Christina Aguilera’s Style: 2010 MTV Movie Awards, or When She Brought Glam Rock Back

Just two days before the official release of Bionic, Christina Aguilera was among the protagonists of the MTV Movie Awards, where she performed a mix of three songs from her upcoming album.

I must admit I was shocked when I saw her walking the red carpet wearing such a dramatic dress! I was in seventh heaven because it was an Atelier Versace dress (I’ve always thought Christina has been the best Versace testimonial ever) and because I was expecting something much more toned down from her. This dress is so peculiar, made unique by lots of details: the asymmetrical hem, the decorations on the skirt, the chains on the waist and on the back, the draped bodice. The only thing I hate of this look are the Yves Saint Laurent Tribtoo patent pumps, too chunky for such a heavenly dress. These shoes are a favourite of Christina, but I guess she should have opted for a more appropriate shoe style.

Her make-up is flawless: of course she doesn’t read my blog, but I’m glad she has subconsciously followed my suggestion to wear a red hot lipstick and leave the rest of the face neutral. Make-up artist Kristofer Buckle did her make-up, using Lancôme products; as for her red pout, he lined it with Le Lipstique lipcolouring stick in Rougelle and then applied Color Design Matte lipstick in Red Haute.

The chain straps on the back are awesome, and so is the refined french twist updo.

All her jewellery – including a XTINA knuckle duster, a set of rings and flame-shaped earrings – was custom-made by her favourite jeweller, Stephen Webster.

During the award ceremony, she performed a mix of songs (Bionic, Not Myself Tonight and Woohoo). I think she delivered a killer performance, proving once more her singing abilities and charisma on stage.

She appeared on stage sitting on a red couch, wearing a glittering outfit. Her microphone is glittering, too! The first moment I saw her, I could find memories from the past in her outfit: my attention was focused on the mesmerizing beaded cape which she wore at the beginning of the performance. This is a custom-made piece by Simone Harouche, Christina’s stylist, and is totally reminiscent of the sparkling mantles often seen on heroes of the glam-rock era, such as Marc Bolan or David Bowie (and my mind goes to Elton John, as well).

She also wore a sparkling bodysuit by The Blonds, the black and silver version of the one she wore in Not Myself Tonight music video. The look was completed by Camilla Skovgaard thigh-high black boots with diamantè accents on the knee and on the wedges, Gaspar fingerless opera gloves and a vintage diamond collar. The bodysuit was custom-made, because it had a flashing red heart on the crotch area 🙂

I have always loved all things glittery, so I find this picture particularly appealing. Christina looked sensational, and her make-up was equally gorgeous (in this case, it was more dramatic than the one she had on the red carpet).

As you can see from the pic above, the Atelier Versace dress is naturally complemented by a pair of strappy cage booties, I wish Christina had worn them!

What do you think of her outfits? And what about her performance?

Source, source and source.




    1. YEAH! It really is fantastic!
      She looked gorgeous that night and her performance was so cool!
      I looooved her blinking “woohoo” heart at the end!

      1. I love this performance. Unfortunately, it was underestimated, and nobody seemed to actually care about it. What a pity! I still think “Bionic” is a great album.

  1. Ieri ho visto una foto di Christina in Leggings Mcqueen,mi è piaciuta un sacco!.
    I suoi capelli poi ultimamente sono perfetti ad ogni uscita,sia nelle acconciature costruite che nelle versioni più informali.


    1. Io sono SEMPRE di parte quando si parla di Christina (ma cerco anche di essere obiettiva, vedi l’indifendibile video di Not Myself Tonight), quindi non posso che essere d’accordo con te. Io adoro l’acconciatura anni ’40 che sfoggia sulla copertina di Bionic e che ha riproposto nelle ultime esibizioni dal vivo. Ieri, da Letterman, era perfetta!

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