Christina Aguilera’s Style: Love for Herve Leger Dresses

Does any of you know what is Christina Aguilera up to? I am a little bit worried, to be honest, because she should be busy in promoting Bionic (yes, in case you haven’t realized it yet: Bionic came out last June, and unfortunately no one seemed to care, neither Christina herself [1]), but she has crept back under the rock where she has been hiding for years. I was looking forward to lots of glam and a brand new style from her, but I’m still here, writing about Hervè Leger bandage dresses, which are possibly one of the trends I’m most fed up with. But still.

Now that her fourth studio album is a thing of the past (sigh), she’s presumably gearing up for the promotion of her first movie, Burlesque, directed by Steven Antin, where she is starring alongside Cher, Stanley  Tucci, Kristen Bell and Cam Gigandet. Last June, she attended a sort of wrap-up party in Cancun, Mexico.

In that occasion, both Kristen and Christina wore Leger. Kristen’s dress is my favourite, because I love the intricate weaving on it, but Christina’s was lovely, too. She wore a classic bandage dress, with a nice ombrè effect on the bodice and waist, and crossing straps on the back.

It’s not a mystery she is obsessed with Christian Louboutin shoes: she wears them all the time, and always chooses the best styles. In this case, she picked a pair of Maggie pumps in blue and lavender suede, with gold toe caps.

I love her messy hairstyle here, as well as the golden stud bracelets and wing ring she is wearing. If I were her, I would have left the chain necklace out, because it does nothing to the outfit.

Even if you’re not Christina’s fans, I’m sure you’ll remember she was chosen by the LA Lakers to sing the National Anthem at the 6th and the 7th games of the 2010 finals. Christina became their lucky charm!

I loved both performances, but I liked the second best, also because her three-tone Leger bandage dress looked so beautiful and refined on her. I can safely affirm I hate Leger bandage dresses, because they have been seen on any possible celebrity, but this one is really nice because it’s not revealing, nor overtly sexy.

She accessorized the dress with one of the favourite Louboutin styles, the Bianca platform pumps in patent leather.

After singing the anthem, she changed the outfit, wore something more comfortable, but kept the Stephen Webster jewellery she wore during the performance, including a barrette ring, a cross pendant and flame earrings (she also wore them at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards).

Christina’s closet must be huge, so I don’t understand why she has decided to wear this Leger dress not only twice, but even three times. I mean, it’s perfectly normal to have a favourite dress, but this one is not appealing at all, in my opinion.

She first wore the royal blue and black dress in May 2008, at a party at LAX nightclub in Las Vegas. She appeared on US Magazine (June 2, 2008 issue) wearing it, and wore it again in August 2010, during a night out with friends.

I hate the styling she had at the party in Las Vegas. The dress, paired to Yves Saint Laurent Tribute canvas pumps and to a leather bomber jacket, looks incredibly tacky, probably because it is tacky, but these accessories don’t help.

When she had dinner at Boa Steakhouse on August 13, the styling was more or less the same. She wore the dress with her trusty Doma leather cropped jacket, Christian Louboutin Talita clutch and No Barre platform peep-toe pumps. I adore her new haircolour, but I don’t like this look at all. I have the feeling she is stuck in a sort of time warp: I don’t see any evolution in her style and all her sexy aggressiveness/self-confidence seems to be lost in part.

If we go back to the photoshoot she did in 2008 for US Magazine, we can see she wore other two Leger dresses. In the picture above, she wore an Alexis front-zip pink dress.

In this picture, she wore a dress I would wear myself, because it is not made with the bandage technique. The bodice is fitted and has thin straps, while the skirt has a front draping.

In an outtake of the same picture, we can see she also wore a pair of Louboutin Fontanete cut-out peep-toe pumps in purple.

Christina, it’s impossible you know this blog exists and has a section devoted to your style, but please, if you are here, show yourself,  knock once for yes, like they use to say in horror movies. See, I can accept your questionable love for Leger bandage dresses, even I’m so over them, but I cannot accept you’ve thrown the towel when it comes to your recording career. All this silence from you on Bionic means you’ve flushed four years of work – and part of the support and consideration of your fans – in the toilet. C’mon girl, there’s nothing frightening out there (well, apart from Rihanna’s red hair and some of Lady GaGa’s outfits), so come out and play like only you can do.

[1] I am extremely surprised and disappointed by what happened to her album, by the complete lack of promotion, by her hiding from the public eye.

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    1. Yes, I heard the news, so sorry to know what happened between them 😦 I’ve always thought they were the perfect couple, and she has always spoken of him in such loving terms! Now things are clearer, now I understand why Bionic has had no promotion.

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