From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van Der Woodsen’s Style On the Set

Even if I am not an expert in etymology, I like learning the origin of words. Most of Italian words come from the Latin or Ancient Greek, so if you study the origin of a word, you learn something about these two dead languages, which is extremely fascinating. Before starting to write this post, I was thinking of the word “coincidence”, which derives from the Latin co- (“with”, “together”) and incidere (“to fall on”), meaning events which uncannily happen at the same time. It’s not a case that in science the term is used when two rays of light strike a surface at the same point at the same time.

I’m talking about coincidences because next week I will experience one: as it happened last year, the new season of Gossip Girl will premiere on September 13th, and my new school year will start the same day. I am pretty excited for this new start (I have signed a fixed-term contract until June 2011, yay!) and I also cannot wait for one of my favourite shows to start again. Even if the third season was a major let-down, I still have hopes.

The first episode – Belles de Jour – is near the corner but, in the meantime, the cast is busy with filming the following episodes. As usual, paparazzi focus on the young actors, but sometimes they also take pictures of my favourite character, played by Kelly Rutherford.

Matthew Settle and Kelly were spotted on the set, during a break from filming. I’m a bit disappointed because she was wearing casual shoes (her trusty Tod’s Gommini suede moccassins), but I’m sure the complete scene outfit would include simple pumps. She was also wearing a dove grey sleeveless shift dress, quite a plain choice.

The accessory which has attracted my attention is her necklace. I’ve immediately recognized it as being a limited-edition creation by Alexis Bittar for Michael Kors S/S 2010 collection. The mini-collection includes transparent cuff bracelets as well and is inspired to one of Woody Allen’s most original and hilarious movies, Sleeper (1973), set in a future dominated by Orgasmatron booths replacing sex and robots.

The Lucite gum-ball necklace is gorgeous, but I am not sure it’s the best accessory for such a plain dress.

Apart from the necklace, what has got me really excited is her bag. Awwww, a Hermès moment!!! You may remember Eric Daman completely erased these beloved moments from the third season, where Lily never carried a Hermès bag (shame, shame, shame on you, Eric!).

In real life, we all know she is obsessed with the French maison, so it’s no wonder she wore one of the many H bags of her massive collection.

She wore a piece she had been spotted with in the past, the Evelyne bag. After filming, she wore a different outfit, very cute and comfortable – white jeans and a blue and white check shirt.

In general, my words fail when it comes to describing a Hermès bag, and this is really amazing: it’s made of Clemence leather in Etoupe with palladium hardware, and has the trademark perforated front plaque. I know I’ll never have enough money to buy it but this doesn’t mean I can’t dream about it. I’ve already elected the Kelly as the *perfect* Hermès bag, the timeless piece I would actually like owning, but there are so many interesting styles.

The Massai, for example, is a great daily bag. It’s Jennifer Aniston‘s favourite bag and I’ve recently spotted it on Tilda Swinton in I Am Love by Luca Guadagnino (Tilda’s character carries Hèrmes bags only, including a Birkin and a Kelly).

The Jypsiere, the Marwari and the So Kelly are equally gorgeous. They are practical to be used on a daily basis because they are shoulder bags, so you can carry them and have your hands free at the same time.

Are you looking forward to watching the first episode of Gossip Girl‘s new season or have you thrown in the towel after watching the trashy third season?

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  1. Lily’s always über-classy and I agree on rejoice at seiing her with these beautiful Hermes purses again… Hope the plot isn’t disappointing this year, maybe it will be better at least for Jenny Humphrey’s departure (unfortunately she’ll come back). She’s boring almost as the actress who impersonate her (seriously Taylor Momsen, quit, give it up, shut your pretty mouth down, disappear, I can’t decide if your music sucks more than your style or viceversa!)

    Oh, I was forgetting… I totally fell in love with the Picotin Lock bag… Rachel Zoe would say it’s bananas!

    1. I totally agree with what you said about Jenny: I’m so disappointed she comes back!
      I’m hoping that this season they’ll give lots of air time for Lily!

      1. Me too!
        I think Jenny could be an interesting character, torn between rebellion and desire to conform to high society rules to be accepted as part of it, but they turned her into a sort of monster in the third season. For this reason, I guess it’ll be hard to rub this label off her. Plus, I feel like the character is molded on the actress, who has an attitude very similar to Jenny’s. This overlapping (I mean, when the actress becomes the character and viceversa) is very dangerous, imo.

    2. I really hope they decide to give Lily her Hermès bags back!!!

      As for the plot and Jenny, I don’t know what to expect. The third season was so disappointing but I don’t think it was all Jenny’s fault: the plot was uninteresting, feeble, vapid, I can count the OMG moments on one hand. They wanted to turn Jenny into the villain of the show, but they didn’t succeed, because they just turned her into a desperate girl. I hope the presence of other girls (Clemence Poesy, for example) will bring a sort of balance into the story. It’s clear the show needs fresh blood, because the games between Serena/Nate/Dan and Blair/Chuck are utterly boring.

      The Picotin Lock is nice, but I like the classic version better.

  2. In seeing this picture again, I notice that Lily & Rufus are both dressed in coordinating shades of grey. I wonder if this will have any reflection on their scenes. It’s also unusual for Rufus to wear a suit. It looks like they might be attending an event together.

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