Christina Aguilera’s Style: Bionic Promotional Tour, June 2010

You may be thinking this blog is turning into a Christina Aguilera-dedicated blog, because I’ve been writing a lot about her recently. Don’t worry: her style is just a part of Dallo Spazio, but she has been promoting the release of Bionic a lot in the past few days and I couldn’t miss the chance to show you the outfits she sported.

Before starting, let me spend two words on the record itself. I bought the cd last Saturday (please note it’s the first cd I’ve bought in years!) and I’ve been listening to it since then. After the release of Not Myself Tonight, I must admit my expectations were very low, but the album has completely brought the admiration for Christina back. It’s so sophisticated and complex, with amazing ballads (the tracks she co-wrote with Sia), great electronic songs (Elastic Love, written by M.I.A., is one of my favourites) and funny tracks, like My Girls, featuring Peaches. My daugther loves My Heart, where Max’s voice can be heard, so cute!

Now, as for the outfits she sported in several live performances, they are all based on an interesting mix of glam and aggressiveness, with a touch of 50s style (her hairstyle and make-up).

Her first performance was at the Today Show on June 8th.

She wore an Alexander McQueen tee with a red lip print on the front, and she paired it to a black leather motorcycle jacket, red shorts and stunning, custom-made jewelled black thights, which are becoming a staple of her new look. She completed the outfit with Christian Louboutin Bianca platform patent pumps, a studded belt and Stephen Webster jewellery.

I’m not crazy about her hair here – a little bit messy – but the make-up is flawless. In the pic above, the make-up artist Kristofer Buckle is retouching her make-up during a break. Her smile is so beautiful!

Later that day, she was spotted out and about, wearing a very nice outfit, which mixes comfortable pieces (the black tee and matching hoodie) with much more refined items: she wore Alexander McQueen printed leggings and Christian Louboutin Alta Bouton ankle booties, which are quickly becoming a very popular style among celebrities (Victoria Beckham and Miley Cyrus have recently worn them). She also added a Disaya studded punk bear necklace.

June 9th was a super-busy day for Christina. Her first stop was at the Early Show, where she did a live performance.

She did part of the performance wearing a sexy Topshop black-trimmed PVC trench coat (her dancers wore the same coat).

xtina_rosechaswimsuitUnder that, she wore a striped bodysuit by Rosa Chà. She matched it with one of her favourite boot styles, the Supra Fifre by Christian Louboutin.

I really love her hairstyle here, so reminiscent of the Back to Basics phase, and I also think it perfectly matches her glamourous make-up.

During the performance, she changed outfit and opted for black shorts, a hoodie, black tights with glittering red lips on it, her trusty Bianca pumps and a Gareth Pugh multi-zip leather jacket. I really like the zip details on the jacket, but the rest of the oufit is rather plain.

That evening, she arrived at the Ed Sullivan Theatre for her appearance at the David Letterman Show. When she got to there, she sported the same hairstyle as before, a black coat and leggings and a beautiful pair of Christian Louboutin Open Clic leopard-print pumps (she sported the same pair last September).

She posed for the photographers wearing a sexy outfit which included the Pugh jacket again, a vintage-looking polka dot blouse, black short shorts, the incredible diamante tights by Simone Harouche and Christian Louboutin Calypso pumps.

These days I’ve been reading incredibly negative reviews about the live performances of Christina during her promotional tour, and most of them don’t attack her as an artist (ok, they say she copied Lady GaGa in Bionic, but this is just bull***t: only a deaf could compare their music styles), but say she is mentally instable because she wears too much make-up. I think this is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read in my life! If you take a look at this picture, the focus is on her red lips, which have always been her trademark, but the rest of the face is fresh and absolutely not over made-up. I am sure people are not scared by Lady GaGa (she’s over-the-top all the time and all her antics have become ordinary), but by a complex artist such as Christina, who has an incredible voice, who is a mother and a wife, and who is not afraid of speaking her mind.

After a funny interview, Christina sang You Lost Me, a very touching ballad.

From this screencap, her outfit is visible in detail: her dotted blouse is accented by black buttons on the neck and on the cuffs. She also wore a glittering bra underneath and a studded belt. Have you noticed when Letterman arrived at the end of the performance? She looked so fragile!

Later that day, she attended a release party for her brand new album. In this case, her choice surprised me: she wore a black dress by Mark Fast, a relatively unknown but talented designer from Canada, who is becoming more and more famous thanks to his skin-tight knitted dresses. Christina chose one with cut-outs at the waist and on the front, decorated by pearls around the neck. She paired it to the blue version of Christian Louboutin Calypso pumps. She looked sensational, sexy but not tacky.

She also wore an array of Stephen Webster rings and awesome pendant earrings by the same designer – the Crab earrings with white diamond pavé, from the Jewels Verne collection.

The following day, the last stop of her promotional tour was at the Regis and Kelly Show: she first did an interview, later she sang Not Myself Tonight. Please take some time to listen to her here because her performance was fire!

This time she wore a Bess NYC black skull tank, black shorts, a studded belt and Christian Louboutin patent red pumps.

The details were exquisite: her fishnet stockings were rhinestone-accented and she also wore a tiny diamond tiara. I was so excited when I saw the tiara! After the glam, is she taking kinderwhore aesthetic back??? It would be a dream come true.

Which is your favourite outfit? Have you listened to Bionic yet? Opinions?

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  1. I totally agree with you 100% xtina is great and her music keeps getting better despite the critics, love bionic

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