The Attack of the Gypset Queen

I’ve always had a passion for the bohemian mood in fashion. I’m not referring to the infamous boho-chic seen on Sienna Miller and on gazillions of starlets and celebrities, but to a peculiar attitude to life and style, which is perfectly described by the term “gypset”, coined by the American editor and journalist Julia Chaplin. In a beautiful volume published in April 2009, Chaplin explains the meaning of the term, referring to that elite – “artists, surfers, designers, and bon vivants who live and work around the globe”  – who fuses “the ease and carefree lifestyle of a gypsy with the sophistication of the jet set”. I’ve read the volume and it presents stories of people who have decided to break free from social restraints and to live in faraway places, following their own rules and hearts.

I think the idea of having a plan B in life, of leaving everything behind and change your life, is extremely fascinating, especially if you don’t have much hope about the future. Freedom and unconventionality are the keywords here, and are the concepts around which I have built my own style, careless of season trends. This doesn’t mean I don’t care for fashion, but I try to filter the constant information bombing about style and fashion with a critical eye, coveting exactly what I think I would wear, if I could.

It’s the case of Emilio Pucci Resort 2011 collection: it is quite safe to say that I love most of its pieces and that I’d love to own one of them, because they perfectly represent some of my staple elements – flowy lines and fabrics, prints, colours.

Peter Dundas has brought the traditional Pucci prints back, in delicate pastel colours. The first dress is sleeveless and is accessorized with a fringed scarf (I love it tied in that way), while the second has long, dolman sleeves. The second actually looks a bit shapeless, but I think it’s perfect in its easiness.

The same print can be found in the handkerchief dress, on the right, while the first one has a different print, in different tones. This one has an asymmetric hemline and has tiers on the skirt and at the waistline. Don’t you just adore the gladiator sandals on the model?

I haven’t appreciated Peter Dundas’ work at Pucci much, because he has been recently copying Roberto Cavalli circa 2000s and I could never stand up for a Cavalli-inspired designer, but in this collection he did really well, keeping the historical Florentine maison in mind and adding touches coming from the 70s. Isn’t the short caban-capelet amazing? The styling here is stunning, because it looks so good if worn over the printed swimsuit. The piece on the right is a simple chiffon cover-up, so nice.

I admit it: when I first saw this dress, I thought someone must have listened to my prayers. I will never be able to afford a Pucci dress, but if I could, I would choose this one, which in my eyes is pure perfection. The all-over embroideries are emphasized by the heavy fringe on the neckline. I am aware all this is screaming 70s and hippie-style, but it is reminiscent of the past in a classy and refined way, so gypset.

I love flared pants, so I was naturally drawn to these bell bottom jeans. The styling reminds us of Rachel Zoe, who has given a brand new life to this cut of jeans [1], which is a nice reference. I much prefer the first outfit, because the blue skinny blazer and the printed blouse are the natural complement of the jeans; moreover, the fringed suede jacket on the right reminds me of some Roberto Cavalli piece of the past.

Most of the young designers I’ve written about for declared Yves Saint Laurent and Tom Ford are the most influential artists, and this is clear from the two outfits above. The first makes me think of the infamous white suit designed by Yves Saint Laurent for Bianca Pérez-Mora Macias’s wedding to Mick Jagger in 1971: Dundas opted for a pantsuit but the skinny and sexy lines of YSL’s creation are all there. I don’t want to say that the second dress is a copy, but it’s evident it heavily pays homage to the iconic jersey dresses Tom Ford designed for Gucci in the late 90s.

This gorgeous evening dress has a beautiful blue print and a line similar to the first dress in the second row. Here, the chiffon has been replaced by silk satin, so the result is much more structured. In my summer dreams, I’m wearing this dress and sitting on a beach in Montauk, watching the setting sun and enjoying the silence around me (I wish it was true).

What do you think of this collection? The same old story or a refreshing turn in Dundas’s designs for Pucci?

[1] Her favourite styles are 7 for All Mankind Ginger (awww, I want them so bad) and Rachel jeans. The latter have been named after her.




  1. lovely prints, thanks for posting! can’t wait for the new gg season to start up – I’m having withdrawal from your lily wardrobe recaps…. ; )

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