Better Late Than Never

Last May, when I wrote what Sarah Jessica Parker wore at Sex and the City 2 premieres, I was thinking of devoting a whole post to the gorgeous outfits she sported in the movie. When I received the companion book of the movie, I could examine each outfit in detail and decide my personal top ten of favourites [1]. I must admit I had a hard time in leaving some outfits out, and even the order of my picks – apart from the top three – is quite random.

I know many of you may not agree with my choices, so feel free to leave your opinions or your top ten in the comments. Now let’s start our journey!

If you watched the movie, you’d surely remember part of the action was set in the exotic location of Abu Dhabi (the actual shooting took place in Morocco). Carrie and her girlfriends travelled in a first-class cabin of an Afdal Air plane, modelled on an Air Emirates  Airbus A380, and they obviously travelled in style.

She wore a brown-taupe dress with asymmetrical hem by Norma Kamali. She paired it to a statement accessory – a hat by Yohji Yamamoto, made of scale-like straw – and completed the look with Giuseppe Zanotti striped slingbacks, a Yves Saint Laurent Muse Two handbag in brown and grey and a lovely Solange Azagury-Partridge cuff bracelet with an opal stone (she wore the same cuff later in the movie, in a scene shot by a swimming pool in Abu Dhabi). She also carried a blue hatbox, an old-fashioned accessory I love.

The uber-luxurious hotel where the protagonists stayed wassupposed to be the Taj Al-Sahara in Abu Dhabi, but it was actually the Mandarin Oriental Jnan Rahma, located in the Palmeraie area of Marrakech. While having breakfast in their private dining room, Carrie wore a vintage printed chiffon romper over a Calvin Klein slip, and Renè Caovilla embellished satin slingbacks. The detail I love most is her wrapped bun, a simple trick to give a twist to this traditional hairstyle.

The wardrobe of the four protagonists during their stay in Abu Dhabi is crazy, over-decorated and super-colourful. I think Patricia Field’s over-the-top style was applied in full force here: I don’t agree with most of her choices (some outfits – especially the ones seen during their trip in the desert – are hideous and ridiculous), but there is something I like very much. It’s the case of this outfit.

She wore a Leonard flower-printed jumpsuit and a Michael & Hushi vest. Her accessories are a VBH bronze clutch, Manolo Blahnik strappy sandals, a cuff bracelet designed by Mark Walsh and Leslie Chin for Rodarte (she also wore at her date with Aidan), and a beautiful collar necklace by Rodrigo Otazu.

This is probably one of the most famous outfits seen on Carrie in the movie: she sported it in the opening scene and in one of the playbills.

She wore a white jersey dress by Halston. I love how this dress has been perfectly accessorized, so as to give it a unique vibe – a Chanel clutch, Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps and a stunning necklace with colourful square-cut precious stones by Solange Azagury-Partridge. The only thing I don’t like are her gold Mykita sunglasses: they have a sporty shape that doesn’t suit this fresh yet refined outfit at all.

The scene of the luxurious dejeneur in the desert is improbable, but Carrie sported a very nice outfit.

She wore another Halston dress over a Stella McCartney printed tank. There is quite an accessory overload here, but everything is gorgeous! The dress has a basic line, but the embellished accessories make it special: her slingbacks are by Manolo Blahnik, the cute tiny bag – covered in rhinestones – is by Bea Valdes, the gold cuff bracelets with Art-Deco diamond decorations are by Cocotay, the fur hat with pearls is by Triviàl and the belt is by Reem Acra.

You may wonder why I picked this outfit and put it in the fifth position of my top ten: well, I know it’s one of her most basic and blandest looks, but what drew my attention here is the chain body ornament she wore under an Alexander Wang white tank. The piece she wore is by Low Luv, the jewellery line designed by the model Erin Wasson, but the designer who has to be credited for first producing such pieces and thus starting the trend is Bliss Lau. I cannot exactly say why I find this chain so charming and sensual: it’s probably the idea of wearing such an unconventional piece not around your neck or wrist, but on your body, and the idea of letting it peek through the clothes makes it sexier than ever.

Alexander Wang tee and shorts are worn over a La Fée Verte bra. Her accessories are all white – Brian Atwood pumps, a Perrin clutch and Calvin Klein sunglasses. Carrie had this look during a visit to her old apartment.

This is another famous outfit – pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker wearing this puffy skirt on the set leaked during the shooting. It’s not my favourite but it perfectly sums Patricia Field’s style up and is probably the one who represents Carrie’s trademark fashion mood at its best.

This outfit is organized around two statement pieces – a Zac Posen taffeta striped skirt and a Christian Dior J’Adore Dior t-shirt – and completed by a short jacket by Zac Posen. The accessories are quirky: a Vera Pilo fan, an exotic-themed vintage tote bag, Manolo Blahnik strappy sandals with cut-out decorations, an Andrea Lieberman studded bracelet and Chanel mask sunglasses.

I’m sure Sex and the City fans all around the world gushed over this outfit, because they could relate it to an episode of the show, What Goes Around Comes Around (3×17), where Carrie wore it during a meeting with Natasha, Mr Big’s wife. At first, I wondered why Field picked this dress from the archive of the show, then I realized it much defined Carrie in a painful phase of her life as a single. In the movie, things are very different, because she’s married to the man she’s been loving for many years, but part of her still cannot relate to her new status: the dress symbolizes the past (it’s not coincidental that it’s kept in the closet of her old flat) and the fact that we must reach a compromise with it.

She wore this iconic Christian Dior Newspaper dress with funny accessories – a Bea Valdes embellished clutch on a chain, a Chahan diamantè clover pendant and Christian Louboutin Bridget Strass peep-toe ankle booties. There’s something special about this dress, apart from the print (which reminds me of a similar newspaper print by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac): the metal letters – spelling Dior – forming the straps.

It’s a pity the companion book doesn’t include a full-figure picture of Carrie’s outfit at Anthony and Stanford’s black and white wedding in true Old Hollywood style, because it’s one of the best seen in the movie. I am a fan of Carrie’s most outrageous outfits, but I think she looked amazing with this masculine – yet very feminine – look, perfectly in tune with the event.

The Christian Dior tuxedo is perfect, and so are the accessories she paired it to: a John Lawrence Sullivan pocket square, a vintage bowtie and a Chanel cummerbund. She also carried a beautiful Chanel white wristlet with black trims, and wore gorgeous Charlotte Olympia platform pumps. I have mixed feelings about the crochet crown headpiece by Triviàl, because I’m not convinced it’s the best option for this otherwise amazing outfit. At first I wasn’t digging her crimped hair, but this hairstyle has slowly grown on me.

When it came to picking the number one of my top ten, I had no doubts: when Carrie wore the emerald Lanvin long dress, I was totally in awe. The colour is spectacular and the line is to die for, so princess-like. There’s a scene in the movie, where the train of the dress slides on the floor like a snake or the tail of a cat, a slow movement which emphasizes the flourishing perfection of this number.

This spectacular Lanvin pleated one-shoulder dress has ruffles on the asymmetrical hem and was worn with a Stephen Dweck necklace.

Before closing this long post, I’ve decided to show you some interesting pictures I scanned from the book.

Here you can see Sarah Jessica Parker at the fittings, when Patricia Field and her collaborators chose the wardrobe for the movie. The outfits she wore in the pictures above didn’t make it, which is a pity: I like the printed caftan, the polka-dot dress and the flowy white dress with corset belt very much.

We all know the infamous closet Carrie had in her old flat – many scenes of the tv show were shot there – but this is her walk-in closet in the movie.

Did you enjoy the movie and the outfits of the protagonists? Which is your favourite outfit and why? And what about a possible Sex and the City 3 movie?

[1] I personally scanned all the pictures of this post, apart from the last one. The colour quality of the pictures is not perfect because of my scanner from the Stone Age, sorry.





  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post! I couldn’t wait for it!
    My favourite outfits are #10, 7 and 1 of course… and I have to say that I have changed my first opinion on the outfits, since at a first glance I deemed SATC2 as overwhelming in colours and luxury. On a second analysis, helped by the details you have shown here, I must admit that all has been well-studied and also classy.

    1. I’m glad you’ve appreciated my post! Well, I partly agree with you: all the outfits were well-studied because Patricia Field has no equals when it comes to be professional and original, but unfortunately not all the outfits were as classy as the ones I chose. I didn’t like most of Samantha’s outfits (but I’ve never liked her style) and what Carrie wore while riding a camel in the desert, for example, but there are other cases in which the line between showy and tacky was extremely blurred…

  2. I think that in this case all the girls was overdressed.
    It looks a promo for the giffes and I don’t appreciate it.
    Anyway, is unquestionable that some outfit was stunning but unlike the series was unreal.
    It is a pity that this second movie was so inconsistent, and sincerely I hope this was the last.

    1. It’s clear the focus is on the commercial side, as it happened for the first movie. The events are quite incredible, as it happened for the first movie. Yet, I enjoyed this second movie much more, because relations between the characters and their personalities are more present in the narration. I am not yearning for a third movie, but I quite liked the second one.

  3. It’s true, you are right but I enjoyed the first movie because it was the right end for the series: Carrie and Big’s wedding. In my opinion there was no reason to make another sequel.

    I appreciate only two things in the second one, I think there was good insights: focus on Big and Carrie’s routine and Charlotte’s crisis about matherhood.

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