Be Careful, They Can Smell Fear




  1. title: the Village (referred to the Red “Bad Creatures”)
    1. Mona Lisa Smile
    2. Fendi? I remember the photo but not the designer 😦
    3. Billy Corgan
    4. Sophia Coppola&Daughter
    5. some costume designer?
    6. Kurt Cobain idea
    8. Anjelica Huston
    9. no idea
    10. Claudia Schiffer in Berlin for Chanel

  2. stephen king
    mo’ better blues

    have a nice weekend!

    ps I love your moodboards ’cause they’re bewildering: most of the time I can’t find the true common thread for the life of me… and that’s thought-provoking :o)

    1. There’s no common thread linking all the pics, to be honest. I just pick the ones that inspire me most, the most meaningful to me.

  3. kiara, idea! non si può sentire, qua siamo un clan!
    superqueen della Huston hai messo la mia foto preferita.

  4. kiara, n.7: Gabriella MITO Pescucci (premio Oscar per i costumi del film L’età dell’innocenza).

  5. 1. Mona Lisa smile
    2. Versace Campaign
    3. Billy Corgan
    4. Romy and Sofia Coppola
    5. Alida Valli
    6. ??
    7. S.King
    8. Penelope Tree
    9. D.W. in Mo’Better Blues
    10. C. Schiffer in Chanel

  6. Here are the solutions 🙂
    1. Mona Lisa Smile by Mike Newell
    2. Balenciaga ad
    3. Billy Corgan
    4. Sofia Coppola and Romy
    5. Gabriella Pescucci
    6. Kurt Cobain on the set of Come as You Are
    7. Stephen King
    8. Anjelica Houston
    9. Denzel Washington in Mo’ Better Blues by Spike Lee
    10. Claudia Schiffer in a Chanel ad, shot in Berlin by Karl Lagerfeld

    The title is a quote from Mona Lisa Smile: Amanda Armstrong tells it to Katherine (the protagonist), before she enters the class where she’s intended to teach.

  7. Leggo il tuo blog da anni, e commento adesso per la prima volta, semplicemente per farti tanti complimeti, per le tue idee, il tuo gusto e la tua originalità!

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