she wore a Dolce & Gabbana satin draped strapless dress, a glittering belt, black peep-toe pumps and a gorgeous diamond ring. The outfit is very simple and not trashy, perfect to emphasize Christina’s curves.

She ditched the strawberry blonde locks I had liked so much, and went back to her trademark platinum blonde. The colour is divine on her, and I really like this new soft hairstyle.

Apart from the hair, the major improvement was in the make-up department. It’s funny to read comments on her on gossip sites: everybody always scrutinizes her make-up and whenever she wears red lipsticks (which is most of the time), the hell lets loose. I don’t know who was her make-up artist, but he did an amazing job! The smokey eyes are dramatic but not too heavy, the superlong falsies emphasized her blue eyes, the peach/pink cheeks were sublime and so were the neutral lips! It’s a complex make-up but it shows all her natural beauty.

The ring she wore is a Stephen Webster creation, previously seen on her at Variety’s 1st Annual Power of Women luncheon in September 2009.

During the performance, her blonde hair and make-up looked divine. Judging from this short clip from the soundcheck, her perfomance was fire. This is not the first time she covers a John Lennon song: if you’ve never listened to her version of Mother (included in the compilation album Instant Karma: the Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur, released in 2007), please take some time to, it’s really impressive.

She also wore Christian Louboutin Madame Butterfly peep-toe pumps in black satin. If I were her, I would have chosen a more extravagant style to give the black dress a twist, but I appreciate her decision to keep things classy and simple. The only thing I don’t get is her microphone stand with red lips, so tacky. I hope she will soon get rid of it.

What are your opinions of this outfit? Do you like this classy turn or do you prefer Christina’s raunchier version?

[1] It’s incredible to realize what people think art is nowadays. I don’t care a damn if Lady GaGa’s meat dress was meant to be a criticism of the music business world, where people are treated as cannon fodder. This is gross. Period.

Source, source and source.



  1. I totally agree on Gaga’s attitude, the worst thing of all, I think, is that she’s becoming a bit boring which seems a paradox!I must add, for the record, I am a Nicola Formichetti’s fan and I’m glad he’s been chosen as artistic director by Thierry Mugler by the way (the meat dress was a Nicola’s idea?).
    Oh, I like these Christina’s style choices!

    1. I’m so glad Formichetti (whom I really admire) has been chosen as creative director at Thierry Mugler. I love the original designs of the maison’s founder, but I’m sure Nicola will do a terrific job! Uhmm…lots of celebrities will wear his creations!

      As for GaGa, I’d better not speak my mind.

      I’m also glad you liked Christina’s outfit: she looked stunning!

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