Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron

Source, source and source.




  1. La 3 potrebbe essere Melissa Auf der Maur (si scrive così?). Per il resto ho riconosciuto ovviamente Marylin e Christina Aguilera, l’ultima è Keira Knightley per Chanel (pubblicità di Coco Mademoiselle)?

  2. Margot Tenenbaum per prima! gioia e commozione.
    l’ultima è tremenda (bella donna, ma attrice boh)… solo io la trovo un poco troppo sopravvalutata? shao core

    1. Anche secondo me come attrice è sopravvalutata. Intendiamoci: penso sia molto più brava di altre attrici della sua generazione, ma niente di che.

  3. 1- Margot Tenenbaum, when she was small! I love her!!!
    then Marilyn and Keira Knightley for Chanel-the Mademoiselle ad.

  4. 8. jeweler Stephen Webster’s chose Xtina as the face of his sterling silver collection(not sure what year). I love the photo, it was taken by Vincent Peters and is Hitchcock inspired

    1. Sorry to contradict you, but this shot is not from Stephen Webster advertising campaign. It was taken by Vincent Peters, but is part of a photoshoot published on The Face (the British magazine) on May 2003. I own a copy of that issue, one of the most treasured magazines I own.

      1. sorry for the mistake, superqueen. I know which source to trust now 😀 amazing that you own the magazine btw 😀 thanks

      2. You’re very welcome! I’m a huge Christina’s fan so I’m happy I snatched a copy of that issue in 2003. I have a small collection of The Face (I bought all the issues from 2002 to 2004, which the last year in which it was published): I miss it so much, it was a great magazine!

  5. 2- Tura Satana (in Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!; film ripreso poi in più videoclip, tra cui Say You’ll Be There delle Spice *__*)
    3- Melissa auf der mar.
    4- malcolm mclaren (r.i.p)
    8- Di Xtina dobbiamo anche specificare l’occasione del photoshoot?!

    1. 2. Esatto! Per la precisione, sono Tura Satana (Varla), Haji (Rosie) e Lori Williams (Billie), in una scena di Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! di Russ Meyer (1965). Una curiosità: al look di Tura Satana è ispirato quello di Rosie Perez in Perdita Durango di Álex de la Iglesia.

  6. I adore the weekly guessing post and I really tried to figure more out. But the only thing I can add to the previous guesses is maybe…
    6. Chloe Sevigny?

    (About magazines, I only discovered how !amazing! they are this summer. I think my university library holds a collection of all The Face editions. and I decided I want all the Lulas:P gonna try ebay)

    1. Yes! That is Chloe Sevigny at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood (the picture was taken by Terry Richardson).

      I’ve never read Lula but a friend of mine loves it! How lucky to have the collection of The Face in your university library: I’d spend days to read it!

  7. Here is the solution to the guessing game.

    1. Irene Gorovaia as young Margot Tenenbaum in The Royal Tenenbaums by Wes Anderson
    2. Tura Satana, Haji and Lori Williams in Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! by Russ Meyer
    3. Melissa Auf Der Maur
    4. Malcolm McLaren on the set of the video Buffalo Gals
    5. The Virgin Suicides by Sofia Coppola
    6. Chloe Sevigny at the Chateau Marmont by Terry Richardson
    7. Marilyn Monroe
    8. Christina Aguilera by Vincent Peters in The Face (May 2003)
    9. Steve Turner from Mudhoney
    10. Keira Knightley in Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle perfume commercial, directed by Joe Wright

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