Lawyers Don’t Surf

Source and source.




  1. I’m clueless!!! I only recognise no. 5 Sofia Coppola in the swimming pool- maybe it’s an image from the advertisment campaign for the Marc Jacobs perfume.
    Oh, and the last one, is from a Chanel Cruise collection of a couple of years ago.
    I give up on the “cotillon”!Have a nice weekend!

  2. I know this week’s guessing game is not easy, but I wanted to do something a little bit different. This time, there are 12 pics, and not 10, and there’s a fil rouge connecting them all. Summer is here and nothing screams summer to me more than water (swimming pools and sea) and water-sports, elements that can’t be missing in a a summer-themed game.

    I admit I’ve always been obsessed with swimming pools (magic places, where things happen in a sort of suspended atmosphere): some years ago I wrote an in-depth post on the importance of swimming pools in Steven Klein’s photography. It’s written in Italian, but there’s lots of eye candy 🙂

  3. N° 1 or 3 could be from “the lady in the water” by Michael Night Shyamalan.

    N° 6 is obviously Madonna, should be in “Like a Virgin” period, when she still had eyebrows

    N°8 Point Break (red hot chilli peppers as californian surfers, unforgettable)

    N° 9 looks like a screencap from one of the Cornetto Algida cuore di panna ads in the late eighties, could it be?

    N° 10 is definitely Sex and the city

    1. 1. It’s Lady in the Water indeed!
      6. Right
      8. Yes, it’s Point Break, one of my favourite films ever
      9. It’s something from the 80s but it’s not a commercial
      10. Of course it is. The screencap comes from Boy, Interrupted (6×10), featuring David Duchovny. That swimming-pool scene was shot at the uber-trendy club Soho House in New York.

  4. It’s not easy but I like the challenge!!!
    I remember having read the post you refer to; at the time (and still now) I had particularly appreciated the “LA portfolio” series.
    Also, if I may suggest it, if you swimming pools fascinate you, then you might find some sequences of “Film Bleu” particularly beautiful: Juliette Binoche swims alone at night, immersed in blue light (but I’m suppsoing you might have seen the film as I know you’re a cinema lover!)

    1. The L.A. Portfolio series is stunning, I love it!

      Yes, I perfectly remember the scene you’re talking about in Kieślowski’s movie. Strange but Trois couleurs: Bleu is the only film of the trilogy I’ve watched. As for swimming pools in films, I’m very curious of Swimming Pool by François Ozon, starring Charlotte Rampling and Ludivine Sagnier. I’ve never watched it but I know a swimming pool is the center of the action.

    1. 2. Very good. It’s her!
      4. No, it’s not a screencap from a movie.
      9. It’s Sapore di Mare, but the second instalment (Sapore di mare 2 – un anno dopo). I love that movie!
      10. It’s Sex and the City but an episode from the 6th season.

  5. Dear Super, excuse me but I insist:
    It’s Sapore di Mare n.1, in fact you can notice in the background Jerry Calà and Marina Suma, they don’t play in the second movie.

    (I have a particular weakness for Italian eighties trash movies)

    1. OMG, you’re right! I misplaced the events: I was sure Selvaggia and Gianni (my favourite couple) broke up because of Adriana (Virna Lisi) in the second instalment. I was wrong, of course, because in the second movie they break up because of Gianni’s friend, Valeria, and of Fulvio (Massimo Ciavarro).

  6. Dai che oggi mi lancio anch’io
    7 Il cantante Jack Johnson che fa surf

    P.S. ho riletto con piacere il tuo articolo su Steven Klein

    1. Non avevo mai visto questa foto di Grace Kelly! Come dire…la copertina di Vogue con Madonna è praticamente uguale!

  7. This guessing game was not easy but you’ve identified most of the pics. The third and the seventh are left. Just a hint: the third is from a music video, the seventh from a tv series.

    1. And the solutions are…

      1. Lady in the Water by di M. Night Shyamalan
      2. Carly Simon
      3. 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins
      4. Beach Boys
      5. Marc Jacobs perfume ad featuring Sofia Coppola by Juergen Teller
      6. Madonna on the cover of Vogue US in the 1980s
      7. Mischa Barton and Melinda Clarke in The Distance from The O.C. (2×1)
      8. Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze in Point Break by Kathryn Bigelow
      9. Isabella Ferrari in Sapore di Mare by Carlo Vanzina
      10. Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall and Willie Garson in Boy, Interrupted from Sex and the City (6×10)
      11. Jack Johnson surfing
      12. Maria Carla Boscono for Chanel

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