From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (3.22 – Last Tango, Then Paris)

Now the third season of Gossip Girl is a thing of the past, I can say it loud: I’m glad it’s over! Don’t get me wrong: I’ve always been a huge fan of the tv series by Josh Schwartz, but I think this season has been a failure. There are some good episodes (and after each good episode I hoped it was a sign of recovery), but they weren’t enough: the plot was pointless and confused most of the time, and the growth of some characters (Serena and Jenny) is still shrouded in mystery, because everything about them was treated in a superficial manner. The best couple – Chuck and Blair – has lost all its charm, and that would be enough to stop watching the show. As for Lily, I am extremely disappointed by the insufficient screen time she was given. I know the series is not about the adult set of characters, but she had a more prominent role in the previous seasons.

The finale – Last Tango, then Paris [1] – has highlighted all the faults and flaws of this season: Schwartz’s intention was to give us some major shocks (Jenny who loses her virginity with Chuck, Georgina who is pregnant with Dan’s child), but everything was so inconsistent, improbable and confused, that he actually missed the point.

Lily appears in two scenes only. In the opening scene, she’s having breakfast with Rufus, who is worried about Jenny. She utters one of the best remarks of the episode (“Teenage girls are nightmare, as soon as they realize that you’ll love them no matter what they do, you lose all your power, you just have to wait until they finish college. Or in the case of Serena, rebel and NOT go”).

She’s back to her trademark Upper East Side style: she is wearing a sleeveless white sheath dress with a brown rose print. As usual, her outfit is completed by a statement necklace: this multi-strand chain gold piece with filigree flower clasp is amazing.

From the pics above, we can see a brown sash accents her waist, and that she’s also wearing tiny gold filigree earrings. The dress she’s wearing is by St. John Collection and it is made of silk/cotton faille.

The second scene where she appears is set at the Grand Central Station, where Rufus, Dan, Eric and Lily gather to greet Jenny before she leaves for moving to her mother’s. This is quite an annoying scene, because it looks like they’re a happy family, when it’s clear they’ve never been and – as Jenny said in the previous episode – they still have to face their issues.

In this scene, Lily wears an old favourite – the grey knitted cardi – with a heather grey tee and black pants. She sports a natural leather bag I’ve never seen before on her (sorry but I couldn’t identify it, since I couldn’t get good screencaps of it) and a crystal station necklace.

What has striken my attention was the gold watch on her wrist. This is not the first time she wears big, masculine watches (she wore one in Poison Ivy), and I think they nicely contrast with her feminine, laid-back outfits. I don’t know if my id is correct here, but her massive round watch has immediately reminded me of Pacha de Cartier XL, a pink gold watch which is one of the most famous styles of the French jewellery maison, evoking the original model designed in the 40s.

She also wore clear crystal teardrop earrings by Rich Rocks NY, matching her necklace.

Now that the season is over, I have a bitter-sweet feeling: bitter because I am so disappointed by how things have gone in these twenty-two episodes, sweet because I am still attached to the characters of the show, so I really hope the next season (which, I fear, will be the last) will bring all the drama and action back. I need it!

[1] The title is a reference to Bernardo Bertolucci’s scandalous Last Tango in Paris (1972), starring Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider.





  1. Uhmm…
    la puntata non mi è piaciuta per niente,poco concreta,approssimativa a tratti banale,io poi amo gli happy end,tutta questa terza serie è in effetti stata a tratti deludente,alcuni personaggi sono diventati via via sempre più irritanti (Serena),e poi non ho avuto gli outfit che volevo…PERO’
    però la trama è incentrata sulla vita di un gruppo di adolescenti,cresciuti per certi aspetti più in fretta di altri,ma pur sempre degli adolescenti,(Super sicuramente sei un’esperta della categoria)dopotutto credo che certe scelte o comportamenti potrebbero essere normali a quell’età,e poi GG ci parla di un ceto sociale che veramente pochi di noi conoscono e che sicuramente può apparire lontano,assurdo,incomprensibile (faccio rientrare in questo generoso ragionamento anche il fatto che S girasse in un ospedale con tacco 13 e party dress o che C fosse in un quartieraccio di Praga con 3 carati in tasca).
    Non tutto è perduto Super,speriamo in una fantastica quarta stagione (sisisisì sento anche io che sarà l’ultima…).

    Scusa mi son dilungata un pò troppo.

    1. What bag are you referring to? If I’m not mistaken, she doesn’t go to the hospital in this episode…

  2. Per essere precisi l’anello di Harry Winston in tasca a Chuck pare sia otto carati,non tre come ho scritto sopra…è che a me già tre sembrano tanti.

    1. Anche a me tre paiono tanti.

      Un otto carati va al di là della mia immaginazione, ma da Chuck Bass non ci si poteva aspettare niente di meno.

  3. I totally agree with what you write about the plot of the third season.
    Let’s hope they’ll come up with something decent (and much more air time for Lily!) for season 4!
    And, yes if they continue like this, it’ll mostu likely be the last season…

    1. I know the show is all about teenagers/young people, but Lily is such a complex character, it’s a pity not to give her more screen time and a more relevant role in the plot. I really hoped the spin-off about her past would become reality, it would have been so nice to have a show all about her!

  4. Ciao volevo chiedere se qualcuno conosce la borsa gialla usata da Lily quando va in ospedale con Rufus e incontrano Blair Chuck e Jenny.

    Vi prego se almeno sapete di che stilista è???

  5. I have to say that the St. John dress, which I love, is a bit of a nod to Prada of seasons past, non? In any case, it looks divine on Lily – it’s warm tones do lovely things for her skin and eyes.

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